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Death Check The Destroyer #2 ❮Download❯ ➿ Death Check The Destroyer #2 ➺ Author Warren Murphy – The big brains behind the business usually have many pots boiling on their stove or running their think engines as the case may be But when the business motto of the Brewster forum Pursuing Research I The big brains behind the The Destroyer MOBI ☆ business usually have many pots boiling on their stove or running their think engines as the case may be But when the business motto of the Brewster forum Pursuing Research Into original Thought leads them to some eccentric affairs that throw them far enough off track Remo Williams enlists the help of his Master Chiun to solve a harrowing crime.

  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Death Check The Destroyer #2
  • Warren Murphy
  • English
  • 08 January 2016
  • 9780759240803

About the Author: Warren Murphy

Molly Cochran he completed two The Destroyer MOBI ☆ books of a planned trilogy revolving around the character The Grandmaster The Grandmaster and High Priest Murphy also shares writing credits with Cochran on The Forever King and several novels under the name.

10 thoughts on “Death Check The Destroyer #2

  1. Balkron Balkron says:

    My Rating Scale1 Star Horrible book It was so bad I stopped reading it I have not read the whole book and wont2 Star Bad book I forced myself to finish it and do NOT recommend I can't believe I read it once3 Star Average book Was entertaining but nothing special No plans to ever re read4 Star Good Book Was a really good book and I would recommend I am Likely to re read this book5 Star GREAT book A great story and well written I can't wait for the next book I Will Re Read this one or timesTimes Read 1One of the first series I read consistently This series and the Executioner series are responsible for my love of reading and storiesCharacters Looking back to my younger reading days I loved Remo Williams and thought he was one of the coolest characters in history I still think Remo is a good character Uniue in a number of ways even todayStory The stories are average and fairly typical Bad guys going to kill or hurt Remo is going to kill them first no way he is going to die not with Chuin as his teacher Not much in creativity but it really worked for me as a male teenager I started learning Judo and Karate partly because of RemoOverall I started reading these when I was 16 I enjoyed them up until about age 19 My tastes changed from Military intrigue to Fantasy SciFi I would recommend reading these especially for younger malesNOTE I am going to rate all the books in this series the same Some of the stories are a bit better or a bit worse but I can't find one that I would rate a 2 or 4

  2. Michael Rudzki Michael Rudzki says:

    Although these are uick reads and reflective of some of the social problems of the time these never fail to entertain In this book eight years have passed since Remo ended one life and began his training to become the Destroyer This is perhaps a bit of retconning to make JFK the president who instigated the program known as CURE It's a bit ironic that when LBJ tells Nixon about it Dick is uncomfortable with an extralegal organization Of course this was before Watergate and the revelation that Dick was responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops in Vietnam just so he could win the presidency The main conflict in Death Check apart from the mystery of who is subverting the think tank is an internal one Remo has been forced to stay at peak readiness too long This has led to his skills deteriorating over the course of the book until he is barely than he was when he was a cop As will become evident as the series progresses it is the training and the relationship between Remo and Chiun which is the heart of the Destroyer novelsOne of the highlights is a scene in which Remo and a fellow agent discover they have a common friend in their past Conn Macleary who recruited Remo and who was his first assignment to kill Like many of those written by Murphy and Sapir this could easily play extremely well on screen It has much the same feel as the drunk storytelling scene in Jaws

  3. Bryan457 Bryan457 says:

    Remo infiltrates a think tank that seems to be working on a plan to conuer the world Some of the greatest brains in the country are working together but some of them start turning up dead Remo has to find out which of the brains is behind the killing and the possible plot for world conuestuite an improvement over #1 Remo is doing advanced training Chiun is still not an active player which does take away from the overall feel of the book Very little humor Remo is getting to be sarcastic but has not developed the Remo attitude yet Remo loses much of his ability when he is at peak too longFavorite tidbits Remo and Smitty have a meeting in a club where women dance on tables for tips Remo gets Smitty to put a bill in the woman's bra and Remo causes the bra to come off in Smitty's hands Great scene when Remo takes out a gang of bikersWarning sex and graphic gory violence

  4. Damon Henrichs Damon Henrichs says:

    I read this because I'm curious how The Destroyer develops from the first book which is dark and takes itself seriously to the fun silly crazy series it becomesSadly this one is a pretty crappy transitional book that was hard to follow featured almost no interaction between Remo and Chiun AND was taking itself seriously despite being fairly lame There was a preview of book 3 at the end which has some of the trademark interaction that becomes the trademark of the series Honestly it was the best thing about book 2 Thank God publishers saw past this one and allowed the series to continue Two stars might be grnerous I'm giving it two since I know what it will become Only read this if like me you REALLY want to see how the series evolves

  5. John E Bailor John E Bailor says:

    My favorite of the first few books in The Destroyer series Eccentric supporting characters who are described in a fun and uite politically incorrect way Great descriptions bring this very violent thriller to life The authors were still feeling their way around the series We do get a glimpse of eastern mysticism but very little Chiun in this one Remo is in the very early stages of learning to harness the extraordinary powers he eventually developsUnless you are easily offended this action adventure comes with my highest recommendation

