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  1. Justin Justin says:

    The greatest single volume of what is perhaps the greatest pulp serial of all time with all due respect to Lester Dent's Doc Savage Chinese Puzzle established the formula and template if you will for most of the Destroyer novels that followed cantankerous curmudgeonly and sly Chiun Master of Sinanju hits the road with star pupil Remo and a trail of dead bodies one liners interrupted soap operas unsatisfying seductions and history lessons about Sinanju ensue It ain't Henry James but that's the biz sweetheart

  2. Trekscribbler Trekscribbler says:

    Growing up I missed the whole ‘The Destroyer’ phenomenon As a kid I was never that much of a reader with the exception being comic books mostly so it’s understandable that any franchise – however big or small – never uite dropped onto my radar As I matured I did find a bit of a niche in reading some light science fiction novels but I heavily gravitated toward vintage crime and pulps from the 30’s and 40’s When I became aware of The Destroyer I grew interested but then I saw that REMO WILLIAMS movie and I tuned out The lowbrow snark just wasn’t my thing at the time and the whole idea seemed to smack of a 70’s era recreation of dime novel sensibilities though with a 60’s era sense of humorStill I found online friends recommending to me to delve into the literary world of Remo Williams over and over the past few decades In fact so many did that I decided to pick up a compendium of three ‘best of’ novels and give it a whirl I’ll read them one at a time and I’ll sound off them individually before tackling my thoughts on the whole collection in a separate reviewCHINESE PUZZLE THE DESTROYER BOOK 3 is a bit puzzling in and of itselfFrom what I’ve learned reading about why it’s considered a worthy read this book firmly establishes for the franchise what the relationship between Williams and his Korean mentor Chiun will be apparently books 1 and 2 toyed with mild variations on a theme given the delay in actually getting the first novel onto shelves – it took seven years Remo came across to me as pretty much the same way he did in the 80’s flick Fred Ward was perfectly cast in my humble opinion but Chiun seemed like of a wild card as a character His obvious lovehate relationship with his young protégé blossomed as the foundation for their rapport and his skills in the House of Sinanju were firmly cementedAs for the plot? At a time of fostering amity between the United States and China a Chinese diplomat goes curiously missing while scouting American soil as an inspection for the impending visit of that nation’s Premier In order to conduct an investigating into what may be an unfortunate kidnapping the President of the United States instead contacts CURE – the ultra secret organization Remo serves – enlisting the agency’s best to conduct a low profile search Can Remo and Chiun find the missing general before political forces spiral out of control?That’s always the operative uestion I suspect in any of The Destroyer’s books and – to its credit – CHINESE PUZZLE is a uick paced and mostly harmless read The story as written by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir is unfortunately shackled with some sexism of its era don’t look for feminists to endorse Remo’s attempts to ‘subdue’ the General’s unruly 22 year old bride with his sexual assault physical prowess any time soon and a few all too easy plot twists that serve to heighten the action while watering down the intrigue As formulaic thrillers go this one might have reuired salt and less pepperCome the end of this it builds to a climax pitting our heroes against a shadowy villain who ends up being of a plot twist than a legitimate international heavyweight I’m not sure everything worked out as perfectly sublimely as it could’ve But it always remains harmless merrimentStill there’s something curiously intoxicating about the simplicity of Remo Williams’ world and adventure Chiun and Mei Soong the aforementioned 22 year old suffer from racial hatred directed at one another and they spend the bulk of the novel bantering in one ugly yet comical exchange after the other I’ve noticed some folks found this relationship a bit grating; all I can say is that it worked for me though I’ll confess comic relief can occasionally go on too long And of course there’s always that fatherson teacherstudent dynamic at play between Remo and Chiun that sustains the piece; like a violent twist on Abbott and Costello these two trade barbs almost as often as they trade blows with assorted bad guys establishing both a tone and a tempo that gives this body its heartGranted The Destroyer series may not be to everyone’s particular tastes There’s plenty of action but most of it ends up feeling rather tongue in cheek If you don’t mind a healthy diet of testosterone and the bloody cadence of the tale then you could do far worse

