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Blood and Alchemy (Drone Vampire Chronicles, #11) [Read] ➪ Blood and Alchemy (Drone Vampire Chronicles, #11) By Stephani Hecht – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Reunited with his clan and having found his mate Drone Vampire Nolan only wants to settle in his new home and start his happily ever after with the formerly evil warlock Donavan But you can never rest Reunited with his clan and having found his mate Drone Vampire Nolan only wants to settle in his new home and start his happily ever after with Blood and Epub / the formerly evil warlock Donavan But you can never rest easy when you’re part of the supernatural world – a lesson Nolan learns the hard way when his clan is attacked by a group of rogue demons Soon he finds himself struggling to stay alive while protecting Donavan from his own good intentions It doesn’t make things easier that Donavan’s brother and cousin have developed the nasty habit of blowing up anyone who pisses them off eitherThen Donavan’s relatives kill the wrong demon and things become perilous than ever Will Nolan be able to save the love of his life and his clan Or will he be forced to make the most heart wrenching decision ever and pick one over the other.

10 thoughts on “Blood and Alchemy (Drone Vampire Chronicles, #11)

  1. Nikyta Nikyta says:

    I loved this book There were a few editing misses where character names were mixed up but overall I couldn’t put it down It had action and not so much sex that you think you’re reading a porno We also get a little glimpse into Toby and Blaine’s soon to be relationship and learn some about LachlanOne of the many reasons I love Stephani Hecht is because she puts previous book characters in with the new ones which makes me enjoy the books even since we get to view our favorite characters as minor characters I’m eager to see what happens in the next book since Nolan wasn’t actually cured which left a huge cliffhanger Don’t you just hate those? However a little spoiler at the end of the book lets us know what we can look forward to in the next one I for one am hoping it comes out soon because I want to know what happens LolFor spoilers go here

  2. Lucia Lucia says:

    I loved this story even though it seemed a little bit short There were a lot of exciting moments with drama but there were also some funny parts in this story The characters were great and I loved how they all had a story behind them The only thing I didn't like was the cliffhanger The spoilers at the end of the book only made the cliffhanger bigger for me I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series so I will know how the story continues

  3. Ter Ter says:

    Another wonderful story in this seriesWhile there is somewhat of a cliffhanger it's not one that happens in the middle of something big It ends before the big battle begins which is good And with the spoilers at the end all I can say is that I hope the answer to number 2 is Corbin not gonna say what it is but I hope it's him lol

  4. Ami Ami says:

    I will say this upfront as a warning This story ends in some sort of unfinished situation; a cliffhanger AND Stephani does give readers a few spoilers for the upcoming books This book acts like a foundation for an upcoming battle that will put the Drone Vampire clans along with their friends and mates against a couple of enemiesOkay so onto the book itself the story takes place a month after Donavan and Nolan returns to the clan Now Donavan along with his brother Ian and their cousin Lachlan works under Ethan's leadership since they're all magic It hasn't been easy for Donavan and the other two since they used to be part of the dark magic clan people avoid them Ian hasn't make everything runs smoothly either because he just loves to make trouble On top of that Donavan worries about his mate because Nolan looks like he hasn't completely healed from a demon bite he suffered during his imprisonmentI love this book better than the previous Instead of a filler like I feel with book #10 this grounds several things that prepare readers for a serious battle in the next books We learn things about another threat coming from demons that have stayed in the territory We learn about the power of angels and how one character seems to have angel heritage AND we learn about Nolan and Donavan which is better than book #10 when they first appeared I feel bad for Nolan and I really do hope that the clan will find a way to help him There are scenes of Toby and Blaine yay; including a tender moment between Toby and his brother Micah Stephani promises that the next book is about TobyBlaine and I am dying to learn why Blaine thinks that Toby is off limits There are few errors at the end of the book and you will clearly notice it it is supposed to be written as Lachlan but somehow it's written as Ian But other than that I find no problems I just hope that one of the spoilers Stephani write does not refer to few of major characters I love

  5. Staceyr Staceyr says:

    35 not my fave of the series This one read like a huge RE CAP and set up Not only does it repeat sooo much that happened in the earlier books but did EVERYONE have to repeat their how I got vamped story? There were some great parts to this one too Ian was a lot of fun his bantering with Dante and I liked seeing of the other characters but still it became sooo repetitive that I got boredAt this point a disclaimer for newcomers to read the rest of the series so they can keep up would be a good idea IMO because seriously it's a GREAT series worth reading the rest instead of making followers re read what we ALREADY KNOW Guh Get on with it already don't leave me with a stupid cliffhanger after a looong recap broken up by bits of amazing dialoguejust sayin' ;

  6. Lee Lee says:

    This is not one of my favorite books in the series Blood and Alchemy continues with the Nolan and Donavan story which is very sweet but I just did not care for Ian He is written as a uick witted fast with the mouth smart ass character but a lot of his comments got old very fast and bordered on being bitter and malicious On the other hand Lachlan while preferring to stay in the background comes across as a very likable character All in all Blood and Alchemy stays true to the series and while it is one of the shorter books it is worth a readI give Blood and Alchemy three and one half stars But since that's not possible I'll bump it up to four stars

  7. Chris Chris says:

    Good paranormal mm romance continuing the story of the beleaguered Drone Vampires and their allies This book focused on warlock Donavan and his vampire mate Nolan Be warned that this book ends on a cliffhanger so be sure you have Book 12 on hand

  8. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    read first time 10 31 10 love this series

  9. ReviewerLarissa ReviewerLarissa says:

    Mmmmm hot I like Nolan and Donavan

  10. Cecilia Rodriguez Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    45 stars

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