  6. S. Wilson S. Wilson says:

    Unlike the majority of the books in the Destroyer series this second entry finds Remo on a solo mission to protect American interests from well American Interests And NAZISDeath Check sets up the intended tone of the series after Created the Destroyer laid the foundation Oddly enough the second book takes place eight years after the first one despite being published a year apart A flashback of sorts demonstrating how the outgoing POTUS passes the knowledge to the incoming one establishes that Cure has been operating since JFK by eavesdropping on LBJ passing the torch onto Nixon; as with future books in the series no names are given only hints as to the true identity of political figures Considering that JFK was assassinated in 1963 that places Death Check no later than 1971In Death Check Remo Williams takes on the identity of Remo Pelham to investigate the death of a CURE agent at the government think tank Brewster Forum where somebody appears to be gathering blackmail photos of the resident geniuses potentially to obtain their plans on how to Conuer the world Remo's mission is to find out who is behind the blackmail attempt and if all else fails eliminate the think tank members Complications arise from Remo having held himself at peak physical condition to the breaking point while waiting for the assignment and from him falling for a think tank psychiatrist with a hidden agenda of her own Unlike the first book in the series Death Check is a straight up espionage story albeit with a sardonic Destroyer twistI started reading the Destroyer series at eight or nine when an Uncle I was visiting one summer told me to help myself to any of the books on his shelf if I was bored He was not a good babysitter Revisiting the series nearly four decades later Death Check contains two mental images that have stayed with me since I started reading the series as a child; Remo increasing his body temperature to recover from an illness and a man being castrated with a whip It turns out the second memory was slightly faulty as the castration was not performed with a whip a whip just happened to be in use at the same time Kids am I right?Death Check is a simple novel as far as setting and characters; the majority of the book takes place on the grounds of the small think tank community which is populated with stereotypical too smart for their own good intelligentsia Speaking of stereotypes some of the ones on display reflect 1970 mindsets that don't read as well from a new millennium vantage point and might inspire some to label parts of the book as homophobic and misogynistic But we are talking about a seventies men's adventure series so we can't really pretend to be too surprised Liberals are also a favorite target of the series and the arrogant elitist director of the think tank fills that role in spadesOutside of some dated sociopolitical attitudes Death Check is a solid start to the series and establishes many of what would become standard staples of the series If I have one complaint it's that the first of the Chapter Two His name was Remo opening lines is a tad unwieldyHIS NAME WAS REMO and the gymnasium was dark with only speckles of light coming from the ceiling high windows where minute paint bubbles had burst shortly after workmen had applied the first layer of blackThankfully they manage to tighten them in future novels THE BAD GUY Remo's first government agent adversary is former Nazi Doctor Hans Frichtmann who is utilizing his nymphomaniac daughter and knowledge of psychotropic mind control to acuire blackmail material He does this while masuerading as a chess instructor which provides a cat and mouse game with Remo and is alluded to in the book's title Frichtmann's motivation and background never strays too far way from being a Nazi this guy REALLY doesn't like Jewish people and it's a shame that Murphy and Sapir couldn't weave a little Project Paperclip origin into the worksREMO CURE We're only two books in so even though there is an eight year gap Remo still sees his position with CURE as a captive agent and contemplates running multiple times REMO CHIUN Chuin is almost entirely absent in Death Check with the exception of an occasional flashback Sinanju wisdom and a couple of trips to Remo's mental safe room It seems as if the eight year gap between the two books was partially to set it up that Remo now only sees Chiun at occasional scheduled training sessions Not yet the inseparable duo they become later in the series REMO’S LADIES Only four women have any real interaction with Remo this go round and the only one he sexes is the Nazi Doctor's nympho daughter in a scene that gets rather uncomfortably rapey His doesn't get around to sleeping with his romantic interest who is unsurprisingly the only positive female character in the book The other two are an obnoxious woman in a car at the think tank that Remo is unpleasant to and another obnoxious woman that Remo shares a taxi with before destroying her luggage and stranding her in Manhattan because women am I right guys? BODY COUNT Death Check's total body count comes in at 10 with 7 belonging to Remo Highlights include an electric paint mixing machine some skydiving hi jinks and a rather unorthodox chess move

  7. Lurple Lurple says:

    Another mildly entertaining tale of Remo Williams super assassin guy In this book #2 out of a hundred Remo infiltrates a think tank and beats the hell out of people and plays some chess Pretty lightweight entertainment despite the sometimes serious content Nazis show up and a man makes love to a giraffe Seriously

  8. Michael Fortenberry Michael Fortenberry says:

    I loved the series when I first read it many years so I re read the first 12 in February I still enjoyed the especially #1 and #3 I am looking forward to Mr Gordon's and Nuic's return

  9. Rob Rob says:

    What I lovingly call my chiun books A fun series to read Thanks to the guys at Bobos Arcade for turning me on to this series

  10. Craig Adamson Craig Adamson says:

    I read this book as I stumbled upon it at HalfPriced Books a few weeks back They had books 2 9 on discount rack for a buck apiece I was going to buy all of them but decided buying one to see if I’d like it first seemed the best choice Anyway I had forgotten about them and how much I enjoyed the first one I read #17 I think Plenty of sex and violence and witty conversation for any 7th grade boy to enjoy So I immediately started reading the remaining 6 or 8 books they had at the local library Ironically the next year the movie “Remo Williams The Adventure Begins” came out which was a huge hit with a bunch of school buddies and me I had to break it to them that the movie was based on a book series None of these guys were eggheads like me but they all immediately went to the library and checked out books for the first or second time in their lives So in my opinion sex and violence is good for promoting literacy in teenage boys No I’m not 13 any And this book was half baked I didn’t know why Remo was going to this place and I didn’t understand why the people who were there were part of this supposedly sophisticated old folks communitythink tank It never really held together So I’m not sure if this early book wasn’t as fun as the later books as one reviewer mentioned or if I’m just now a grown up who can’t enjoy childish things things any I’m going to have to try and find one of the later books where there was banter between Remo and Chiun Those were the most fun parts to read besides the sex parts And I’ll have to see if my 13 year old son will watch the movie with me He’s probably sophisticated than me and will hate it

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