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The Best American Science Writing 2004 [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Best American Science Writing 2004 By Dava Sobel – Jennifer Kahn's Stripped for Parts was selected as the lead story of this year's Best American Science Writing because as Dava Sobel best selling author of Longitude and Galileo's Daughter reveals it Jennifer Kahn's Stripped for Parts was selected as American Science PDF/EPUB Â the lead story of this year's Best American Science Writing because as Dava Sobel best selling author of Longitude and Galileo's Daughter reveals The Best PDF/EPUB ² it begins with one of the most arresting openings I have ever read In Columbia's Last Flight William Langewiesche recounts the February space shuttle tragedy along with the investigation into Best American Science ePUB ´ the nationwide complacency that brought the ship down K C Cole's Fun with Physics is a profile of astrophysicist Janet Conrad that blends her personal life with professional activity In Desperate Measures the doctor and writer Atul Gawande profiles the surgeon Francis Daniels Moore whose experiments in the s and 's pushed medicine harder and farther than almost anyone had contemplated Also included is a poem by the legendary John Updike Mars as Bright as Venus The collection ends with Diane Ackerman's ebullient essay We Are All a Part of NatureTogether these twenty three articles on a wide range of today's most current topics in science from biology physics biotechnology and astronomy to anthropology genetics evolutionary theory and cognition‚ represent the full spectrum of scientific writing from America's most prominent science authors proving once again that good science writing is evidently plentiful Scientific American.

10 thoughts on “The Best American Science Writing 2004

  1. Ray Savarda Ray Savarda says:

    Several really good articles in spite of the age of this book Recommended

  2. Zenpvnk Zenpvnk says:

    Just finished this one yesterday so now I'm on to the current one2007 that I just got in the mail good timingI like this series so much I also just ordered the 2000 2001 2002 2003 and 2005 editions used for 3 bucks each So if any of my friends want to try this series I'm your man just ask This one the 2004 one is excellent the story about the Columbia space shuttle disaster was fascinating It's a shame it really shouldn't have happened it seems it's just that NASA is actually run like your average large corporation which is to say it's fucked up with upper managers with their heads in their assesAnyway yeah the Best American Science Writing series is for people who like science writing that is actually written well very little numbers or formulas here just good writing about interesting topics I can't wait to start the 2007 ed on the subway tomorrow morning

  3. Lindee Lindee says:

    I had to read this for my 400 level philosophy capstone seminar because the topic for the class was philosophy of science It did not explicitly deal with the philosophy of science but it does shed light on how the non science folk look at science It is organized in short essay format and I found all of the essays extremely interesting and fun to read It's like the reader's digest of Nature

  4. Adam Adam says:

    An OK anthology The two long pieces on astronomy Tom Bissell on asteroid impacts and William Langewiesche on the Columbia disaster are by far the best in this collection; everything else is merely good

  5. Doug Doug says:

    Yeah I know it's almost 10 years oldgreat collection of writing though Most impressed with a few articles one on near Earth asteroids and extinction and the following from Mother Jones about the Space Shuttle Columbia's Last flight Outstanding reporting and writing

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