Damned MOBI Ê Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Damned
  • Chuck Palahniuk
  • English
  • 22 December 2015
  • 9780385671101

10 thoughts on “Damned

  1. Jacob Jacob says:

    October 2011Look out Chuck Palahniuk fans It's a Chuck Palahniuk book Chuck Palahniuk's Damned the newest Chuck Palahniuk book by Chuck Palahniuk is classic Chuck Palahniuk a wonderful addition to Chuck Palahniuk's collection of Chuck Palahniuk books and a must read for Chuck Palahniuk fans who love Chuck Palahniuk and his Chuck Palahniuk books Meet Madison Chuck Palahniuk's newest creation a dead thirteen year old girl trapped in Hell after overdosing on marijuana or did she? Chuck Palahniuk will keep you guessing And it's a Hell only Chuck Palahniuk could imagine And you get to explore Chuck Palahniuk's Hell with Madison and her friends a jock a nerd a pretty girl and a rebel just like The Breakfast Club Except it's set in Hell and it's by Chuck Palahniuk Oh isn't Chuck Palahniuk clever Isn't he witty? Follow Madison friends through the Dandruff Desert past the Great Ocean of Wasted Sperm isn't Chuck Palahniuk just so shocking? to the Sea of Insects see her masturbate a giant demon woman with the help of a severed head isn't Chuck Palahniuk just a scream? see her use her job in telemarketing isn't Chuck Palahniuk a comic mastermind? to convince terminally ill Earth folk to join her in Hell like the opposite of those support groups in Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club isn't Chuck Palahniuk a genius? see her punch Hitler in the face and take control of Hell isn't Chuck Palahniuk devilish? join her as she meets Satan Himself you'll never guess who Chuck Palahniuk's Satan turns out to be He's a Satan only Chuck Palahniuk could write watch as she learns a SHOCKING REVELATION you'll never guess what Chuck Palahniuk's come up with this time and vows to destroy Chuck Palahniuk's Satan once and for all IN THE NEXT BOOK That's right Chuck Palahniuk fans Chuck Palahniuk's novel Damned is only the first Chuck Palahniuk book in a Chuck Palahniuk trilogy By Chuck Palahniuk Hold on to your hats and genitalia because Chuck Palahniuk is just getting startedChuck Palahniuk? Chuck PalahniukChuck Palahniuk Original reviewIf there was a Hell my mom said you'd go there for wearing fur coats or buying a cream rinse tested on baby rabbits by escaped Nazi scientists in France My dad said that if there was a devil it was Ann Coulter Damned p 18Taking a little jab at Ann Coulter I see Ooh how daringAre you there Chuck? No really are you there? Maybe I'm just out of touch but I was under the impression that it's 2011 and nobody gives a shit about Ann Coulter any Maybe it was when she called John Edwards a fag maybe it was a few years later when Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann came along but let's face it Ann Coulter is a nobody She was replaced by younger and perkier right wingers and these days the best she can do is insult the stupid old ueens at GOProud for money Does she still write a regular column? Maybe Does she have a book out? Yeah so what It doesn't matter Whatever shock value she once had is completely dried up Gone Coulter is old tired and dull A complete hack Stale So I guess the two of you make a perfect couple don't you?