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Well I've made it through three of these novels I guess I'll keep going Would I recommend these books to someone else? No Will I keep reading these men's harleuin action romance novels? YesThis is the first book where Chuin becomes a major character and has a brief section near the end of the book where the scene is in his first person narrativeFavourite line Oh yes Credit cards The economical exploitation of people through subterfuge giving them the illusion of purchasing power but making them merely wage slaves to the corporations that issue the cards

  4. Valerie Valerie says:

    It finally got Chiun and Remo right but it has Remo raping that Chinese girl That's why I am giving it 1 star

  5. Eric Troup Eric Troup says:

    I won't go so far as to say this is my favorite Destroyer novel With so many great ones it's hard to pick one favorite What I will say is that it's neat to see how it all started coming together I have read scattered books throughout the series but somehow other than Created the Destroyer Destroyer 1 many of these early books have passed me by I plan on changing that This was a fun read It is somewhat dated not only because of the plot but because of some of the humor and prose being decidedly politically incorrect by today's standards I'm not saying that's good or bad; it's a product of its time and should be regarded as such It certainly didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book I recommend this book to fans of the Destroyer series who like me may have missed the beginning and for anyone who enjoys pulp adventure stories with the caveat that this is the 1970s not the 1930s and one should keep that in mind when reading Like it or not that's the biz sweetheart

  6. Bruce Bruce says:

    I'm told that with this third entry the Destroyer books took on their humorous aspect Having listened to an audio version of the 95th book and enjoyed its humor that's what I was hoping for here And I can't truthfully say I didn't enjoy it but I can say that I thought the author was trying a bit too hard His heavy handed attempts at humor regarding Chinese Communists and African Americans left me a bit uncomfortable The author seems to have that comedian's notion that as long as I'm picking on everyone it's okay to be offensive it's light reading actually fun in its own way and perfect for an audiobook that you don't have to listen to too closely as you drive All that said I've come to really love books that don't take themselves too seriously and will probably try a few

  7. Anastasia Anastasia says:

    Murphy at his best Being the third book of the Destroyer series it finally has enough of Chiun Grumpy world wise Korean master turned out to be the missing piece only adding to Remo's badass action hero attitude Think along the lines of constant bantering lectures and riddles Throw soap operas and ancient legends into the mixture and you might just get the idea how over the top it might get One simply can't go wrong with Chinese communists dreams of world peace retired snipers and night tigers of Sinanju Instant pulp classic fun easy read with just the right amount of cheese

  8. John John says:

    Chinese Puzzle is the third book in the Destroyer series by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy and it is the first book to bring all the hallmarks of the long running series together Smith instructs Remo with Chiun for the first time to escort the wife of a missing Chinese general while attempting to locate said general Bodies of hitmen gangsters and thugs pile up as the plot races Fans of the series will not want to miss this one

  9. Cheruv Cheruv says:

    The Destroyer This brought back some memories This was one of the first pulp fiction series I read as a teen I enjoyed it then was captivated by the action seuences and was intrigued by Chiun and Remo's relationship This may not be the best literary work but I enjoyed it This is where the basic formula for the later books came together Maybe it's the nostalgia but I give this a hearty 4 stars

  10. Jason Jason says:

    I loved the Remo Williams movie growing up and I am still a big fan I enjoyed this book it shares enough of the spirit of the movie and it brought some smiles to my face I will likely try others in the series

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Chinese Puzzle Destroyer 3 [EPUB] ✼ Chinese Puzzle Destroyer 3 ❁ Warren Murphy – A Chinese diplomat is decidedly deceased and the communist chairman's advisor is shanghaied while burrowing in the Bronx The State Department is seeing red and a sour situation gets spicy Now Remo Wil A Chinese diplomat is decidedly deceased and the communist chairman's advisor is shanghaied while burrowing in the Bronx The State Department is seeing red and a sour situation gets spicy Now Remo Williams and his Korean mentor Master Chiun must save the abducted adviser and compromise the conspiracy before the kung fu hits the fan As the US and China prepare for nuclear battle and an assassin's bullet has The Destroyer's name on it the fate of the world is as complicated to solve as a Chinese Puzzle.