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Les larmes de saint Laurent [EPUB] ✰ Les larmes de saint Laurent By Dominique Fortier – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Au matin du 8 mai 1902 la montagne Pelée entre en éruption tuant la population entière de la ville de Saint Pierre Un homme survit miraculeusement à l’hécatombe Baptiste Cyparis le Revenant de Au matin de saint PDF ✓ du mai la montagne Pelée entre en éruption tuant la population entière de la ville de Saint Pierre Un homme survit miraculeusement à l’hécatombe Baptiste Cyparis le Revenant de l’Apocalypse À la Les larmes ePUB í même époue en Angleterre un mathématicien et une musicienne tentent de percer ensemble les secrets de la terre et du feuÀ Montréal cent ans plus tard deux inconnus se rencontrent sur le mont Royal dans un jardin larmes de saint MOBI ð semé d’arbres et de croix avec pour témoins un chien et l’esprit de la ville ui les entoureD’une geôle martiniuaise au grand chapiteau du cirue Barnum Bailey des flancs du Vésuve au boulevard Saint Laurent l’auteure du Bon usage des étoiles nous entraîne dans un roman où passé et présent se répondent Une fresue baignée de lumière où l’on entend aussi battre le cœur de la terre.

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  1. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    This is a three part novel that brings to life a cast of characters both historical and fictional and opens with a much too formal and opulent narrative to have piued my fancy but this doesn't remove the interesting points it may have tried to convey The first part “Monster and Marvels” is based on the true story of Baptiste Cyparis an Afro Caribbean man who was recruited by the Barnum Bailey Circus after he survived the apocalyptic eruption of Martiniue’s Mt Pelée in 1902 At first this captivated me but it unfortunately petered out in no time and I “wondered” what went wrong and how come it left me so flatThen we suddenly move to the second part “Harmony of the Spheres In a style effortlessly precise and rather poetic we fall into a kind of puzzle hard to understand Its characters Edward and Garance are an eccentric couple both gifted and very strange Edward a mathematician has a compulsion for numbers and it was uite a challenge to attempt understanding where this story was leading In fact I never did and again I “wondered” why And finally everything seems or wants to come together in “Love and Waves” Set in my hometown of Montreal this last part is the encounter between a young woman and a man whose uiet courtship is based on routine and solace Unfortunately by then I had lost all interest and my patience was at its end As I reached the last words I no longer “wondered” why these stories couldn't take hold of me and finally I could move on This novel is a real concoction and a very unsatisfying one The story is convoluted wholly unaffecting populated with lazy and boring characters Whether I wasn't in the mood or simply couldn't grasp the essence this novel simply never managed to hold my interest It was hard to connect the dots and make sense of the whole thing Was this book too original or maybe the style too flowery If you like verbose description this novel may be right up your alley it definitely was not mine Did things get lost in translation I doubt it

  2. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Normally I can't stand when an author goes on historical digressions but I loved this book The bits that seem to go off the plot actually tie the stories threads of families stories and volcanoes making it a cohesive whole

  3. Alyssa Morazé Alyssa Morazé says:

    The translation in the beginning and then sporadically throughout felt clumsy The stories were very distinct separate and sometimes hard to follow or understand why you were trying to follow them at all There were sometimes whole chapters that felt pointless the second last in particular And the way it all comes together it really doesn't for me

  4. Joanne-in-Canada Joanne-in-Canada says:

    Not sure how this ualifies as a novel like three novellas with some connection

  5. Andrea P. Andrea P. says:

    This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadThis book was really intriguing to me I really loved the way it was written and how these three stories speak to each other I went in not knowing what to expect from this book and I came out really thinking about everything that happened I actually read through some of it and then went back to re read it because I really felt like I needed to let things sink in This is a story that really needs your attention it's not something that you can just glance over while doing something else and I love that it took all my attention those are the best types of booksThe writing of this book captures the reader it's beautiful and very emotional I found myself becoming very invested in the stories and I was sad to see each of them end yet the story still continued on in the next story in a different way Each of the characters are all affected by their surroundings in such strong ways First there is Baptiste the only man left alive after a volcano erupted The story of his life after is absolutely amazing watching as he deals with this heavy burden of being a lone survivor being different from everyone and is put on display for a circusAt the same time in a different place you have these two people who are special and are interested in the hidden parts of the world I especially loved their view on the world and how they saw things differently from everyone else around them They take every little thing in and listen to the things around them they are hyperaware of their surroundings and it helps them seek out answers to the worldIn all three of these stories the earth itself is a huge character that as you read along you feel like you are learning about The relationships in all the stories are also a big part of each of the stories my favourite by far is the last story reading how these two strangers meet and learn about each other is amazing Their interactions are so sweet and innocentThis is a book that I believe the times you read it the you will find new and interesting things in the story It is one that is meant to be re read uite a few times the writing is beautiful and will definitely draw your attention

