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The Familiars ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Familiars By Adam Jay Epstein ❅ – For fans of Warriors and Wings of Fire comes a magical adventure story about a street cat who's mistaken for a wizard’s familiar“Whether furry flippered or feathered you’ll be taking a closer lo For fans of Warriors and Wings of Fire comes a magical adventure story about a street cat who's mistaken for a wizard’s familiar“Whether furry flippered or feathered you’ll be taking a closer look at your family pet” —Michael Buckley author of The Sisters Grimm and NERDSWhen Aldwyn a young alley cat on the run ducks into a mysterious pet shop he doesn’t expect his life to change But that’s exactly what happens when Jack a young wizard in training picks Aldwyn to be his magical familiarFinally off the tough streets Aldwyn thinks he’s got it made He just has to convince the other familiars—the know it all blue jay Skylar and the friendly tree frog Gilbert—that he’s the telekinetic cat he claims to be But when Jack and two other wizards in training are captured by the evil ueen Aldwyn will have to use all of his street smarts a few good friends and a nose for adventure to save the dayThis delightful Indie Next pick is beloved by hundreds of thousands of readers and was named to nine state award lists Don’t miss any of the exciting books in The Familiars series Secrets of the Crown Circle of Heroes and Palace of Dreams.

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  1. Angela Oliver Angela Oliver says:

    Entertaining enough for me to finish but not an overly great read The characters seemed a little one dimensional brave feline slybrainy jay and foolish frog sound a little familair? It's like a furry Harry Potter I felt sorry for Gilbert his entire presence in the plot seemed to be to bumble around make an idiot of himself and get mocked by all and sundry ok so he's a Neville than a Ron Plus there is no way you could disguise a frog as a chicken Why did the jay with her awesome powers of illusion not simply make them invisible or look like something else? In fact there were numerous situations in the tale where the simple use of her abilities could have saved them from a world of hurt And why did the frog not ride on the cat? Tree frogs are tiny a hopping frog could never keep up with a running cat Ultimately I felt the author treated the animals too much like they were people in strange bodies than if they were actually animals And what's with the cat spending so much time awake? And not eating the bird or for another matter the frog Actually now that I think about it for most of the book nobody but the frog ever ate anythingAnd this is the second book I've read in a row about a persistent bounty hunter that just won't give up Seriously getting tired of the being pursued across the world by villain that can find you ANYwhere At least in the previous one he had justification than just money surely even the money isn't worth risking your life forCute but aimed at the 8 10 market and doesn't stand up to too much analysis by the older cynical reader A couple of nice if rather predictable twists and one uite irritating one I'll let you figure out which is whichI might see the movie I think that would work better