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    If a thirteen year old dead girl in Hell stops a rampaging Godzilla sized demon by sexually pleasuring it would you consider that necrophilia bestiality or kiddie porn? I’m not sure either but these are the kind of uestions that can come up when you read a Chuck Palahniuk novel Madison is the very smart but overweight daughter of a rich and famous Hollywood power couple that finds herself dead and in Hell after experimenting with marijuana Turns out that all the whacko Christian fundamentalists were right after all and it’s very easy to wind up downstairs after you kick the bucket Apparently we should all lay off our car horns and using the F word in conversationWhile Hell is very dirty and pretty gross Madison finds herself some friends that form a Breakfast Club type group and she uses her Hell job as a telemarketer to spread the word that being dead isn’t all that badThis one follows the standard Palahniuk set up We’ve got a main character who finds themselves in bizarre circumstances telling us a story that eventually explains how they ended up there Along the way he takes his usual shots at materialism and celebrity culture while throwing in some tremendously gross and shocking tidbits There’s some of his usual twisted humor and clever observations about the hypocrisy of people in general as well as the ways we try to deny that we’re all eventually going to be taking a dirt nap Damned seems wildly unfocused though A lot of time is spent on the Breakfast Club set up and then it’s almost immediately dropped Also this Hell seems kind of weak Sure people get eaten by demons and have jobs as telemarketers and providing content for web porn but I was expecting Palahniuk to really deliver on the whole eternal torment thing Meh Even his attempts at the gross out like hills of discarded fingernail clippings or a sea of sperm seem kind of listless and half heartedIt also felt like Palahniuk couldn’t really decide on an ending and in the last uarter of the book Madison cycles through several personas and shifting attitudes about her life and death There’s a couple of revelations late in the game that just confuse everything even The book ends on a To Be Continued note I’m not sure whether Palahniuk was being serious about that or not but I don’t have a urge to read any of this story if he does carry on with it

  3. Megan Kiekel Megan Kiekel says:

    If you like me have been suspecting Chuck Palahniuk is heading in an irreversible downward spiral this book will not change your mindChuck Palahniuk used to be my favorite author My high school copy of Fight Club is highlighted and dog eared; I included a uote from the book next to my signature in people’s yearbooks The book he signed for me during his “Roses and Shit” tour for Haunted is framed in a shadow box I know I’m lame Let’s move on But I won’t even say he’s my favorite author any for the same reason I stopped saying Suad Five 0 was my favorite band in 2002–after they’d cranked out several terrible albums and changed their style dramatically I feel uncomfortable professing my love unless I can love the whole body of work It’s sort of like a boyfriend that turned into a real jerk towards the end of the relationship you might be nostalgic for the good times but you’re not going to walk around professing your love for him You’re going to break up with him hopefullyWhile I can’t bring myself to break up with Palahniuk I’m much too curious for that my loyalty has definitely wavered I used to buy an advance copy or rush out to purchase his new books as soon as they were published but now I wait until I can find them at a used book store I don’t know if I’ve outgrown him gasp or if his writing really is getting worse I still love the early books and Rant so I suspect it’s the latter Maybe it’s something to do with being pressured by the publisher to crank out a book a yearAfter reading Dainty Suid’s Review of Damned I was cautiously hopeful And then uickly disappointedDamned has most of Palahniuk’s signature elements The material is imaginative shocking and transgressive as always; his vision of hell as a disgusting landscape with landmarks such as “the Dandruff Desert” and “Vally of Disposable Diapers” is inventive and stomach churning That’s good As is his idea that every deity to fall from favor in human history becomes a demon I love it when a little anthropology is thrown into fiction What’s missing is the classic Palahniuk plot twist it’s planted to early and is much too callable and the heart The thing I’ve always loved most about Palahniuk is his creation of seemingly despicable characters that are so human you can’t help but love them Those characters have been nowhere to be found in the last few books Try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to care about Madison the protagonist It’s hard to keep reading a book when you don’t care what happensThe other books I read this month may have made Damned seem worse that it was to be fair Vonnegut’s view of the afterlife in God Bless You Dr Kevorkian was so much meaningful And Dave Eggers’s short story in Speaking with the Angel was narrated convincingly from the perspective of a dog a dog which only shed light on Palahniuk’s inability to write in any voice other than his own Madison is not convincing as a thirteen year old girl for a second When I go out with a group of super hot girls I look awful I think that this might be what was happening hereI’ll at least give it one chance in the form of a re read before I trade it in at a used bookstore

