Paris in the Present Tense

20 November 2019 | By Mark Helprin | Filed in: algeria.

Mark Helprin s powerful, rapturous new novel is set in a present day Paris caught between violent unrest and its well known, inescapable glories Seventy four year old Jules Lacour a ma tre at Paris Sorbonne, cellist, widower, veteran of the war in Algeria, and child of the Holocaust must find a bal

Nos richesses

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En 1935, Edmond Charlot a vingt ans et il rentre Alger avec une seule id e en t te, prendre exemple sur Adrienne Monnier et sa librairie parisienne Charlot le sait, sa vocation est de choisir, d accoucher, de promouvoir de jeunes crivains de la M diterran e, sans distinction de langue ou de reli

The Dictator's Last Night

20 November 2019 | By Yasmina Khadra | Filed in: algeria.

THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER People say I am a megalomaniac It is not true I am an exceptional being, providence incarnate, envied by the gods, able to make a faith of his cause October 2011 In the dying days of the Libyan civil war, Muammar Gaddafi is hiding out in his home town of Sirte alon

L'Art de perdre

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L Alg rie dont est originaire sa famille n a longtemps t pour Na ma qu une toile de fond sans grand int r t Pourtant, dans une soci t fran aise travers e par les questions identitaires, tout semble vouloir la renvoyer ses origines Mais quel lien pourrait elle avoir avec une histoire familiale

Dieu n'habite pas La Havane

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A l heure o le r gime castriste s essouffle, Don Fuego chante toujours dans les cabarets de La Havane Jadis, sa voix magnifique lectrisait les foules Aujourd hui, les temps ont chang et le roi de la rumba doit c der la place Livr lui m me, il rencontre Mayensi, une jeune fille rousse et

The French Intifada: The Long War Between France and Its Arabs

20 November 2019 | By Andrew Hussey | Filed in: algeria.

A provocative rethinking of France s long relationship with the Arab worldTo fully understand both the social and political pressures wracking contemporary France and, indeed, all of Europe as well as major events from the Arab Spring in the Middle East to the tensions in Mali, Andrew Hussey believe

Qu'attendent les singes

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Une jeune tudiante est d couverte assassin e dans la for t de Ba nem, pr s d Alger Une femme, Nora Bilal, est charg e de mener l enqu te, loin de se douter que sa droiture est un danger mortel dans un pays livr aux requins en eaux troubles Qu attendent les singes est un voyage travers l Alg ri

Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter

20 November 2019 | By Zohra Drif | Filed in: algeria.

This gripping insider s account chronicles how and why a young woman in 1950s Algiers joined the armed wing of Algeria s national liberation movement to combat her country s French occupiers When the movement s leaders turned to Drif and her female colleagues to conduct attacks in retaliation for F

Looking for The Stranger: Albert Camus and the Life of a Literary Classic

20 November 2019 | By Alice Kaplan | Filed in: algeria.

The Stranger is a rite of passage for readers around the world Since its publication in France in 1942, Camus s novel has been translated into sixty languages and sold than six million copies It s the rare novel that s as at likely to be found in a teen s backpack as in a graduate philosophy

2084: La fin du monde

20 November 2019 | By Boualem Sansal | Filed in: algeria.

L Abistan, immense empire, tire son nom du proph te Abi, d l gu de Y lah sur terre Son syst me est fond sur l amn sie et la soumission au dieu unique Toute pens e personnelle est bannie, un syst me de surveillance omnipr sent permet de conna tre les id es et les actes d viants Officiellement,

Algeria Is Beautiful Like America

20 November 2019 | By Olivia Burton | Filed in: algeria.

Olivia had always heard stories about Algeria from her maternal grandmother, a Black Foot a Pied Noir, the French term for Christian and Jewish settlers of French Algeria who emigrated to France after the Algerian War of Independence After her grandmother s death, Olivia found some of her grand

The Stranger

20 November 2019 | By Albert Camus | Filed in: algeria.

Through the story of an ordinary man unwittingly drawn into a senseless murder on an Algerian beach, Camus explored what he termed the nakedness of man faced with the absurd First published in English in 1946 now in a new translation by Matthew Ward.

The Plague

20 November 2019 | By Albert Camus | Filed in: algeria.

A gripping tale of human unrelieved horror, of survival and resilience, and of the ways in which humankind confronts death, The Plague is at once a masterfully crafted novel, eloquently understated and epic in scope, and a parable of ageless moral resonance, profoundly relevant to our times In Oran

The Meursault Investigation

20 November 2019 | By Kamel Daoud | Filed in: algeria.

He was the brother of the Arab killed by the infamous Meursault, the antihero of Camus s classic novel Seventy years after that event, Harun, who has lived since childhood in the shadow of his sibling s memory, refuses to let him remain anonymous he gives his brother a story and a name Musa and