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Lizards in the Sky ❴Reading❵ ➻ Lizards in the Sky Author Claire Eamer – Fish in trees Frogs underground Who knewNo one would expect to see a bird at the bottom of a stream yet that is precisely where the American dipper hunts for food How about a tortoise that lives in th Fish in trees Frogs underground Who knewNo one would expect to see a bird at the bottom of a stream yet that is precisely where the American dipper hunts for food How about a tortoise that lives in the desert The way it keeps cool is even Lizards in PDF or surprisingReaders will be amazed to discover how the animals featured in this book have evolved in order to live in hostile environments From searing heat to glacial cold and from high in the sky to deep in the earth these species endure extreme weather conditions and make their homes in the unlikeliest of places in order to hide from predators or to hunt for foodSome of the animals featured in the book are Northern shrews whose brains and internal organs shrink during hibernation Snakes in Borneo that fly through the air Freshwater eels that travel over land to find food or a new source of water Salamanders that can go without food for yearsThe full color photographs and surprising informative text will appeal to animal lovers of all ages.

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  1. Yonina Yonina says:

    I found this book to be very informationalI found out that a lot of animals that watched on tv or read in books as a little kid were actually real like the flying snake and flying lemurMy favorite animal in that book the red shrew that can shrink its bones and organsThis book is a book i would want to read over and over again because of all the enjoyable factsLearning about our animals is a very interesting topic

  2. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    I thought that this book had stunning photos but the story itself was uite boring I found it kinda hard to get into it but I had to really push to get through it Some of the information was interesting but i didn't find it very intreging

  3. Canadian Children& Canadian Children& says:

    Annick Press’s two new books about animals written by veteran science writers have exceptional visual treatments to suit each title and its potential readers The jocular tone of Keltie Thomas’s Animals that Changed the World and the seven chapters set up in text bites and inset sections make it an accessible giggle and grab fact book The busy design by Sheryl Shapiro has corralled an astonishing number of images together through some original treatments such as a textured background of elephant’s skin The second book by author Claire Eamer Lizards in the Sky Animals Where You Least Expect Them is lyrically written in six chapters with longer text sections The fact insets only one per page usually serve as captions for the good sized photographs A bright yet soft design by Irvin Cheung brilliantly complements images with the inclusion of illustrations by Sir John Tenniel Tenniel’s frog footmen dodo birds and monsters originally decorated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass The overall effect is streamlined and visually soothing In addition to attractive visuals both books have indexes useful to middle grade researchers They include sections for Further Reading that curiously do not list websites Thematically the two titles take interesting views of the natural world In Animals that Changed the World Keltie Thomas author of a number of non fiction books such as How Figure Skating Works gives a fresh look at how animals mostly non human have influenced physical geography and social history For example the domestication of goats is partially responsible for destroying habitat and creating deserts in North Africa; and the fabrication of silk from silk worms prompted travel and trade Thomas also informs how interactions with humans have changed some animals not that sheep will be suing us any time soon for their smaller sized brains “Talk About the Beast” sections on the history of phrases linked to animals sometimes use dated phrases “Mammoth” problems or “til the cows come home” might not be in current usage “Mug Shot” the animal overview; “Fact Track” single tidbits; and the timeline at the back are neat info features Readers will have a blast exploring new perspectives about human development as they swing through this book In Lizards in the Sky Animals Where You Least Expect Them Claire Eamer Super Crocs and Monster Wings says she is “entranced” by the natural world and sets out to share her discoveries of places where than thirty animals live From worms that snuggle into ice to birds that inhabit black caves Eamer looks in ice water deserts the dark the sky and underground to reveal how some of these denizens of surprising places have adapted to their habitats This pleasantly written book will be a good fit for middle graders with enough reading muscle to digest a few pages of text It will be hard for readers of Lizards in the Sky to pick the most interesting fact but I think they will have fun trying Reviewed by lian goodal in Canadian Children's Book News Winter 2011 Vol 34 No 1

  4. Ms. BJ& Ms. BJ& says:

    Eamer's vignettes on animals that can be found in unusual places can be read aloud during the little breaks between lessons or activities Selections can be read in as little as two minutes I love the vignette on page 28 about mudskippers If you have at least 10 minutes and your smartboard is available read the selection entitled Pedestrians with Wings on page 32 33 Afterward show one of the short youtube videos on the Kakapo

  5. Mary-Jane Mary-Jane says:

    Fascinating The author does an excellent job introducing unusual animals that have adapted to unexpected surroundings including air water and ice The colour photographs enhance the text A welcome change from the better known animals that are usually associated with particular habitats My favourite was the snake that literally flattens itself and then flings itself from tree to tree in the jungle avoiding predators on the ground Recommended for children and adults

  6. OhWell OhWell says:

    It would have been better suited for Silver Birch instead of Red Maple in terms of reading level but it does contain lots of interesting bits of information The biggest surprise for me was the entry on woodlicepotato bugs which I had always thought of as insects My mistake

  7. Natasha North Natasha North says:

    Many wonderful weird facts offered up in an appealing format for young readers Nothing in depth but perhaps they'll be inspired to seek information about their favorite new improbable beastie

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