  4. Megs ♥ Megs ♥ says:

    Damned is another book I loved from Chuck Palahniuk Each chapter starts “Are you there Satan? It’s me Madison” by a girl so emotionally needy she craves attention from the devil himselfMadison is thirteen and very smart She's the daughter of a narcissistic actress and a billionaire father They adopt orphans to look good to the public and ship Madison to her Swiss boarding school during the holidays to do other things Madison dies and is sent to Hell She thinks the reason for landing in Hell is because she smoked marijuana but throughout the story she learns and about the night she died Madison is unlike any other Chuck P character and I thought he did an okay job writing the perspective of a teenage girl without sounding much like a creepy 40 year old dudeMadison shares her cell with a group of young sinners that is almost too good to be true a cheerleader jock nerd and a punk rocker united by fate to form the six feet under version of everyone’s favorite detention movie The book has shocks coming at you from every direction and there are even some twists to keep the story interestingThe parts I liked the most in this book revolve around Maddy's job in hell She's like a telemarketer but what she's selling is hell She spends hours trying to convince terminally ill people to come to hell Chuck also spends a fair amount of time throwing in all of the ways you can land in Hell in this story Turns out that even simple things such as honking your car horn too many times in a lifetime can land you in HellThis is the afterlife as only Chuck P could imagine it The English Patient is playing on endless repeat and roaming demons devour sinners limb by limb Palahniuk's Hell is made up of dirty cages dandruff and toenail clippings ewThis was definitely not my favorite book by Chuck P but I still enjoyed it I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to kind of try out Chuck's writing style Although it seems a lot of his fans don't like this book because they think it's not up to par with his older books I think this is a perfect book for a potential fan to tryLoaded with Chuck's usual dark humor and satire I think this book was definitely worth reading I am giving this book 45 stars because I simply thought that Chuck's vision of hell would have been a little insane His world building was lacking a bit in my opinion but the story was able to hold my attention the whole way throughThis books ends with to be continued and people are speculating if this story really will be continued or if that was a joke I probably would read another book if he writes it but the story had a good enough ending I think

  5. David David says:

    Palahniuk shows sympathy for the Devil than for liberals in this book Which is not to say that this reads like an axe grinding conservative polemic I have no idea what Palahniuk's politics are but the targets of his satire in Damned are Hell and Hollywood and he makes Hell seem like the less awful placeA word to all the Goodreads reviewers who classified this book as Young Adult are you nuts? Did you actually read this book? Or do you just assume that any book with a teenage protagonist must be YA?Yup I just checked and apparently 30 people think Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a children's book because the main character is a nine year old Context peopleThe protagonist of Damned is Madison the 13 year old daughter of two super rich ultra liberals a billionaire and a movie star Palahniuk is pitch perfect if vicious in his skewering of poor fat Madison's vaguely loving but utterly narcissistic parents right down to that perfect Hollywood brat name Madison Initially I thought they were all just going to be caricatures but while Palahniuk does throw every cruel satirical stereotype there is at Madison and her parents from their brood of fashionable adopted foreign babies to their much abused Somalian maids to their brainless orthodox leftism Madison at least develops into a real person She is pretty much the sort of person you'd expect a girl who might have been fundamentally decent but raised in an over privileged moral vacuum to be she's a horrible annoying brat with occasional flashes of humanityMadison's parents leave her alone in a hotel room with one of her many adopted siblings whom they collect like Paris Hilton collects purse dogs and she winds up dead How exactly this happened is one of the twists which I won't spoil but most of the book takes place in Hell which Madison entertainingly guides the reader through accompanied by several other vapid damned teenagersI have yet to understand what makes Chuck Palahniuk such a cult favorite From what I can see his books have a certain cleverness to them usually cleverness piled atop cleverness but it's a clever that substitutes for any depth or lasting impact and sometimes he takes shortcuts on the way to clever which is where you get drink spraying images like a prepubescent girl masturbating a giant demoness with the severed but still living head of one of her fellow damned souls I mean really Chuck? What was the point of that scene other than to prove that you could write it?But I am being a little unfair here There was a point which is that Damned is a riff on Inferno And The Breakfast Club And Are You There God? It's Me Margaret And also Gulliver's Travels and probably half a dozen other literary influences besides the ones I spotted Palahniuk is clever and well read And I enjoyed Damned Parts of it really are pretty damned funny It's not a work of genius but Palahniuk's version of Hell where The English Patient plays in an endless loop people get damned for breaking any one of hundreds of arbitrary rules like peeing in a swimming pool than twice in your life so as Madison says most people are already damned to Hell by age five and damned souls make up the majority of telemarketers who call you during dinner you knew this didn't you? has the sort of bizarre macabre and uneasily funny tone of a genuine satireMadison's story is one of eventually coming to terms with the fact that she is well damned In the process she practically takes over Hell and also turns out to be really good at telemarketingThis book is a little bent like the author but if the sense of humor I describe does not put you off you will probably enjoy it