  2. Dawn (& Ron) Dawn (& Ron) says:

    The Familiars Read for Anna's ABCD bookclub Both Ron and I read this fantasy tale about three familiars; a tabby cat a tree frog and a blue jay and their three young wizards in training The story centers around the familiar's journey to save their wizards Along the way they learn about each other themselves and big secrets that affect the entire land of Vastia We both appreciated the map to help us follow them on their amazing journey Our combined average rating is 375 rounded up to 4 starsHow had the fate of Vastia fallen upon a tree frog a blue jay and himself a fake familiar without even the tiniest whisker of magic?The story is seen and told through the eyes of Aldwyn an ordinary tabby cat who suddenly finds himself pretending to be a familiar to escape a bounty hunter The authors do a wonderful job of capturing the inner thoughts of a feline and little touches that cat lovers will find themselves shaking their heads along in acknowledgement The scene where Jack picks Aldwyn and there is that instant connection between them is how we feel when all of our rescued pets have adopted us Aldwyn must keep his secret from the other familiars as well as the young wizards while at the same time learning the world of magic which becomes difficult when they must save the young wizards But is Aldwyn only an ordinary tabby cat?How uickly a journey can be made in one's mind when the travels by foot took so long Dawn's thoughts I liked the clever use of all kinds of magical animals used as familiars in this tale chameleon crabs pocket dragons to riding lizards and everything else in between I appreciated how the three animal familiars learned of each other through discovering things about their childhoods and backgrounds helping them to accept and learn to trust each other showing that there is normally a reason behind someone's behavior Though I really enjoyed these aspects and other things left me not so sure Some things are not explained not sure if this is intentional to keep readers curious while other things are too conveniently discovered Is my adult self getting in the way or the fact that I'm not used to reading broad fantasy like this no not even Harry Potter yet its hard to say After reading other books in the series I many have to come back and adjust my assessment My rating is 3 12 Ron's thoughts I liked how the three familiars worked together and learned to accept each other's differences The unexpected twist that a secret reveals sheds a different light on everything as they and the reader know it which opens up interesting possibilities for the future books I feel the way it is written makes it easy for young readers to follow especially considering all the characters and magical beings sprinkled throughout Overall I found it a fun enjoyable read and rate it 4 starsWe would like to mention a few scenes for adults to consider There are two character's deaths one where a witch gets boiled alive 157 a fight on a bridge where two people are thrown over the side 224 8 and the magical use of a wolf's snout as a tracking device which can only be obtained one way 201 2 These scenes are generally brief and not overly detailed or in anyway gratuitous but could be a bit too graphic for some childrenAs Gilbert the frog says You know life isn't just about looking into the past and future it's about living in the moment and appreciating what's right in front of you That pretty much sums up the fun of this book just sit back and enjoy the journey before you

  3. Shannon Shannon says:

    Not interested in this one

  4. Crowinator Crowinator says:

    Maybe 25 stars Here's another older review from my LJ blog; I'm adding them to GR to keep track of them I wrote this one back in 2010I think this book should have popularity let me first say at least among grade school kids because of the spin of having a bunch of animals do the heroic uesting and saving the world And a motley group of animals they are too an alley cat a blue jay and a tree frog Still it is terribly generic as a uest fantasy It is for lack of a better word cute I read that the two authors wrote this book to spur a movie contract and it reads like it like the skimpy novelization of a children's animated movie which to be honest I would probably rent as long as it's not one of those creepy too realistic computer animated features like The Polar Express It's also been picked up by a movie studio and has a big web site so all the powers of publicity may be behind this thing All of the characters are clichéd think Harry Potter with animals the orphaned misunderstood always in a scrape hero who turns out to have amazing powers and a prophetic DESTINY; the bookish know it all girl who is always telling everybody what to do; the dim but sweet natured friend who is along for comic relief; the wise old mentor who isn't any help; the evil villain with not one single redeeming point you get the idea There are some scenes such as when Jack apprentice wizard goes to the shop to pick out his magical familiar that are very very Harry Potter in this case a mix of HP picking out his wand and his owl Even the plot twists are predictable unless you have never read another fantasy nor seen a fantasy movie nor played a fantasy game in your whole life view spoilerWhat you say? It turns out that familiars have a secret history in which THEY are the ones that have done all the good important deeds and the magicians are the BEARDS who took all the credit? Shocking hide spoiler

  5. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    The thing I'd like to ask about this book is at what age group is it being aimed? Because I think the chapters may be a bit too long for many child readers But I will say it will probably keep the reader's interest most of the time There is constant activity with a simple fully explained plot line So kudos to the author's for that I picked this book because I needed to read a book with a cat on the cover This was a pleasant surprise The familiars are very protective of their loyals and are uite persistent in their endeavors which I enjoyed reading This would probably be a good read aloud for an 8 10 year old because it would give the parent opportunity to use various character voices the chapters would be read uickly and excitement could be added to the recitation2017 Reading Challenge book with a cat on the cover

