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The Informers ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ The Informers Author Bret Easton Ellis – Set in Los Angeles in the recent past The birthplace and graveyard of American myths and dreams the city harbours a group of people trapped between the beauty of their surroundings and their own moral Set in Los Angeles in the recent past The birthplace and graveyard of American myths and dreams the city harbours a group of people trapped between the beauty of their surroundings and their own moral impoverishment This novel is a chronicle of their voices.

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  1. Shovelmonkey1 Shovelmonkey1 says:

    Ah Bret I loved you so so long ago For anyone who has not had the mixture of pleasure horror disgust and loathing which is generated by the reading of American Psycho then you should probably start here to ease your way into the dismissive violent and destructive world which Ellis describes I read American Psycho in one long teenage school day under desks during class behind a wall at break on the bus home and was amazed that this man was actually a fully functioning author and not a psychopathic murderer who I would happily have believed penned his most famous of novels from the constraints of a padded room by narrating his tale into a dictophone after he was deemed too dangerous to be given a penTo compare The Informers to American Psycho is like comparing a watered down lemon cordial to a shot of rocket fuel The comparison is largely meaningless because American Psycho is so far off the scale of brilliant wrongness that there is no scale capable of measuring it accurately The brutality drug taking narcisism and general self absorbed bastarditis exhibited in The Informers is not in the same category but it is still present and grubby You won't like any of the people who inhabit these pages but that's ok maybe they are there to be despised so we can all feel better about ourselves Thanks Bret I feel like a paragon of crystalline virtue now

  2. Joe Joe says:

    This isn't a novel It's a collection of looooooooooosely connected short stories More recent editions of The Informers now admit to this When I first read the novel in '94 not knowing this fact threw me off completely I'm re reading it now because I hear it's being turned into a movie It will be interesting to see what comes of that It's certianly not Ellis's best and not a place to start if you're new to his writing A chronological reading of his work is my suggestion or if you only want to read one of his books I would recommend my all time favorite The Rules Of Attraction Now after re reading the book the connection between stories is apparent the two most common links are tumbleweeds and everything takes place in LA It's very episodic like Pulp Fiction on cocaine Nembutal pot and high end alcohol and even veers into horror territory there's a story about uber hip Wayfarer wearing vampires However the I re read BEE's novel the I realize I love his writing style but not necessary his writing He's a great writer but not a good story teller

  3. Katie Marquette Katie Marquette says:

    Sure it looks entertaining But I promise you by the time you get to the thirtieth page you'll start flipping through the pages just to see if the 'might as well kill ourselves now' tone dies down a little as the book goes on Surprise It doesn't An endless painful LONG look at the lives of some very spoiled very addicted teenagers and their over medicated surgically altered parents It's LA at it's worst and I'm having trouble believing that people this heartless even exist but that's just my naiive sensitivity kicking in There's only so many 'lets smoke a joint and shoot up and have meaningless stoned sex' scenes a person can take and throughout the book your bombarded with them page after page I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have gotten from this experience We live in a materialistic age drug use is a serious problem today's teens have no substance what exactly is the message here? Go ahead read it and see if you can find any sort of meaning behind all of this because I sure as hell can't

  4. nick nick says:

    the way these short stories intertwine with one another is purely brilliant i know a lot of people tend to not enjoy ellis' style of writing but i think that the joy in his writing is all within the way everything is so disconnected and connected all at the same timeno other author can write end on end about seemingly useless facts and still have use for them i know this sounds extremely contradicting but he does the same thing throughout his other writingsamerican psycho is a good example 300 pages on a character you only know about through his actions his disconnected actionsless than zero and rules of attraction do the same thinghis style is focused on disconnectionnow the art of that is to write in a disconnected state but still be connected to your readersellis does that he does it well