  6. F F says:

    Loved this bookThe breakfast club but set in Hell And with the English Patient playing over and over which i have seen and don't wish that upon anyoneThe first half was amazing the last half dragged a bit for me but I still loved it Sick twistedUniue Characters Short Chapters Unusual storyline

  7. Jeannette Nikolova Jeannette Nikolova says:

    Read on the WondrousBooks blog Are you there Chuck? It's me Jeannette I honestly used to like your books once Invisible Monsters was a revelation if I ever grow the balls to become a director that would be the movie that I'd do If you have become addicted to heroin find some help I believe there is still something you can offer to the world But your books have started to suck I'm sorry Chuck I really don't want to hurt your feelings I think you are a rock star in contemporary literature If anything you've always been able to put me into a humorous shock But I'm turning into a non believer Forgive me Chuck No pressure but pick your game up a bitDisastrous I know the word disastrous even though I'm a foreigner and English is not my first languageGive me a spark of life Give me something Give me a good ChuckBecause right now I'm Jack's utter disappointmentHydrogen Helium Lithium Beryllium BoronThere was once a girl called Molly Molly went into the forest She met Mike Mike was a junkie Molly jerked him off She prayed and screamed YE GODS and the gods of old gave her a revelation Molly ran to the nearest town and had a sex changing operation Then she went home and killed her family because they were boring With her dying breath her mother told her that she is actually her father Molly realized that she is going to hell for picking flowers in the forest She blew her own brain to piecesSEE CHUCK? If I can do it so can you And a thousand times better at that I've long since accepted that Chuck Palahniuk is a genius No matter what anyone tells me I'm convinced that he is a highly educated man If you really read beyond the stupid and disgusting things in his books you'd see it too But for some reason Chuck has chosen to hide his intelligence in a pool of sperm tears and blood Add to that some hot boiling spit and some kiddie porn and you've got a Palahniuk bookI think there is so much to him but since I'm not his psychiatrist I'm not going to go into long musings about just how fucked up his psyche isDamned sucks Big time It's damn depressing And since I've grown immune to the random electric shocks that he likes to give his readers by describing sexual atrocities I was also bored while reading DamnedI've always described myself as a realist but reading Damned I started having some doubts about actually being a damn optimist Because I can't believe that people like Antonio and Camille exist That families like Madison's exist That the Western world is as fucked up as Chuck shows it If that is really the world we live in I'd rather stay oblivious I'm already too familiar with the ruin of the Middle East Knowing that there is no place in the world where people are normal I'd really rather be obliviousI don't think there is a point to analysing this book I'm not even sure it's meant to make sense Even in a world as upside down as the one in Damned there still should be some logic but there doesn't seem to be one and I'm not going to tire my hands writing too much about itAt one point I got all of Palahniuk's books and I've been going through them for years At one point I always ask myself Why don't you just get it over with read them all and be done And then I read one and I realize that if I read another one immediately after I'm going to need therapy So my uest continues in a couple of years I might be done with Chuck Palahniuk Or not Are you there Chuck?

