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  1. Molly Ringle Molly Ringle says:

    I should start by saying I'm generally not a fan of film noir or its book euivalents tough guys you can't relate to spouting lame dated cliches and getting into trouble for no good reason right? Well in some films and books maybe But William Topek overturned all that for me to my very pleasant surprise Private detective Devlin Caine charmed me early on with his humor aimed both at himself and at others which yes is largely of the sarcastic tough guy sort but in a truly witty and original way And Topek's historical detail rather than getting in the way and reading like a research report absolutely sparkles and brings the story to life I could taste the diner bacon and eggs smell the cigarettes and feel the upholstery of those shiny 1930s cars Plus dang this is one smartly plotted story The clues are cunningly placed exactly where they should be and perhaps a serious aficionado of mysteries would have worked it all out before the big reveal but I definitely didn't I fell for the red herrings and fully admired the twists and surprises Topek is a top notch writer and refreshingly his protagonist Caine is eually smart pulling one brave and complex move after another He kept impressing me with his schemes rather than making me want to kick him for being so dumb as some protagonists do even in good books I'm off to recommend this to all my mystery and noir loving friends

  2. Melanie Adkins Melanie Adkins says:

    Devlin Caine is a man of many talents He's a veteran and a former employee of the Pinkerton Agency Now he's a private detective Caine's newest job could land him in hot water with the wrong people if he isn't careful He's supposed to check out a man who wants to be business partners with one of Kansas City's elite Seems simple enough but appearances can be deceiving While doing his investigative work he stumbles on a notebook It seems to be in code and everyone wants it They will stop at nothing to get it His client another of KC's wealthy crowd and an underworld boss all want the notebook The uestion is what is exactly in this notebook and why are people dying for it? This old fashioned detective novel is a throw back to the days of black and white movies Romance intrigue murder but all PG rated This book puts you in the place Kansas City and makes you feel as though you are a passenger on this 1930's ride I loved the characters well developed and easy to enjoy The story is well written and details are amazing I'm sure you'll enjoy this book too It's one that could easily have it's own television show or movie I found no issues with this one I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it is a great book

  3. Ellen Ekstrom Ellen Ekstrom says:

    The only things missing are Humphrey Bogart and a Falcon as far as I'm concernedThis wonderful debut novel has it all wit action suspense romance and some of the best 'noir' dialogue I've ever read I immediately thought Dashiell Hammett and Mickey Spillane blended to make a great story I don't usually read this genre but once I got started I couldn't stop Mr Topek's characters are three dimensional and believable the pacing is excellent Devlin Caine has got to be one of the most sympathetic and charming heroes I've been introduced to in a while Depression era Kansas City Missouri and its history and culture come alive Details are fleshed out without bogging the reader down; again Mr Topek makes everything believeable and real I hope the author has another Devlin Caine novel in the works even better send this book to Keanu Reeves He could deliver the dialogue on the big screen

  4. Wendy Hines Wendy Hines says:

    Devlin Caine is a private investigator who is approached by one of Ronald Graham's employees to do some investigative work for him Graham wouldn't get his hands dirty hiring an investigator on his own but he reuires Caine's services Graham is a wealthy industrialist who is thinking about entering into a venture with a partner Craig Carlton and he wants him checked out Caine ueries about Graham's own employee who does that sort of thing but is assured the man is indisposed What he doesn't tell Caine is that the man was currently floating in the river When Caine finds out this information he decides he wants no to do with the investigation and wants out So he decides to wrap up his investigation of Carlton so he can be done with the whole thing Unfortunately the information Caine acuires isn't good news Carlton is affiliated with the mob and also has one of his own guys on the inside of Graham's organization But Carlton soon winds up dead and Caine is left holding the little black book with it's own cryptic messages that the mob would do anything to get their hands on But he finds himself bodyguarding Graham's daughter Melinda While no hardship he really hadn't planned for a relationship But he soon finds himself falling hard for Melinda which could put a crimp in any future they may have Shadow of a Distant Morning is a spectactular debut Suspense romance and action all mesh together into a page turning whodunnit Set in Kansas in the 1930's the mob organizations are much dominant then they are today and it really changes the way that some folks did business or how they did things Caine is a stellar protagonist with his dry humor and edge of your seat decision making Topek has a way with writing that really captures your attention I'd love to see this gumshoe in adventures That cover has 1930's all over it I love the artwork