  5. Toby Toby says:

    Style over substance perhaps but there's so much style that there's still a lot of substance for those paying attentionThis one was a re read I only have 700 books I haven't opened yet but I just had to come back to this one NaNoWriMo is coming up and I've had an idea running around my mind for years that could use a structure similar to this one So I combined research with pleasure and got stuck in to the Ellis novel that I remembered most fondly from a decade ago Amazingly it was even better than I remembered but the structure had less of an effect on me that it once did I guess you could say I have grown as a person and evolved as a reader At least I would hope I haveThe SF Chronicle called it a post modern Winesburg Ohio which for those of you in the same unknowledgable boat as me means a novel told in short story form Each chapter is from a different first person point of view and involves one or characters from other chapters There is no real plot to synopsisise for you each chapter is just another look at the day to day existence of the morally bankrupt spoilt brats of HellA in the 1980sHorrific things happen but these are not plot points; in another novel the death of a character a drug deal the breakup of a relationship might be major events but these barely penetrate the drug induced haze of apathy Ellis is taking you on a guided tour through with The InformersWhen I was a younger man I identified with these people all of them disconnected from the human race in almost the same way All of them selfish and unfeeling yet finding comfort and safety in their disconnected nature Now I can sympathise and understand but they certainly come across as annoying than anything else much like all of the characters Ellis uses in his novelsI found a lot of similarities between this and my favourite Haruki Murakami novel Dance Dance Dance obviously the same mid 80s setting but also the characters share the same disconnectedness with a booming economy and the social changes that brings Where Murakami uses Talking Heads Ellis has The Go Go's I've never heard of The Go Go's but having just listened to their debut album Beauty and the Beat it works as the perfect soundtrack to this novel punk rockers gone commercial for financial success providing a bubble gum background to the story of a group of soulless people empty and waiting to be filled up with the latest fad For me however it was always the debut album from Jack's Manneuin Everything in Transit that made me think of the lost people wandering around LA in the work of Bret Easton EllisA side note on the artwork for this particular edition perfect High Design NYC have captured the content of the book uite superbly with the simple clean black white image of a sun drenched poolI guess I should get on with using some reviewer speak some choice hyperbole dig up some fantastic phrase that is essentially meaningless but drives excitement in the reader If ever any book was primed for that kind of empty praise it would be this one after all It's a very funny book populated with believable characters that spout incredible dialogue weaving some kind of impressionist tapestry a little messy up close but when assessed as a whole it's uite wonderful of social decline I think it's still my favourite Ellis too

  6. Neil Walker Neil Walker says:

    Bret Easton Ellis is of my biggest influences as an author and while this book isn’t uite on a level with the exceptional American Psycho which is probably his masterpiece it is still excellent and well worth readingThe way Bret Easton Ellis captures the mindset of a certain element of society in the 1980s and pushes it to it’s logical conclusion is very much something I was trying to emulate in Drug Gang with my chosen time period being the early 2000sThis collection of stories set in Los Angeles in the 1980s offers plenty of food for thought particularly when it comes to philosophy and morality“Greed is good Sex is easy Youth is forever”

  7. Benjamin Stahl Benjamin Stahl says:

    While revisiting Ellis’s debatable best work American Psycho I found myself slightly disappointed On first reading it I was in a particularly bitter frame of mind where the violence and decadence appealed to me Reading it again years later I guess I wasn’t so angry with life and so I found less enjoyment with Bateman’s horrific lifestyle I still gave it four stars and will always respect the novel sick and disturbing as it is but I was also less forgiving of the constant though satirical details in consumerism fashion food tastes and body products At the other end I found myself less sickly amused just sickened by the insanely cruel torture scenes I was one of those assholes who said to those who liked the film “You think that messed up? You haven't read the book” To which I’d then compare the film as being like a fairytale picnic I think I read that comparison somewhere For some reason I thought it sounded cool Well anyway these days I actually prefer the film It highlights the satirical aspects something Ellis flawlessly incorporates into all his work shirking the violent content with a cartoonish outrageousness that makes it easier to find amusing Now revisiting Ellis's less appreciated Informers the very opposite happened I found myself loving this book even than I did the first time I can honestly see why some people fans and general readers alike hate it One negative Goodreads reviewer stated they skimmed the first fifty pages checking if its “ might as well kill yourself now tone” was going to stay Unfortunately for them it did This book is one of the most sparsely written cold blooded soulless books I have read At least that’s how it appears on the surface Much like the minimalist approach Hemingway takes in his debut The Sun Also Rises Ellis guts his prose to a hazy drug induced stream of consciousness deluge of random superfluity which will never be to everyone's taste Much like his zombie characters there is no pretence of beauty in Ellis’s writing As a self claimed moralist he is obsessed with the immoral aspects of humanity Yes he delves into death and murder and rape and torture but he also pries further than that The Informers is significantly less violent than American Psycho but like the latter it plunges deeply into something apparent in his and our society That is the eventual death of the human soul through materialism consumption technology and our growing lack of interest in anything that isn’t tangibly existent and able to be purchased But Ellis lends such a uniue flavour to this by taking a surprisingly neutral stand on the subject Instead of beating us over the head with the need to nurture our truer selves not conforming to decadent conventions Ellis takes a subtle approach in simply portraying the results of base mentality I don’t wanna sound like an asshole because I’ve never been to America but based on several personal reasons I think Los Angeles is the ideal place to explore such issues as thisAlmost every single person is described as “attractive” “tan” “fit “healthy” But ironically they all seem dead totally devoid of spirit or compassion None of these characters seem even remotely happy with their lives They’re just too tired and stoned to bother noticing This justifies the zoned out voice with which Ellis presents these multiple loosely connected but explicably similar people and their stories Further if you look a little deeper most of these characters do portray an elusive though unmistakable sadness There are several parts when feeling perpetually lost and meaningless they lose control of their emotions and break down The stoned out mother fears her son hates her husband ignores her dying mother sleeps through the day on valium dreams of drowning rats in the swimming pool she can’t face looking at herself in the mirror This young man gets all the girls he wants drives a Mercedes earns a than comfortable living he sobs like a child when his friends don’t let him grieve a lost friend that hated him anyway That’s where this book actually shines in my opinion Amidst these shallow amoral shells there is an occasional glimpse of humanity trying to break through Some particular moments I really liked where Ellis does infuse just the slightest gasp of spirit of actual human emotion are such as the early story In The Islands when a young Tim Price reluctantly joins his father in Hawaii There’s a strange scene at the end after Tim is humiliated by his father and a girl He storms off to his room His father tries to apologise but Tim ignores him driving in the final nail that they have lost their connection His dad walks out tearfully sits by a bench watches manta ray playing in the surf Tim’s attractive girlfriend finds the fatherand they have a vague but somewhat touching conversation It’s weird and it doesn’t go anywhere But amidst the uglier surroundings of the LA portions of the book it feels serene and picturesue That the father although crass still harbours good intentions and a need to connect with his son and that the girl recognises this and comforts him well let’s just say few characters show anything close to that throughout the rest of the book There are thirteen separate stories here Some of them are better than others but all are at least interesting There’s even some bizarrely colourful moments such as the inclusion of vampires and one particularly good story set in Tokyo where rockstar Bryan Metro abuses the maids almost beats a groupie to death and tries to rekindle with an old friend from his former band My favourite story however is Letters From LA I won’t give away the story but the premise is a sweet and innocent Camden girl taking a break from her studies staying with grandparents in LA She writes letters to her friend Sean Patrick Bateman’s brother which although never answered are continuously sent and demonstrate obliviously her mental transformation into another superficial LA clone It’s actually very melancholic Overall I’ve heard people say that at best The Informers is like Less Than Zero’s b side And while both books are very similar I honestly think that with the addition of many different people as opposed to just one unlikable teenager The Informers easily takes the edge over Ellis’s famous and reputable first novel I can’t speak for anyone else but as a fan of Bret Easton Ellis The Informers earns a high place on my virtual shelf of “personal favourites” What makes it even cooler and inevitable that I will read it probably multiple times is that as I experience of his novels I will feel inclined to return to this medley that plays around with all his characters Many people might be bored or offended or sceptical of Ellis’s writing but I personally love his work and would recommend this book as the best place to start if you were thinking of giving him a try Even though it did work for me I would dissuade those interested from starting with American Psycho for several reasons Anyway this was a great book and I do not regret revisiting it at allOh yeah I might as well mention it I actually think the film was very underrated Check it out if you enjoyed the book