  8. David David says:

    Well I can now sit back and wait for the 2011 Palahniuk wars to commence I've already heard the distant rumblings of such and now based on what I've read I know that the full slaughter will soon break Mind you I don't think that Palahniuk's newest work is bad I actually enjoyed it uite a bit It won't rank up there with some of his books that I regard as imperative in order to not have lived a wasted life but it was a fun read There are some good characters good description and an interesting re imagining of hell and the after life However I think that a certain segment of Palahniuk’s fan base is going to be enraged Having gone fanatical for some of his other books they will be unwilling to let him ever write anything that isn't almost exactly the same They will be disappointed Although what right will they have to bitch? Palahniuk has already written some amazing books Perhaps this book is good than amazing but that is Chuck's prerogative and not his fans Regardless I can already hear the bitching coming from over the horizon

  9. Bradley Bradley says:

    I enjoyed this book but it would have been much better if it had a plot arc going on Sometimes it's nice when authors work off an outline or just known what's going to happen next in the story rather than seeming like they're making up every little thing as they go along Sure there's an inciting incident and a journey with no particular destination for no particular reason than to just wander around Hell and check out the sites And then the journey comes to an abrupt halt for no reason that I could figure out And at first I thought the descriptions of hell could have been a lot imaginative until I realized what Palahniuk was doing with it it was composed of human waste and sweat and discarded fingernail clippings And once I figured out there was a reason for these choices I admired its meaning than I would have if the choices that he made for the details of the setting were random and extremely imaginative which is what I would have done if I ever wrote a novel where Hell was the settingAnd sure the protagonist experiences inner change through the book And it has this episodic thing going on with the character from one thing to the next without any sort of satisfactory explanation But unlike episodic type of books it just seemed like Palahniuk got tired of writing about one thing and just leaped to anotherAnd I really liked the meta aspect of it near the end which I won't get into specifics about to avoid revealing spoilers where the story actually provides an explanation as far as why the book's protagonist is pretty much like every other protagonist in each of Palahniuk's novels while none of his novels have had an explanation like this before And although the female protagonist may be a typical Palahniuk character the book is written in first person and she does not talk like a typical Palahniuk character or in pidgin English which was rather nice Although I did not buy that the story was being told by someone who was as young as thirteen years old And I don't think she had been in Hell for too long before the book started so she wasn't exactly an immortal wise beyond her years thirteen year oldBut overall it was an extremely entertaining read that was highly flawedI think I hold Palahniuk to higher standards than virtually all the other authors that I read because he's the only author who I enjoy that writes books that get on the bestseller lists at least I assume that they do and makes big money and has legions of fans so I'm going to be critical of him than anyone else Nevertheless I don't think it would have been that difficult for him to have incorporated plot structure into the novel in order to improve it significantly

  10. Emily Emily says:

    I wanted to finish the book before I did a full review on it but some things just cannot waitand this is one of themI really try to like Palahniuk His earlier stuffbrilliant But lately especially in the case of Damned all I'm reading is shock value nonsense You know I get it You are a very intelligent man Mr Palahniuk You know a lot and you have very opinionated views on the world How bout writing an essay on why you think the Hollywood celebrity crowd is wasting their time trying to stay young instead of prattling on disguised as a 13 year old who if I may say would not know all those fancy words? Of how bout just writing a decent story that doesn't consider it's sole mission to offendshock as many people as you can? I'm halfway done with the book and like I said I plan to finish it and if anything I've said needs amended I will fix and apologize and all that gooey stuff But I have a strong feeling my review is going to stay just like it isOkay I have finished the book Yes my current claims still stand but I'd like to add something I think I get so upset with this man is because I think he's a superb writer Imagery is his forte and I feel like he's wasting it with all this muck stuff He has a gift and he submerges it in filth I'm being dramatic I know It's much easier for to rant about something I dislike than to praise something Gah the potential The potential

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Damned➧ Damned Ebook ➭ Author Chuck Palahniuk – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The newest Palahniuk novel concerns Madison a thirteen year old girl who finds herself in Hell unsure of why she will be there for all eternity but tries to make the best of itThe author described the The newest Palahniuk novel concerns Madison a thirteen year old girl who finds herself in Hell unsure of why she will be there for all eternity but tries to make the best of itThe author described the novel as if The Shawshank Redemption had a baby by The Lovely Bones and it was raised by Judy Blume And it's kind of like The Breakfast Club set in Hell.

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