The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington

21 January 2020 | By Brad Meltzer | Filed in: american revolution.

In 1776, an elite group of soldiers were handpicked to serve as George Washington s bodyguards Washington trusted them relied on them But unbeknownst to Washington, some of them were part of a treasonous plan In the months leading up to the Revolutionary War, these traitorous soldiers, along

America's First Daughter

21 January 2020 | By Stephanie Dray | Filed in: american revolution.

In a compelling, richly researched novel that draws from thousands of letters and original sources, bestselling authors Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie tell the fascinating, untold story of Thomas Jefferson s eldest daughter, Martha Patsy Jefferson Randolph a woman who kept the secrets of our most

My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

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From the New York Times bestselling authors of America s First Daughter comes the epic story of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton a revolutionary woman who, like her new nation, struggled to define herself in the wake of war, betrayal, and tragedy Haunting, moving, and beautifully written, Dray and Kamoie

Alex and Eliza (Alex & Eliza, #1)

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Their romance shaped a nation The rest was history 1777 Albany, New York As battle cries of the American Revolution echo in the distance, servants flutter about preparing for one of New York society s biggest events the Schuylers grand ball Descended from two of the oldest and most

Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence

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Told through the eyes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Great Britain s King George III, Killing England chronicles the path to independence in gripping detail, taking the reader from the battlefields of America to the royal courts of Europe What started as protest and

Our Own Country (Midwife, #2)

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A love affair tests a new nation s revolutionary ideals In 1770s Boston, a prosperous merchant s daughter, Eliza Boylston, lives a charmed life until war breaches the walls of the family estate and forces her to live in a world in which wealth can no longer protect her As the chaos of the

The Hamilton Affair

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Set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Revolution, and featuring a cast of iconic characters such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the Marquis de Lafayette, The Hamilton Affair tells the sweeping, tumultuous, true love story of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, from

The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For

21 January 2020 | By David McCullough | Filed in: american revolution.

A New York Times BestsellerA timely collection of speeches by David McCullough, the most honored historian in the United States winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Book Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among many others that reminds us of fundamental American principles.Over

I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 (I Survived, #15)

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British soldiers were everywhere There was no escape.Nathaniel Fox never imagined he d find himself in the middle of a blood soaked battlefield, fighting for his life He was only eleven years old He d barely paid attention to the troubles between America and England How could he, while being

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Lafayette!

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The Frenchman who changed the course of the American Revolution Gilbert du Motier became the Marquis de Lafayette at a young age, but he was not satisfied with the comforts of French nobility he wanted adventure A captain at eighteen and a major general by nineteen, he was eager to prove himself

The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr

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Inspired by a woman and events forgotten by history, bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott weaves together carefully researched fact and fiction to tell the story of Mary Emmons, and the place she held in the life and the heart of the notorious Aaron Burr He was a hero of the Revolution, a