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  1. Zeek Zeek says:

    I read it in one night It's JM's usual story Girl meets Uber wealthy Alpha Male falls in love than something happens to make one or both think the other has betrayed them and they separate only to come together in the end realizing how stupid and wrong about the other they wereYes it was exactly like Perfect and Paradise by this author in fact the heroes and heroines from those two novels make an appearance and though I enjoyed EBYT the fact that it was exactly like her others causes a sliver of trouble in my soulI started reading Mcnaught's books way back when and I think I've read her entire backlist She's an old favorite who I used to autobuy I know so well her mcnaughtizing of a plot after the get together and prompt fall out I felt compelled to skim until they got back together The problem is that left out a third of the book for meSo I have to say the plot involving who actually murdered the heroes estranged family members She thinks it was the hero Silly girl became lost on me It was easy enough to spot the real killer when she dropped the first clue however I have no idea why the killer finally confessedDeh doesn't really matter because the part I enjoyed the most the get together I savored and in the end when they got back together I sighed in relief Mcnaught hadn't disappointed and even with the same ending as all her other books I left the book glad I read itShe may not have changed her style in twenty years but then that's ok with me Predictability is a good thing when you've been so disappointed of late with favorite authors who changed their stylesI wish of my old fav authors would do the same

  2. Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish) Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish) says:

    This book was awful What follows is a rant of epic proportions it was just that bad The first half of the book is like the two days Kate and Mitchell get to know each other most of it is the first night even And nothing even happened They would make progress and then slide back Kate is utterly useless I think she actually surpasses the Bella Swan Stupid level She was extremely blasé about cheating on her boyfriend of four years which already started me off hating her And her excuse was she was that thinking of breaking up with him anyway Okay Then when the epically stupid misunderstanding happens fueled by way too many coincidences to be believed – even though we know they are she's too stupid to figure out that this new impression of the guy she was 'OMG so in love' with after 26 hours wasn't wrong and just thinking about it clearly would have given her the right answer and it was hilarious that she was so in love with him when she didn't know all that much about him because he kept evading most of her uestions on anything personal Then when everything implodes she still agrees to marry the boyfriend she doesn't even love Cue the cliché´ and pedestrian plot twist which isn't a surprise at all two books I've read by McNaught and no one uses a condom to screw someone they just met Then everything becomes Mitchell's fault for her She feels bad about herself because of Mitchell She's inept at running her father's restaurant because of Mitchell She might not ever love her baby because it's Mitchell's I usually don't skim but I started skimming through any part that featured Kate and then started skimming hardcore by the end so I could just finish this mess I was hoping that Kate's best friend Holly would provide perspective Usually they're outside the situation and will say something like okay he checked out of the hotel you were supposed to be meeting at the wharf Did you check there first? Or after he was so very blunt with you about where this relationship could and could not go before changing his mind what makes you think he'd be so cruel as to send you off to break off your four year relationship and then disappear on you? Come on now Or So you were breaking your long term boyfriend's heart and you just believed everything thing he told you about the guy you were leaving him for? You didn't think he could have been lying about any of it? But nope she listened to the story and took it at face value and acts like a raving lunatic along side Kate They were both entirely useless Kate is so wrapped up in herself that when she and Mitchell confronted each other at a fundraiser she didn't actually listen to any of the words he said Everything he said indicated a guy who had been unceremoniously dumped Not the monster yes she kept calling him that because that's what a monster is yep she thought he was And on top of all of that no matter how gross of an elitist pig her fiancé was she still stayed with him That is until he dumped her for not aborting Mitchell's spawn Mitchell was the least stupid of the two I could actually feel bad for him and take his side on most things It was mostly just his slutty behavior and not doing something basic that could have helped avoid the whole misunderstanding plot line though his failure there was far less egregious than Kate's He simply didn't think to leave a note at the hotel for her because he had just found out his brother was dead she has the depth and intelligence of a thimble It's amazing how he kept being blamed in the end even after what Kate did These characters were horrendousWhat did Kate do? This next part is going to contain a lot of ranting screaming and profanity Yes it got so much worse I didn't think I could hate Kate but apparently the loathsome piece of dirt had in storeview spoilerSo she gets evidence that Mitchell wasn't what she assumed him to be And instead of doing something about it confronting him acting like a decent human being she just packs it away The story jumps two and a half years then So she has a two year old son WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHO HIS FATHER IS AND WHOSE FATHER DOESN'T KNOW HE EXISTS The horrible bitch kept Mitchell's son from him That is absolutely unforgivable She is officially worse than trash in my book now And I have so much fucking rage that if I were reading a physical book and not an ebook I would have thrown it across the room then lit it on fireHer excuse is that he let his first wife divorce him because he didn't want to have kids It never occurs to her a fucking social worker that just because he didn't want to bring one into the world with someone he didn't love which she knew because he told her didn't mean that he wouldn't want to know about a child of his that exists It also didn't occur to her the motherfucking social worker that it would strike a very harmful chord with him that he grew up not knowing his family isolated and unloved and now he has a son who doesn't know about him I JUST CAN'T EVEN WITH HOW TERRIBLE THIS WOMAN AND STORY ARE So through a stupid storyline the kid gets kidnapped for a huge ransom Kate can't pay What to do? CALL HIS FATHER OF COURSE The father that doesn't know he exists The father who has lost two years of his child's life So to find him she calls his friend This is the end of their conversation She'd started to take the phone from her ear when he added I'm very sorry about your sonThat snapped Kate from pleading to ire Danny isn't just my son; he is also Mitchell's sonOH IS HE? IS HE REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS? How can she have the audacity to say something like that? THAT is a perfect example of how unbelievably stupid she isPoor Mitchell is livid when he finds out as any normal person would be She didn't have the decency or the courtesy to let him know he has a sonOf course she doesn't have decency or courtesy Terrible people usually don't She is raising his son just as he himself had been raised–without any idea of who his father isAnd I don't even have a degree in psychology Anyone with half a brain would know that would be the primary issue for him hide spoiler

