The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal

The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman [PDF / Epub] ✅ The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman Author John Cooney – In his twenty eight year reign as archbishop of New York Francis Cardinal Spellman extended the power and influence of the American Catholic Church further and wielded them forcefully than anyone befo In his twenty eight year reign Pope: The eBook ¸ as archbishop of New York Francis Cardinal Spellman extended the power and influence of the American Catholic Church further and wielded them forcefully than anyone before or since Spellman's mark was so great that at his death the Church was said to have become SpellmanizedIn this The American ePUB í the first major biography of one of the most important Americans of the twentieth century John Cooney examines Spellman's rise from a young seminarian from Massachusetts to the clergyman with unparalleled influence on domestic and international politics as well as on American CatholicismFrom his first days at the North American College in Rome American Pope: The eBook ☆ Spellman carefully cultivated the Vatican inner circle Cardinal Pacelli later to become Pope Pius XII the powerful Sister Pascalina and Vatican banker Count Galeazzi Through this trio and his alliances in america with FDR Senator Joseph McCarthy and Joseph Kennedy among others Spellman's brand of strict conservative American patriotism in combination with his American Pope: The Life and PDF or vociferous anti Communism was given full voice for over thirty yearsWhen New York's Archbishop Hayes died Spellman uickly made it clear to Rome that he wanted to run the largest wealthiest and most powerful archdiocese in AmericaRun it he did as if it were a major corporation Spellman raised money and built schools churches and hospitals than any of his predecessors His network already stretching to American Pope: The Life and PDF or Washington and Rome had a never before seen effect From the mayor's office to New York City banks interested in doing business with the Catholic Church from economic sanctions against Dorothy Schiff's liberal newspaper the New York Post to feuds with Cardinal Cushing and Bishop Fulton Sheen Spellman's power was everywhere And while he ran the archdiocese politicians seeking election President Johnson needing a spokesman in Southeast Asia the CIA needing an ecclesiastical emissary in Central America Senator McCarthy eager for a supporter in his war against domestic Communism all made their pilgrimages to the American PopeSpellman was to his large and admiring public the kindly man whose avowed aim in life was to be a simple parish priest In this startling portrait based in part on Spellman's personal diary and on hundreds of interviews John Cooney shows us the man behind the image and reveals the extent to which power is sought acuired used abused and lost.

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  • 364 pages
  • The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman
  • John Cooney
  • English
  • 06 July 2015
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  1. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    It's a fascinating study of power and politics Spellman was not interested in theology at one time after the election of John XXIII he is reported to have said I hire theologians but he was enad of authority and domination At his peak he was in some ways powerful than Pius XII his friend and mentor because of his position as head of the Catholic Church in New York the most powerful diocese in the world after Rome His banuets were de rigueur for politicians of all stripes and he was noted for his extraordinary ability to raise huge sums of money They either loved or hated him but all paid him homage He was a vicious anti Communist who was close to Joseph McCarthy and JEdgar Hoover presumably not when he was cross dressing see Anthony Summers new book He eagerly helped the CIA throughout the world especially during the Vietnam War of which he was a vociferous proponent Not everyone was pleased William O Douglas once said of him I came to know several Americans who I felt had greatly dishonored our American idea One was Cardinal Spellman two others were Hoover and John Foster Dulles Pius XII and Spellman both wanted a return to the Church of the Middle Ages when there was little distinction between ecclesiastical and secular power King Pepin the Short in 756 had ceded enormous land holdings to the Church providing enormous resources Gradually the state struggled to regain its lost authority and was aided by the immense corruption which led to the Reformation By the late 19th century virtually all its secular power was gone and church leaders began a movement to enthrone the Pope as the world's great moral leader The Vatican Council of 1870 which defined the Pope's infallibility was an important part of this maneuver Thus Spellman who attended seminary in Rome in 1911 was a part of the the Church's redefinition movement Americans traditionally not having a state church could not appreciate how the intertwining of secular and religious power could be to the detriment of both Spellman was untroubled by this commingling and intimately studied how the ways of the Vatican could be used to obtain power As Archbishop of New York he was an outstanding administrator reorganizing a decentralized parish financial system that New York bankers had long taken advantage of Between 1954 and 1959 he personally controlled over 168 million in building projects Business did not always go smoothly with the Vatican Often Spellman felt it necessary to prove American Catholicism was purer than Rome's An example was the flap over the movie The Miracle which had been seen and widely praised in Rome Spellman who had not seen the movie decided it was perverted and led a vicious campaign to have the movie's license withdrawn Perhaps his ambivalence about his own sexuality he was widely assumed to be homosexual led to his overreaction to a film that treated sexuality with some frankness His campaign backfired of course as these things usually do The film which had been doing uite poorly now began playing to packed houses and the suit that Spellman brought ultimately led to the seminal decision by the Supreme Court essentially declaring that blasphemy was not a crime Justice Frankfurter wrote in the decision Blasphemy was the chameleon phrase which meant the criticism of whatever the ruling authority of the moment established as orthodox doctrineHis decline began shortly before Pius' death when the Pope discovered that Spellman had been trying to extort funds from the Propagation of the Faith an agency Spellman controlled but which was under the direction of Bishop Sheen a bitter enemy When Sheen finally managed to get the case before the Pope Spellman made the mistake of lying about his role and was easily proved incorrect The Pope was not a happy camper Then Pius died and with the ascendancy of John XXIII who emphasized the pastoral role of his bishops rather than the administrative Spellman's decline became precipitous He had also worked diligently against the election of Kennedy arguing that a Catholic in the White House would work against Catholics who would no longer be able to use the we're victims of persecution and bigotry ploy to sueeze federal funds for parochial schools Kennedy himself was not sympathetic and in fact did everything possible to maintain a large chasm between church and state His election meant a further decline in Spellman's powerThis is a fascinating biography of an important figure in 20th century politics

  2. Joe Joe says:

    Surprising behind the scenes story of Francis Cardinal Spellman perhaps the most influential American Catholic priest of all time A good introduction to contemporary Church politics Spellman worked with the administrations of FDR Eisenhower Kennedy and LBJ to fight communism in Vietnam Latin America and other places; this legacy can be seen in the relationship between the Vatican and the US today as we see the Church repairing relations between the US and Cuba The book is left leaning and critical of Spellman focusing on his controversial political role and only briefly mentioning his hard work to earn money for the Church

  3. Joy Joy says:

    A book that shows there is no spirituality in the upper echelons of the Catholic Church

  4. Matthew Matthew says:

    good examination of a influential prelate

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