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The Eye of the Idol ❰PDF❯ ❤ The Eye of the Idol Author Paul Dayton – The biggest thing on Jacob's mind was how he failed his Jesuit assignment when he stole the object he was asked to 'acuire' for the church Little did he know that what he had done would initiate event The biggest thing on of the PDF ↠ Jacob's mind was how he failed his Jesuit assignment when he stole the object he was asked to 'acuire' for the church Little did he know that what he had done would initiate events The Eye ePUB í leading not only to several beheadings murders and the sinking of the Empress of Ireland but to a conflict that would bring together the world's superpowers in a final showdown With North Korea stirring the pot could a single Eye of the Epub Û SIS agent from Britain prevent the disasterMeanwhile RCMP Detective Antonin Aumont has a mystery on his hands The murder and torture of an old man and the assassination of their only suspect was odd in itself but he’d seen stranger things It was the note – the old cryptic Latin poem that had him wondering Who wrote it what did it mean and why would two people be dead because of it Before the day was done a true Pandora’s box would be opened Follow the trail of SIS agent Coleman Detective Antonin and Professor Sanchez as they piece together the puzzle while running a race against time and enemies Their goal The Box and its incredible contentsWant mystery read the new adventures of Sanchez in 'Pandora's Sister' found here get both books at a reduced price Click on my name above to see my other titlesIF YOU ENJOYED THIS BOOK AND LEAVE FEEDBACK ON WHY YOU ENJOYED LET ME KNOW AND YOU CAN HAVE ANY OF MY SELF PUBLISHED FREE books OF YOUR CHOICE books available in this offerAnd You Thought Your Family Was DysfunctionalThe Eye of the IdolPandora's SisterThe Eye of the Idol and Pandora's SisterRetire at A realist's guide to living your dreamsOnce you purchase email me at pauldaytonscifihotmailcom for instructions on how to receive your free book.

About the Author: Paul Dayton

Paul Dayton is an of the PDF ↠ adventurer traveler and volunteer When he's not writing or reading the works of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke you'll find him on a motorcycle bike or at the top of a mountain.

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  1. Grace Krispy Grace Krispy says:

    The Eye of the Idol An incredible and mesmerizing artifact that has touched the lives of many An artifact with a story and a history cursed perhaps as those who touch it seem to suffer the conseuences North Korea on the warpath a luxury ship sunk in the early 1900s a thief forced to execute his own wife; all seemingly unrelated elements that are somehow connected in the most unusual waysBlending fact with fiction Paul Dayton weaves a tale of intrigue that spans centuries The author pulls seemingly unrelated pieces of history together in a fictional tale fueled by actual truths I thought the concept was really interesting and I was pulled in by the description I was envisioning an exciting tale filled with historical facts and fascinating ties I wanted to be drawn into the story to escape into a fascinating tale of adventure I really wanted to love this bookWhile I was interested in the historical details included in the book I just couldn't immerse myself in the story I was confused by some of the exchanges and events in the story; perhaps because the characters all sounded the same to me The conversations between characters didn't ring true and I felt the characters were mostly one dimensional A lot of historical context gets explained by way of conversation between several RCMP officers and although the facts themselves were of interest the conversation relaying those facts was dry Adding to my confusion there were several sentences with entire words missing and the punctuation including uotation marks was incomplete in places this story would really benefit from additional editing Some of the transitions to different time periods in history were clearly defined by chapters and headings others were not defined at all leaving me to wonder where in time I was I felt the characters and the connections needed some polish and substance I think the potential is there for this story to be a riveting adventure and the author has really done his research into these historical events but the execution fell flat for meIn the beginning of the story there were numbers but not hyperlinks that I assumed corresponded to endnotes Later in the text there were hyperlinks that led to websites with information When I got to the endnotes after the epilogue the notes had no numbers attached It wasn't easy to see which note went with which item in the story As I read most of this story on my Sony PRS 505 the endnotes and the hyperlinks were useless to me I could click on the hyperlinks on my Droid X and that was nice but for ereaders with no touchscreen capability it doesn't serve much purpose I wish the author would have chosen either endnotes or hyperlinks I vote hyperlinks even though I couldn't access them on my 505 as they are less obtrusive Endnotes make me feel I'm reading a history book and this was meant to be a fictional tale with historical facts embedded If I'm reading a novel I don't want to be flipping back and forth a frustrating task on an ereader in particular A hyperlink I can ignore or follow if my device supports itIn short a great concept with real possibility but it just didn't do it for me Add in the need for further editing and I gave this 25 stars at MotherLode blog

  2. Celia Celia says:

    Storyline We should all keep an eye on the Paul Dayton as his story The Eye of the Idol is surely the first out of many successful booksThe Eye of the Idol follows an incredible journey from the early 1600s to present day and impacts nearly every corner of the globe along its amazing journey and mysteryThe story starts with an obsession and a murder that leads to a series of unfortunate accidents and even mysteries and murders What could possibly be in that box that would mean the destruction and potential start of another world war?Follow SIS agent Coleman Detective Antonin and Professor Sanchez as they attempt to chase the clues to solve the mystery before it’s too lateStoryline Mr Dayton would make any boring history class a lively and entertaining experience with his true talent of taking seemingly unrelated and potentially boring historical events and weaving them all together into a believable and compelling storyGrammarSpellingI have a few let’s call them uirks I like that better than “ticks” because “ticks” implies that either I’m a little mad like the Hatter or I’ve been in the woods and forgot to check for those gross hitchhikers one of which is the misuse of ethnic descriptors I have a rule as it pertains to Asian peoples If it’s a rug it’s Oriental If it’s a person they’re AsianOf course if the character is designed to be racist then I can adjust the rule for that personality flaw but I don’t think Mr Dayton intended that when he wrote up this sentence “Of those twenty are any oriental looking?” I only noticed it once and it should be an easy fixCharacter Development From the laidback Canadian agents the oh so proper and well prepared British SSI agent to the delusional North Korean agents the characters are wonderfully developed I even found the poor Jesuit priest who became obsessed with the Eye of the Idol easy to imagine – given I’ve met my fair share of fanatical Christians here in the south Not knocking those of the Flock – just saying I’ve met a few that kind of made me say “Whhhhaaaaaaaat?” and then uickly run awayWriting Style His use of flashbacks and references to actual events and stories told from the point of view of someone going through the experience is fantastic It really did seem like a movie Maybe I lack the imagination to think beyond the reference of a movie with flashbacks but dang it That’s how I sees ‘emContinuity No issues with continuityOverall Rating 4Diamonds North Korean agents British spies Murder Mystery And even some Canadians This story has it allGet out your Kindle your Wikipedia and get to readin’ The Eye of the Idol It’s sure to grab you by your scruff and shake some knowledge action and adventure into yaA great read for everyone over the age of let’s say 14 because I have a hard time imagining my 6 year old son really following along with all of the historical references and there are some particularly violent situations as well as adult languageGreat job Paul You’ve really knocked it out of the park with this one

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