  5. Michele Collins Michele Collins says:

    Book Title Shadow of a Distant MorningAuthor William TopekKindle EditionASIN B004CFB7NSReviewed by Michele Tater for The Couch Tater ReviewEvery man at the bottom of his heart believes that he is a born detectiveJohn BuchanSet in 1934 during the midst of a Ten Year Plan of Economic Depression this book takes the reader on a journey back in time A time where detective work was done with a dial telephone and people you know that were in the know Devlin Caine is this type of detective He has survived so far by doing the best job he can for his clients All is pretty normal until Mr Caine is visited by Thomas Lunduist a secretary for Ronald Graham who is the wealthiest industrialist in the city Devin is offered a job to look in the business dealings of a possible business partner that Mr Graham is considering He takes the job not knowing that the regular investigator of Mr Graham is on a permanent vacation sort of speakThe plot of this read will keep all readers in suspect till the very end It is written in an old fashion style that is appropriate for the year is it taking place in Devlin Caine is humorous witty and likeable which gives the character substance and believability It has an unexpected story line that keeps the reader on their toes as the plot thickens Recommended for the avid old time detective murder mystery readers and others who are just looking for an author with talent and a good idea for a new book series

  6. Brenda Brenda says:

    Okay I’m back on my second read of this novel having only finished the first read last week I am completely caught up in this story William Topek is such a captivating storyteller When the author found out on Face Book I was moving to Kansas City he wrote suggesting I might enjoy his book “Shadow of a Distant Morning” as I would learn much about Kansas City’s history I had not heard of Mr Topek and had no idea he was such a remarkable writer I have been living in Kansas City for over a month and his story has taken me back to a life lived here during the 1930’s which is mesmerizing The research is very evident as he includes city landmarks and some very interesting history of the time when the city was ruled by the Irish and Italian mobs For example a shootout at Union Station where three cops and their prisoner were gunned down during a mob hit The gun shot mark is still visible at Union Station Another landmark the Nelson Art Gallery which is only a three block walk away from home for me is where Devlin Caine the main character a Private Investigator takes young and beautiful Melinda Graham; having been hired by her father Ronald Graham an affluent industrialist who wants her protected Plus the description of mansions on Ward Parkway which are still there the cars of that era the Kansas City fountains and clothing each character wears are wonderful I fell for Devlin he’s cunning a smart dresser and hilariously funny You feel as though you are walking alongside him throughout this book experiencing every moment of action romance and thrilling adventure This is a must read for mystery lovers especially if you happen to live in Kansas City Author Brenda Minor

  7. Suzi Suzi says:

    I have never read a book like this before but the storyline of Shadow of a Distant Morning piued my interest and Topek certainly did not disappoint Shadow of a Distant Morning is a very well written novel It is incredibly detailed and obviously thoroughly researched Topek transports you back in time through the seamless use of authentic details descriptions and dialogue The plot is full of twists and turns and will keep you guessing until the very end Just when you think there is no possible way Mr Devlin Caine can get himself out of this one well you'll have to read it to find out I'd definitely recommend this book It's a fantastic debut novel and a great introduction to the mysterynoirdetective genre

  8. Jonathan Seckler Jonathan Seckler says:

    I really enjoyed this novel; it reminded a lot of Raymond Chandler's Marlowe

  9. Rubin Carpenter Rubin Carpenter says:

    Best Private Detective novel I've read in ages Complex characters Great plot full of twists yet doesn't lose the reader with unnecessary subplots Devlin Cane is my new favorite PI A True original i cant wait to read the next book from this Author

  10. Emelie Gaughan Emelie Gaughan says:

    45 5 A wonderfully written debut novel set in my hometown of Kansas City I loved the time I spent immersed in this novel We follow Detective Devlin Caine as he is hired by a wealthy businessman to investigate a potential new partner Simple enough right? Yet suddenly he is finding himself tangled among the wishes and actions of other elite profiles on the Kansas City business scene Secrets emerge and the information he begins to obtain is worth killing for He must always stay one step ahead of the many characters he is being used by in order to surviveWhat I loved about this book is the great care taken in developing the setting The author applied such fantastic historical accuracy to truly transport you into 1930's Kansas City Being a Kansas Citian especially made this a uniue read because I literally could visualize so many of the scenes that played out I appreciated how the historical insights not only to added richness to the story but taught me so much about Kansas City than I ever knew I hope that as the series continues we will be able to see other cities in this lens as wellI have not read anything in this specific genre before The best reference I had to crime noir detective stories would be The Maltese Falcon But there was something in the way that the characters were written that drew me into the world so deeply in a way that I hadn't expected for this genre Our main character is full of wit and humor making him a protagonist I could read over and over again I hope to continue to the second book soon It was such a fun novel that left me laughing along with the witty banter constantly guessing along with the detective and most importantly with appreciation for the history of my hometownCheck this book out on Kindle and support and small press author

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Shadow of a Distant Morning ➶ Shadow of a Distant Morning Free ➬ Author William Topek – It's 1934 WW1 vet and former Pinkerton's operative Devlin Caine is hired by a wealthy industrialist to check out a potential business partner When the man Caine is investigating turns up murdered Cain It's WW vet a Distant PDF Ê and former Pinkerton's operative Devlin Caine is hired by a wealthy industrialist to check out a potential business partner When the man Shadow of Epub / Caine is investigating turns up murdered Caine finds himself in the middle of a power struggle between his client a competing industrialist and a local underworld boss of a Distant PDF/EPUB ã all after a coded notebook Caine found in the dead man’s hotel room.