  3. Mo Mo says:

    “With a feeling approaching amused disbelief Mitchell realized that he was wildly attracted to a nice redheaded Irish Catholic girl from a solid middle class American family How totally atypical for him” I really liked this one When I finished book 3 in this series I was hesitant to start this book as I really didn’t think it was as good as Books 1 and 2 But as I already had the book I said I would give it a tryMitchell and Kate were strong characters There was an instant attraction when they metI know we have to suspend the disbelief a bit when reading books They are fiction and things happen that would never happen in real life “How is it possible that two people who knew each other only a few days could end up being to agonizingly disappointed in each other that neither of them was able to forget about it ” We had the misunderstanding a Judith McNaught would not be a JM book without one “MAGIC” “CON OGNI RESPIRO CHE PRENDO”

  4. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    25 stars

  5. Zumbagirl Zumbagirl says:

    I read this last April I think and really enjoyed it Judith McNaught was my favorite author for many years I stopped reading her and didn't even know she had a new book out Well new compared to her classics that I read back in the day almost 20 years ago So I found this at a used bookstore and voila the magic of McNaught caught me up This is a very different setting for her Much of the book takes place at a tropical beach setting and some in Chicago I loved the beach part so beautiful and romantic I felt like I was there This is a great chick flick beach read summertime read Not as well developed as some of her other books but still I read everything she writes Things I likedloved about this book The tropical setting Nothing is romantic to me at least than the beach The music in the background It was mentioned at different times throughout the book and it added a lot to the atmosphere The way McNaught describes the child Daniel and how he interacts with his dad It was so cute and I could really see it all unfold Things I wish were different I really wish the ending was better developed In fact McNaught did rewrite the ending already But it still needed I thought There was the usual big misunderstanding big separation that could have very easily been resolved if everyone involved took the time to communicate properly I can't believe that people could be such blockheads The murder mystery plot and idiot ex boyfriendlawyer was a super jerk and I can't believe heroine believed a word he said She's pretty gullible Well McNaught worked it out It's not by any means my favorite story by her but I still loved reading it and will probably even re read again one summer in the future It's always good to have comfortable summertime reading

  6. Arlene Arlene says:

    After reading Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught and really liking it I thought I'd try another of her books that I happen to come across in the library First of all I'm a bit embarrassed to add it to my shelf because of the chagrin worthy cover Could it be any raunchy? LOL Secondly I didn't really care for this book as the storyline was very disorganized and I don't think the author could decide what she wanted the novel to be about so she dumped in a hodge podge of ingredients to make a messy and tasteless soup First the story was about a missing person then it progressed to a murder mystery it later took another turn into an affair to remember moving on to the story of a heartbroken woman soon to become a single mother when that part was done it detoured to a kidnapping and ultimately ended up as a love story What a journey for someone who just wanted a light read Lastly I really didn't care for either main character Kate or Mitchell and they were somewhat introduced late in the storyline Kate was shallow and Mitchell took the alpha male role to an unattractive level I really didn’t care if they ended up together or not Towards the end I just wanted the story to end and the little boy who was kidnapped to be foundNot worth the time I believe she has better picks to choose from

  7. Lea& Lea& says:

    Narrated by Laura DeanA fabulously wealthy hero self made of course and a humble yet gorgeous woman meet for the first time on a tropical island and share a romance unaware that they are connected in numerous ways back in Chicago It’s typical McNaught and I am a definite fan which means there is a Big Misunderstanding – this one huge In print this misunderstanding lasts for a good portion of the book since there is a long separation of the characters However in the abridged audio format the producers had the opportunity to right this wrong and they did Most of the misunderstanding is removed as well as the separation I actually prefer this six hour abridgement to the print version as it tightens the story and concentrates on the romance The ending may be a little rushed but I consider this abridged audiobook a success Laura Dean’s narration is above average and easy on the ears with voices that are clearly distinguishable This is another definite re listen for the future I’ve considered finding this one in unabridged format as well it’s harder to find but no longer feel the desire to do soAbridged audiobook review written for 102910 Speaking of Audiobooks column