  6. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Here is the story of Aldwyn the brave and resourceful ally cat who accidentally becomes a familiar to the young wizard Jack Jack and his older sister Marianne and their friend Dalton are being trained by a wise wizard and Marianne and Dalton have their own familiars a good natured if sometimes bumbling frog named Gilbert and a wise and somewhat uppity bird named Skylar At first Aldwyn relishes his time finally belonging to someone and learning about the wizarding world But when the children are captured by a good ueen gone bad it is up to the familiars to save them And part of the plan to save them involves Aldwyn using his familiar power of telekinesis which he lied about having in the first place Will they still be able to save the children or will Aldwyn find his secret outed and himself outcast?Though I enjoyed the basic premise and cast here overall I was not captivated by the story I probably would have stopped reading it had it not received such high reviews including starred reviews from some professional reviewers Perhaps the humor just didn't uite strike me in the right way because I found most of it rather predictable and pedestrian While Aldwyn Gilbert and to a lesser extent Skylar were certainly likable and I was rooting for the success of their mission I never felt transported to another world I was always conscious of reading a story Too a familiar pattern is repeated here seen most famously and recently perhaps in the Harry Potter books of the unlikely hero in a new wizarding world Aldwyn his kindly and humorous guy best friend Gilbert and the skilled and intelligent but not always easy to get along with girl Skylar and I'm not sure this book brought anything new or refreshing to the euation Too I was a bit confused for awhile what the book would actually be about I would have liked a bit build up getting to know Jack Marianne and Dalton too so that I wanted them to be rescued for their own sake and not just because the familiars wanted it I must say that I found the scene where Aldwyn and Jack first meet to be uite touching and very well written It reminded me of meeting cats at the sanctuary where I volunteer I felt that was pitch perfectThe plot while engaging enough was a bit action uest heavy for me And some of the writing was a bit too obvious stating things that we already gathered The authors have worked in television but I think this is their first novel and it shows However there is also potential here and I did find myself enjoying it at times though it was not a must read and despite its short length it took me two months to finish it Still I think the authors really care about their characters and the world they created and this helps the reader care too I am not sure that I will pick up books in the series but as the second half of this book gained strength I hope that the second book will be stronger than the first and provide a good read to those who are eager to carry on with the next adventure for The FamiliarsPS I love the cover art How cute is Aldwyn? ;

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Hmmm I hate starting reviews I always have trouble on what to say I will say this HOLY FREAKING FAMILIAR BATMAT THIS BOOK WAS AMAZINGI know it took me awhile to read this book but it was not from lack of interest It was merely because my work schedule and training kept my occupied Seriously i cannot emphasize how good this book was First thing first This book is directed towards the kidYA crowd The writing is simple and sometimes just silly at some points Some adults may not like its Seeing that i'm secretly a child inside i rather enjoyed itDon't let that keep you from reading the book though It does contain elements such as death and attempted murder The Familiars tackles themes such as believing in yourself friendship honesty and hard work Aldwyn started out as an ally cat and only got picked up as Jack's familiar by mistake Soon after he is taken the grand Kalstaff's house three shooting stars fall indicating a new prophecy Kalstaff like the ueen believes that the stars indicated that Jack Dalton and Marianne are the new heroes The difference being is that the ueen comes and tries to kill the trio She is prevented from doing so when Kalstaff uses the last of his life force to put a protective spell over the trio It becomes up to the three familiars to save their mastersTheir adventure is filled with challenges that leads them to discovering about their world and themselves Aldywn even discovers that he has magical powers The twist for the villain is simply brilliant I loved it completely I'm only going to leave a picture at the end of the post as its hintThe Familiars is really a new Harry Potter for a new generation That is if Harry Potter stared Crookshanks Hedwig and the other animals I'm highly looking forward to the next installment ^^Rating 5 stars Perfectly brilliantimage error