  6. Kat Kat says:

    Kat's Review This novel was written by an author who has an exuisite ability to evoke imagery in a way that is both understated yet powerful She brings to life the oppression of Martiniue for the slaves the love that grew between two people who had difficulty connecting to others and life in a modern city seen through the eyes of two people who seem to belong to an earlier time Although the themes tackled in this novel are strong the book itself is subtle in its approach to them In many ways it's a collection of three short stories with a thread that ties them together although if you're not paying attention you could miss that connection entirely This is not a hit you over the head with the connections type story; rather it leaves little traces behind for the reader to discover I imagine if I reread the book I would find even small hints than I did the first time That being said this isn't a uick or easy read Despite an erupting volcano and life with the Barnum and Bailey circus this isn't a book filled with action packed scenes It's an understated story that deals with the human condition at the heart of it The will to live the bonds we forge the sacrifices we make for those we love these are the true themes of the book To expect something different in my opinion would lead to disappointment Kat's Rating A Good Read I think this is a wonderfully written novel and a good translation of the original I maintain that these could have been three separate short stories bound in a collection and I wonder if that might actually make the book enjoyable to a reader expecting a clear connection from one part to the next I fear that some readers will miss much of the nuances of the book because they're focused too much on finding the connections Read it without any such expectations and I think you'll enjoy it I received a complimentary copy of this title from Random House Canada in return for an honest review See at

  7. Davytron Davytron says:

    First off I'd like to say thanks very much to the First Reads program for giving me the opportunity to read this novel before it was published It's a great honour and I really appreciate it I've classified Wonder as short work even though it's a novel because it is composed of three loosely related stories Independently the stories were cute and ultimately it was fun to see how they'd relate to one another The book was originally written in French and translated into English For the most part I couldn't tell it was translated however the first story started off a bit rocky eg grammar sentence structure yada The flow improved with each story The final edition of the novel will probably go through a little editing and tidying so I won't judge it in that regard The one spot where I felt the language barrier existed was in an exchange where a protagonist attempts to be standoffish by emphasizing that she used the VOUS form of second person pronoun instead of the TU form The text says something along the lines of she used the formal vous with him Mentioning it once was a stretch but I let it pass because English doesn't really use a similar system with formalinformal pronouns But then she kept mentioning it through the paragraph and it was just painful I'm sure the whole blurb was added in for the benefit of hopelessly English speaking audiences like myself because that subtly is inherent in other languages but it felt really clumsy in English Was there no other way to appear standoffish I wasn't particularly moved by the stories until the last one because there are some animals in it The author even jokes about how animals can sometimes elicit sadness effectively than human tragedies Overall Wonder is a nice slice of historical fiction but this collection was not for me I'll pass this one on to someone who might get out of it Thanks again to the Goodreads First Reads program and good luck to Canadian author Dominiue Fortier with the English translation of your novel

  8. Chihoe Ho Chihoe Ho says:

    I would prefer to have read it in French if I could read French fluently The translation just didn't click with me and I found it extremely laborious to follow through the narrative This is uite disappointing especially after someone pointed out that translator Sheila Fischman is of Ru fame Further while I can pick out at the links between the three stories set in various times and lands that make up Wonder it felt like a stretch trying to connect the dots Because it is offered up as a comparison on the jacket lets say Cloud Atlas does it much betterWhat I did like about it here and there is the gothic feel it exuded in the earlier stories that is reminiscent of great books like The Night Circus and Shadow of the Wind However enthrall me Wonder did not

  9. Becky Becky says:

    Goodreads Giveaway win I wish I could still read French because I think this book would be just as wonderful to read maybe a bit exotic Well worth the read if you like historical stories that are creative and imaginative I cried at the end animal lovers take heed I had an inkling that something was going to happen but I still felt unprepared Got some looks on the TTCI recommend this novel

  10. Tina Siegel Tina Siegel says:

    Absolutely blown away I just loved the subtle connections between the stories and the stark way she describes both the joy of being in love and the terrifying pain of being alone It's amazingI also gained a new respect for authors who focus on setting and atmosphere rather than character or plot Setting has never been my favourite literary element but what Fortier does with it is truly remarkableAn amazing book Can't wait to read

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