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  • Ian Townsend
  • 11 January 2014

10 thoughts on “Affection

  1. Vicki Vicki says:

    3 12 stars Loved this being set in North ueensland and knowing the setting imagining it in 1900 And getting to learn some history of the area that I had never heard of before The writing is high uality with subtle sarcasm woven throughout The author has done a great job of using language appropriate to the period It made for great discussion at our book club

  2. Neen Neen says:

    What a great book I was fairly new to Townsville when I first read this it really helped me feel a connection with the history or at least a small part of the history of this great place

  3. Dillwynia Peter Dillwynia Peter says:

    This is a wonderful read about the Bubonic Plague outbreak set in Townsville in the late 1890s I was aware of the Plague outbreak in Sydney in the Rocks area notorious for its poor hygiene but not that in other parts of AustraliaThe style is easy enjoyable read and I uickly flew through it It was one of those lovely lounging on the couch reads The science is well researched and even the entomology is well done I am a harsh critic on natural history themesMy only concern is would a person who hasn't spent time in Townsville find it as enjoyable I knew all the places intimately from my time as a post grad student in the early 90s but was a little unsure how a novice to the area would feel I know ueensland readers will feel a strong affinity with this storyThe concept of living a Victorian era lifestyle in a humid place like Townsville and the madness it is likely to create was alive and well throughout the book I definitely want to try other books by this author

  4. Chris Walker Chris Walker says:

    Unlike a lot of historical fiction Geraldine Brooks' titles come to mind this book feels authentic The characters talk think and act in a way which feels appropriate to the times Too often other books I've read set in other eras will include some modern way of speaking thinking or acting which ruins the plot for me This book seems well researched and is an interesting story about the outbreak of plague at the turn of last century in north ueensland and how public health authorities represented by the main characters in the story dealt with it I particularly liked the uotes at the start of each chapter taken from historical records of the time The politics around the actions of the authorities are well described One of the central incidents where a man refuses to allow his son to be sent to the plague hospital seems particularly true of the emotions of the times verified by an elderly relative of mine who can remember an incident of the sort when he was a young child in north ueensland in the 1930s

  5. Peter Macinnis Peter Macinnis says:

    I started to read this thinking it was a fiction based on a reality the way that steam transport spread plague around the Pacific Rim at the very end of the 19th century and into the 20th centuryIt was only when I got to the end that I realised that these were real people albeit fictionalised Dawson the somewhat thuggish politician was in fact the leader of the world's first Labor or Labour government and was later a ueensland senator and minister for defence in the first federal labor governmentI need to go back and look at the background but this is a fine depiction of contending political forces in a time of crisis I was once close to the centre of a crisis not a medical one and only threatening to other people's political ambitions but I find this to be familiar ground finely depictedEven the science was spot on as you would expect when the author's day job is as a science journalist

  6. Pauleen Pauleen says:

    I was alerted to this book by Book Bliss and thoroughly enjoyed it While I was vaguely aware that the plague had come to ueensland I was unaware of the details or the impact With family history interests in Townsville where much of the book's story takes place I found the descriptions uite fascinating and has given me food for thought re research opportunities Magnetic Island also features and is somewhere I holidayed regularly as a child Reading the what happened to them epilogue I suspect that there is another research link with the Rev Kerranother follow upThere are many fresh descriptions in the book and some passages made me smile or laugh out loud they were so perfect If you're interested in the history of Far North ueensland or public health and how it was managed this is an enjoyable book

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    I have had this book sitting on my bookshelf for some years and have only just got around to reading it I wish I had read it a lot earlierBased on historical fact affection is the story of the plague outbreak in Townsville in 1900 and the setting up of a plague hospital at Pallaranda The characters were the main people involved in the outbreak and the story has been teased out from reports letters and sermons Having lived in Townsville for four years it was interesting to compare the filth and sualor of the town at the turn of the century with the way it was 100 years later but even without this knowledge I would still have enjoyed the book

  8. Mish Middelmann Mish Middelmann says:

    Fascinating peep into the early colonial era in Townsville in nothern ueensland Australia amped up by the arrival of the bubonic plague in 1900 This is a historical novel these events really happened and these people really existed and Townsend brings them to life in a sensitive and dramatic way He shows how relationships and politics govern what is possible even when there is a clear and obvious public interest in a particular course of action in this case to protect all the people from the horrors of the bubonic plagueIt was fascinating for me to read the book while in Australia and having been to modern day Townsville

  9. Nick Duretta Nick Duretta says:

    This was one of those novels I went into blindno idea what it was about never read the author before I was impressed not only with the depth and emotional tug of the story doctors dealing with bubonic plague in 1900 Australia but how good people fought the very men who were intent on keeping them and their families healthy and alive That this was or less a true story fictionalized a bit gave it even added weight as did the undeniable parallels with the Ebola virus in today's headlines It made me want to read of Townsend's work

  10. Kerri Player Kerri Player says:

    Once the pace picked up it was smoother reading

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Affection❰Reading❯ ➹ Affection Author Ian Townsend – January 1900 and Australia′s tropical north just got a little hotterAn outbreak of plague is suspected and the ueensland Government sends Dr Alfred Jefferis Turner small refined and immaculately dre January and Australia′s tropical north just got a little hotterAn outbreak of plague is suspected and the ueensland Government sends Dr Alfred Jefferis Turner small refined and immaculately dressed to assess the situation Turner armed with a microscope a butterfly net and his lovelorn yet devout colleague Dr Linford Row is met with incredulity not least by local councillors who insist it′s only typhoid Fifty two possible plague carriers including two prominent MPs are isolated in a dilapidated uarantine station on Magnetic Island Meanwhile in town the sewers overflow the streets choke with rubbish; and still no one wants to listen When Dr Row delivers a letter from one of the uarantined men to his hauntingly beautiful wife he ensnares both himself and the eccentric Dr Turner in a hotbed of small town scandal and fearWritten with wit and wonder Affection uncovers a uniue period in Australian history A novel based on a true story of shonky politics courageous medicos and humidity it′s also a mystery of heart and mind.

About the Author: Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend is a journalist and radio documentary maker who worked for many years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio national network He has won numerous awards for journalism including four national Eureka Prizes for science and medical journalism and an Australian Human Rights Award His first novel Affection based on the outbreak of plague in Townsville was shortlis.