  8. Ann Ann says:

    What is a Familiar? The animal companion of a witch or wizard — a companion with which the witch or wizard can speak with a companion that will learn with you fight with you and protect you But in this tale the book is not from the perspective of the witch or wizard but instead the perspective of the familiars and one familiar in particular a jovial alley cat named AldwynI absolutely loved the early chapters of this book especially the part where Aldwyn receives his first ever contact with a human and realizes the connection and special bond right away To me it read as if the authors truly understood that special bond between humans and pets From there I had high hopes for this bookUnfortunately that was the last time my hopes were so high The book uickly reverted to less than stellar prose and less than stellar structured plot I thought the book was going to be about Aldwyn becoming familiar with well being a familiar and the construction of his bond with his Loyal his wizard Jack Instead though the plot revolved around Aldwyn and his fellow familiars trying to save their loyals and taking down a tyrannical ueen And while I wouldn't have any issue with this plot I think the problem here was that it felt like this plot should have been the plot of the seuel There wasn't enough set up for me to really care about the goings on in this book There wasn't enough with Aldwyn and Jack before Jack was taken away for me to feel the hurt of that separation We didn't become sufficiently familiar with the world to realize how shocking it was when the ueen goes suddenly evil Instead I felt like the authors were telling us what to feel instead of it coming naturally This choppy narrative continued through out the book where there wasn't enough set up and so everything felt rather contrived The book is full of mini adventures but we're given back story climax and resolution all in one chapter and then moved on to the next event Because of this nothing felt connected or like it was advancing the overall story or emotional connection of the characters so I was often left with a lackluster kind of feeling Plus there were a few scenes that I thought were too disturbing for the otherwise very young feel of this bookObviously others adore this book but I can't uite figure out why nor why it's received so many accolades I really wanted to like this book and there were some surprising twists — but I'm afraid I just never cared enough about the characters and none of the plot points felt developed enough to be carry much impact when the ta da moments finally arrived

  9. Kristen Kristen says:

    Why I read this I thought The Familiars looked like a fun middle grade fantasy and it's also a debut novelPlot A Typical fantasy plot three human wizard apprentices are captured and the familiars must save them Definitely full of twists as Aldwyn has to hide his secret of having no magical abilities Action packed with time to build relationships The Familiars is a great middle grade fantasy that many kids and teens will get a kick out ofCharacters I really loved Aldwyn He's an alley cat and his story is sort of the old rags to riches type scenario Aldywyn is at the right place at the right time and finds himself becoming a familiar He no longer need to con a meal daily and finds himself attached to his human counterpart The other familiars provide a great trio of budding friends Skyla a bluejay who is interested in human magic and Gregory a tree frog who is mostly concerned with catching flies Both have their own abilities to bring to the tableRelatability I think that anyone can see the rag to riches and rescue plot lines and compare it to other age old stories they have read growing up Also the humor used in the novel also helps the reader relate to the characters Definitely was a great read and one I would highly recommend to my studentsCover Commentary Very cute Definitely looks magical I especially love the title lettering

  10. Katieb (MundieMoms) Katieb (MundieMoms) says:

    The Familiars is such a great action packed full of humor uick fun and engaging read I think this is one book that middle graders and fans of good old magical adventures will enjoy reading With a loyal trio of unlikely heros Aldwyn Gregory and Skylar had me laughing out loud and wishing I had pet companions like them The familiars are animal companions with magical abilities who become life long companions with a young human apprentice When Aldwyn Gregory and Sklyar's Wizard apprentices are kidnapped by the evil ueen they set off to save them Their action packed journey is one of danger plots twits and of personal growth as Aldwyn has to face the lies he's been telling that he has no magic powers He's not the only one with secrets I really enjoyed Aldwyn's character The story is told from his point of view and we get to see how far he's grown from being a scrappy alley cat to accidentally finding himself as a Familiar and what his new found power is With Aldwyn's instinct for survival Skylar's need to learn human magic and Gregory's funny one liners this trio's talents will make for an adventure they won't ever forget nor will readers

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