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10 thoughts on “Fixing Your Feet

  1. Jens Jens says:

    Finished the first 100p on the basics and prevention going to try some new products and methods now it's a nice read but simply not made to go from cover to cover

  2. Jo * Smut-Dickted * Jo * Smut-Dickted * says:

    When I first started this I thought there was far far too much focus on blisters I'm of a half marathoner but am working on increasing distance I'd never had too serious of feet problems but had just been diagnosed with metatarsal bruising As it turns out I fixed my metatarsal injury but that createdwait for itBLISTERS and Calluses Oiy So as it turns out this is a very timely book I found lots of great information here to help me figure out what to do and what products might help So this is a wonderful reference for those folks who want to keep feet in tip top shape Highly recommended

  3. Danika Danika says:

    This book is extremely thorough Highly recommended for any endurance athlete He covers just about everything you could think of from taping and blisters to orthotics and shoe fitting Great reference although I sincerely hope I never have the problems he sees w people who really abuse their feet

  4. Tori Miller Tori Miller says:

    This book was long very detailed and repetitive It was packed with tons of great information though I thought I already knew uite a bit on the subject but I was wrong I know I will return to this again and again as a reference

  5. Kelvin Kelvin says:

    Lots of good stories built off of experience and exactly what I was after to know how to prepare my feet for longer thru hikesWhy not 5 stars? Some themes and suggestions seemed to go against what I have read elsewhere For instance there are relatively freuent suggestions of alternative medicine namely homeopathic and chiropractic practices which isn't my cup of tea The suggestion to sterilise a need by using a flame on the tip also is a bit suspect and could have been expanded on as it is my understanding that doesn't fully sterilise needlesThat said I read the book cover to cover and am glad I did I'm slowly adding items to my foot care kit and feel prepared for when me or my family get blisters while out in the backcountry This book is often referred to as the bible and I can see why

  6. Josh Josh says:

    Target audience Multi day endurance event participantsMy take away EITHER provide arch support against over pronation for the benefit of ankle ligaments and plantar fascia OR be barefoot on various surfaces to give toes and remainder of foot free space and stimuli to improve proprioception and alignmentMinimally helpful info for me Drain patch techniue for blisters as well as tapingpatching methodsTo re read and make notes on Foot strengthening and prevention exercise suggestions

  7. Masoud Masoud says:

    I liked reading this book a lot of new ideas and resources about race caring and how to manage feet related injuries and difficulties I read some chapters whole and browsed some chapters I think I would keep this mostly as a reference to read again and again when neededOne part of the book that is probably a must for every running is dealing with blisters and how to tape blisters I would recommend this book as whole and taping and blister management chapters in particular

  8. Glenda Hernandez Glenda Hernandez says:

    Amazing advice on foot prevention care I ran 300 miles and came out with basically no blisters thanks to this book I highly recommend it for any ultra marathoners or hikers who have experienced bad blisters before

  9. amy amy says:

    Useful A patchwork of advice based on research personal experience aimed at multi day endurance race athletes but also IMO has something to offer ultimate players

  10. Dan Blau Dan Blau says:

    Great content but very repetitive I feel like this book could be half the pages

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Fixing Your Feet ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Fixing Your Feet By John Vonhof ⚣ – Foot pain and injuries can thwart even the most experienced athletes Foot expert John Vonhof discredits the conventional wisdom of no pain no gain teaching instead how the interplay of anatomy biomech Foot pain and injuries can thwart even the most experienced athletes Foot expert John Vonhof discredits the Fixing Your ePUB í conventional wisdom of no pain no gain teaching instead how the interplay of anatomy biomechanics and footwear can lead to happy or hurting feet With a focus on individual and team care this fifth edition covers everything that an active person needs for immediate and long term foot care solutions Vonhof's advice comes not only from his own experience but also from many foot experts and endurance athletes He offers numerous solutions for each problem as there is no one best solution — different treatments work for different feet This comprehensive resource covers footwear basics prevention and treatments along with clear diagrams photos and charts that demonstrate techniues and solutions If it can happen to a foot it's covered in this book.

  • Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • Fixing Your Feet
  • John Vonhof
  • English
  • 10 July 2014
  • 9780899976389