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Joe woke up and ordered a cheese omelet only to stare at it the entire time confused about why he ordered it in the first place when he wasn't hungry then he went to the movies but he didn't really pay attention to the first half of it then this goth girl was looking at him funny and he really wanted to fuck her but doesn't and he decided to visit a friend's house and so he drove there in his super expensive sports car and drank beer and afterward he went to a club and picked up a valley girl with whom he snorted coke with and then had sex with and in the morning he woke up with a big hangover and so he drank some juiceWasn't that a really annoying run on sentence? Unfortunately this book is chock full of them I kept hoping that the minutia of the characters' lives will somehow lead to or add up to a scathing commentary about society or the way some people live but sadly it does not Ultimately I felt like I was just following the Twitter accounts of several rich Southern Californians leading lives of debauchery What a big disappointment

  9. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    Bret Easton Ellis is a writer I feel gets his fair share of criticism sometimes I would agree most of the time I wouldn't he can write no doubts about it His work may have a small band of hardcore fans whilst for others they just can't work him out American Psycho is one of my favourite novels it's misinterpreted as a horrible disturbing empty and pointless novel He deserves credit everything in this novel has a point despite it's nihilistic themes The Informers picks off moments from his other novels but it's no where near as controversial I would say it even has heart and some chapters have a human touch most people could relate to This collection of short stories loosely held together by one or two characters who flit in and out of a few and includes narratives from fading rock stars vampires drug abusers and characters in the mould of 'Clay' from Less Than Zero angst ridden self destructing teens It is sometimes hard to follow and difficult to make the connections between the many characters but Ellis does sucks you into his world All in all this was worth reading for fans of Ellis for others not the best place to start He has written worse though His reflection on the dark cold humour and grotesue of unlikable characters is something he does probably better than anybody else

  10. P. P. says:

    I love BEE because of his unerring talent for creating the best kind of repulsed fascination Or fascinating revulsion Also he has the best moments This one occurs early on in the collection and was probably the place that hooked meThe door opens It's a small bathroom and Raymond is siting on the toilet the lid closed beginning to cry again his face and eyes red and wet I am so surprised by Raymond's emotion that I lean against the door and just stare watching him bunch his hands into fists'He was my friend' he says between intakes of breath not looking up at meI'm looking at a yellowed tile on the wall for a long time wondering how the waiter who I am positive I had asked not to put garbanzo beans in my salad actually had Where was the waiter born why had he come to Mario's hadn't he looked at the salad didn't he understand? 'He liked you too' I say finally

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