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10 thoughts on “Boogie Up the River

  1. Ana Ana says:

    The writing is fluent and readable I found myself right there by those river banksThe style of expression perfectly captures the scene

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This actually came in a one volume omnibus 'Travels with Boogie' combined with the original 500 Mile WalkiesI almost didn't bother carrying on into this second book especially having read a review that liked 500 Mile Walkies but felt Boogie Up the River was lacking I am glad I did as I found this book engagingI fervently hope that the ghastly Jennifer is entirely a figment of Mark Wallington's imagination but she made a grand tale of an unreliable not really uite girlfriendI enjoyed his thoughts on lock keeping his passionate relationship with Delia Smith the cookery writer the behaviour of grebes the hypnotic ualities of Boogie and his fierce denials that he was in any way recreating Three Men in a Boat

  3. William Herr William Herr says:

    I once found this book sitting on a table while I waited for an interview and picked it up That was the worst pre interview decision I have ever madeMark Wallington led me through a story which left me giggling through the entire interview Maybe it's his portrayal of the wildlife Maybe it's his portrayal of Boogie Maybe just maybe he's that good I opt for the latter and I think you will tooBoogie Up the River is an account of one man's drive to find the source of the Thames In the process he discovers well really he rediscovers that his dog is disgusting animals are jerks and people will believe anything if you say it sincerelyThis is a book I highly recommend Five stars for destroying a career before it began That takes real skill

  4. Heather Cawte Heather Cawte says:

    This is the second Mark Wallington book I've read and it didn't disappoint It's the account of his attempt to find the source of the Thames one summer together with his dog Boogie and his elusive girlfriend Jennifer She is a major part of the book even though we only meet her for a short periodWallington's wry humour and dry wit make what could be uite a dull storyline an absolute delight

  5. Henry Henry says:

    It's a great book if you like English humour It can ve hilarious as when Boogie buries Mark's GF's mobile phone first cell? after a night spent smelling the dog's farts from eating bad curry His paramour makes his restful toodle up the river into a race and he is well rid of herBoogie is very expert at begging and often has had choice tidbits before Mark even gets to the pub

  6. Don Dugdale Don Dugdale says:

    This is a really fun light travel read of the roadtrip variety except it's a river trip Wallington keeps you entertained Although purportedly nonfiction I take this as partly novelized

  7. Maria Longley Maria Longley says:

    Mark Wallington sets off from Hampton in the Maegan to skull up the Thames with his dog Boogie They are hoping to get to the source of the Thames and definitely not doing a Three Men In A Boat and the dog thing even though it's the centenary of the bookI am impressed with someone who can row the entire way and he has a wry way of describing the scenery wildlife and other users of the river Much in the way how he describes settling into the life on the river and slowly getting to grips with it I found myself growing to like the styletone of the book as it went on The descriptions of trying to negotiate with Boogie are funny and that dog really is something I loved the absurd descriptions of his breed too There's the Swedish bulldog doberman alsation Nicaraguan dachshund Russian dalmation Albanian retriever and so on Jennifer is a character that I sincerely hope is fiction She fails to join the trip for most of the rowing with the most elaborate excuses it was a shock when she did actually join them By virtue of being written at the end of the 80s she does present an interesting caricature of the yuppie and that isn't something I come across every day The description of the source itself tallies remarkably well with how I've heard it described although I still would uite like to go and see it but the joy is really in the journey not the destination and very much so in this case

  8. Maria Harper Maria Harper says:

    Out of all of the travels with boogie I have to say that this is my least favourite perhaps I just preferred the walking boots to the water sports But all the same the description and tone of the book still have all the same charisma and charm that the others in the series offer Would recommend any of the boogie story’s to any one looking for a light hearted and easy comical read

  9. Paul Paul says:

    I thought I would enjoy this book but I very soon tired of the inane repetitive attempt at humour There is far too much fiction in this book and not enough fact I understand it was supposed to be light hearted but the fatuousness was seriously off putting for meGive me Bill Bryson all day long

  10. Robin Robin says:

    Mark’s book 500 Mile Walkies is one of my favourites and I was really looking forward to reading about Boogie the urban terrier This book made me smile but not laugh out loud Still recommended

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Boogie Up the River
  • Mark Wallington
  • English
  • 28 February 2016
  • 9780099659105