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Dreams Of A Weeping Woman Dreams Of A Weeping Woman PDF Epub Author Leon Whiteson Playutopia.us Set In California, Spain, And France, This Fictional Memoir Chronicles One Young Man S Struggle To Come To Terms With His Family When His Father Is Paralyzed In An Automobile Accident, Joel Bajamonde Finds Himself At The Mercy Of His Own Mother S Appetites And Energies As Joel Tries To Break Free Of This Bizarre And Mysterious Entanglement, He Is Forced To Examine All He Thinks He Knows About Himself, His Mother, And The Things That Bind Families Together.

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    Spoilers run rife in all that follows And in the end we are all selfish monsters Leila Bajamonde is a regally beautiful woman, sensitive and sensual, born a French Jew and having known little in the way of love during her tumultuous early years in France and transplanted life in America Married when still in her teens to Max Bajamonde, a practically minded architect whose father, Enrique the very definition of austere Spaniard embittered by the loss of family and country during the Spanish Civil War and waging fierce war upon an existence he deemed mierda absolutamente pura did his best to pass on his caustic hatred for the world, Leila continually found her vibrant spirit being asphyxiated beneath Max s conventional s and masculine strictures Her son, Joel, proved the one figure upon whom she could vent her smoldering emotions, and in the most provocative of ways While the narrating son Joelly, in the coy lingo of matrimonial concupiscence made a concerted effort to absorb the nullifying and cyni...

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    Even though this was a novel of incest between a mother and son, Whiteson managed to evoke deep feelings for the Mother and son As the sensuality and highly charged sexuality of the Mother came through for her son, the reader was left realizing that she was not only uncontrollable but uncontainable in her sexual appetite for her son Her husband also talks about trying to dumb down her sexuality early on in their marriage The sexuality was always there, simmering below the surface.It got transferred to her son Over the years, the incest became love, the victims became lovers We were left with 2 people who didn t know their roles any The Mother ruined them both for other lovers The story of incest became a love story Leon Whiteson pulled it off by digging deep into the psyche of the Mother thereby taking the reader on a mesmerizing journey from illicit love to eternal love Even though it was about incest, it was beautifully written and gave us a perspective of both people and why and ho...