  8. Sera Sera says:

    35 stars

  9. Nasty Lady MJ Nasty Lady MJ says:

    To see review with gifs click hereI really think McNaught was doomed with this book from the moment she titled it She did realize the song is about stalking right?Honestly she probably didn’t care But just sayingthe creepy element of the song though really doesn’t fit with the disappointing nature of the bookIf you haven’t read my other reviews about McNaught’s work all you should know is she’s one of the founding members of the modern historical and contemporary romance and when she’s on—she’s on But when she’s not on the reader feels like pulling out the various fictional characters’ hair dunking their heads into a dirty toilet and then flushing it hoping that somehow the toilet will pull these pieces of shit down the drainWow after reading that line it sounds a lot graphic than I mean it too—oh wellTo be fair to McNaught this isn’t the worst book I read for her That would be Tender Triumph a book you really never want me reading and reviewing because it would be a mega sized rant However Every Breath You Take is pretty bad and isn’t the sort of book you’d expect from a seasoned best selling authorThe general plot description of the book is promising it looks like there will be some sort of mystery a romance and there’s glimpse of past favorites from Paradise and Perfect though Julie Mathison’s head could spend some time in a stinky water closet too come to think of it However the book fell flat While there were some elements that made me nostalgic for McNaught’s 90’s contemporaries this book felt half bake The mystery that I described really wasn’t investigated and the resolution was told to us with very little fanfareWorse than the mystery are the characters Kate and Mitchell are both stereotypes at bestKate is especially offensive She is what you think of what an Irish American Catholic might’ve been back in the 1950’s—complete with the stereotypical name Mary Kate Maureen O’Hara red hair an Irish temper a Catholic priest uncle a father named “Danny” a rendition of “Oh Danny Boy” and the cherry on top is the pub she ownsYeah get out the Guinness and me Lucky Charms out for that oneMitchell isn’t much better since he’s deemed the international business man Though to be fair he has no national identity—not really—so his culture and beliefs can’t be trashed that much Though he does have a stereotypical Italian sidekicksoYeahIn addition to the murder mystery there is a secret baby and the fallout and resolution of that is ridiculously smooth I justyeah I missed the god damn angst from the previous McNaught books I know McNaught released a revise version with an extremely creepy from the dead dad’s POV epilogue a few years after the original book was released but uite honestly other than sneaking a peak at that epilogue in Barnes and Noble I have no desire to buy another copy of a bad book Especially after seeing that creepy epilogue Really you think I want to read the Dead Dad’s POV that’s like watching Ghost Dad—no bueno Though to be fair that epilogue was slightly less creepy than that bad movie since it didn’t have Bill Cosby in itI know that McNaught hasn’t realeased a title since this book—and I think it’s been almost ten years—and while a part of me wanted that book which was supposed to feature a modern day Westland hero but if it’s going to be the same ualitiy as this book I frankly don’t want itEither McNaught really had a phenomenal editor in the earlier part of her career or she was just using this book as a tax write off to go to Antigua Either way I feel slightly cheated

  10. Michelle ✧✦serieslover✦✧ Michelle ✧✦serieslover✦✧ says:

    Every Breath You Take Mitchell Wyatt and Katherine Kate Donovan55 Stars Every Breath You Take is the fifth and last book of Second Opportunities series by Judith McNaught Favorite uotes “Let’s get complicated Kate” Mitchell “Thank you for the offer but it’s better to leave things just as they are” Kate “Please stop this or we won’t end up being friends after all” Kate “We’re already friends We’re about to become lovers” Mitchell “I am trying to concede The truth is that I felt all the same things you did last night and you know I did” Mitchell “The second thing I want to tell you is that you’re in for a bit of a shock” Kate “Why is that?” Mitchell “Mitchell this is your son Daniel Mitchell Donovan I think you’d recognize him even without an introduction Kate “I cried my heart out on Evan’s shoulder I cried so hard that I finally fell asleep and when I woke up the engagement ring Evan had brought to St Maarten was on my finger” Kate “I told you exactly why that night without meaning to I felt like a jilted heartbroken lover I had no idea until a moment before you walked up to me that Evan Bartlett was your boyfriend We lay in bed and watched the sun come up though we could hardly hold our eyes open because neither of us wanted to miss out on a minute of being together I missed you so much for so long I missed our magic” Mitchell Like there’s no wayto love him just a little bit He’s completely addictiveIf I could pull him over me like a blanketand wrap myself up in him I’d do itand still want to be closer—body and soulAnd what makes it so hard is thatI think he feels the same way Kate

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