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In a Mirror [BOOKS] ✯ In a Mirror By Mary Stolz – Til Carey and Bessie Muller were roommates They seemed as different as two people could be Til was lithe and beautiful and usually had a dozen boys chasing her And Bessie well Bessie had a problem she Til Carey and Bessie Muller were roommates They seemed as different as two people could be Til was lithe and beautiful and usually had a dozen boys chasing her And Bessie well Bessie had a problem she refused to face She was fat and missed out on a lot because of it On weekends she stayed in and did what she was best at writing It was only when she began In a PDF/EPUB or to get critical of those around her that her friendship with Til nearly ended Then Bessie realized it was time to take a good look at her own life and her own problems.

  • Paperback
  • 211 pages
  • In a Mirror
  • Mary Stolz
  • English
  • 04 September 2016

About the Author: Mary Stolz

Mary Stolz was a noted author for children and adolescents whose novels earned critical praise for the seriousness with which they took the problems of young people Two of her books Belling the Tiger and The Noonday Friends were named Newbery Honor books by the ALA but it was her novels for young adults that combined romance with realistic situations that won devotion from.

7 thoughts on “In a Mirror

  1. Terri Lynn Terri Lynn says:

    This book was written for young adults in 1953 and it reminded me of how much educated intelligent and well read young adults were then The vocabulary and writing in this book would be over the heads of a great many adults these days and it reminds me why my husband and I chose to home school for excellence Bessie is an overweight college student who focuses her life on writing and keeps a diary since her favorite high school writing teacher suggested it when she also led Bessie to enter and win a writing contest Bessie met her best friend Til a beautiful slender dance major when they both started college and were assigned as roommates Bessie has a father who is a writer and a mother who is just there Til had a dad who traveled constantly never wanted her and had her mother traveling with him She had felt like an orphan until she met Bessie and was welcomed to share her family There are some very thoughtful issues dealt with here Bessie is not a yes woman even with teachers She is cynical and even as Til tries to get her to diet Bessie chooses to stay far she says so herself until she gets tired of looking at life through the lives of others and not getting to experience it for herself Til has daddy and family issues and she makes young men fall in love with her then drops them She even steals one girl's boyfriend just because the girl called Bessie fatso then dropped him without a second thought She drops a wonderful boy named Johnny who is very caring and has worked with children with disabilities because she doesn't want to see sad things and prefers to hide her head in the sand and not help others Disaster comes when Bessie insults a new teacher and then gets assigned by the school paper to interview him She sees him as he is a loving husband and attentive dad and even babysits for him and his wife falling in love with their 5 year old son and little baby girl and even his wife Audrey Bessie makes the mistake of taking Til there to give a kitten to their little boy and Til falls so in love with their happy marriage and family she decides she must have the professor for herself and is known for getting what she wantsA very thoughtful book

  2. Bren Bren says:

    Great coming of age story Read it as a kid and loved it I would like to do a reread if I can only find itPerfect coming of age story Perfect for showing the reader nobody is perfect and nobody has it all easy all the time I had forgot the name of this and it took me forever to remember I loved itI remember both Bess and Till vividly and still remember the whole book Not only would I recommend it I'd say it is a favorite of mine from childhood Wish there were reviews and I cannot wait to read it again

  3. Jodi Jodi says:

    A favorite during late childhoodearly adolescence though it seems dated now and may not be appealing to the modern teen Smart fat girl Bessie befriends beautiful ballerina roommate Til at college in the 1950s not sure of first publication date and both of their lives get shaken up by their relationship with a handsome young professor though not in the same way So much has changed now our ideas about body size beauty appropriate roles and behavior for women What is timeless about In a Mirror is Bessie's realization that she is an adult and that she must grow up and take responsibility for herself and her decisions Being the 1960s a woman had no value if she wasn't thin and beautiful so Bessie matures and pursues self improvement through dieting though that's a very small part of the book and certainly not its main point

  4. Madame Jane Madame Jane says:

    Bessie Mueller is a girl who needs to change in many ways She's judgemental and she greedily eats too much Another problem is her best friend Til Til is a lonely unloved girl who uses boys and throws them away Bessie begins to change her ways after Til gives her a reality check She becomes responsible and changes the way she eats Written in 1953 this story is dated Contemporary Young Adult novels are not written in such rich composition This novel should have been nominated for some kind of award I really enjoyed it

  5. Jane Dugger Jane Dugger says:

    This book was a delightful surprise The writing is excellent and the vocabulary superb anyone know the definition for freshet off the top of your head It's definitely a classic YA book before YA even existed It would have 4 stars except the ending was abrupt and a bit rushed Nevertheless a fantastic uick lively read

  6. Lynne Amos Lynne Amos says:

    Loved this book Got the title fro Gretchin Rubin's Children and YA list on her website and it was well worth the time and effort

  7. Melissa Bowers Melissa Bowers says:

    Please read my review of this book on my blogBook Review In a Mirror by Mary Stolz

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