No Ordinary Life

01 June 2020 | By Suzanne Redfearn | Filed in: architecture.

Suzanne Redfearn delivers another gripping page turner in her latest novel, a story about a young mother s fight to protect her children from the dangerous world of Hollywood n nFaye Martin never expected her husband to abandon her and her three children or that she d have to struggle every da

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

01 June 2020 | By Joanna Gaines | Filed in: architecture.

In her design book, Homebody A Guide To Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of the people who live there This comprehensive guide will help you assess your priorities and your instincts, as well a

If I Built a School

01 June 2020 | By Chris Van Dusen | Filed in: architecture.

In this exuberant companion to If I Built a Car, a boy fantasizes about his dream school from classroom to cafeteria to library to playground n nMy school will amaze you My school will astound.By far the most fabulous school to be found Perfectly planned and impeccably clean.On a scale, 1 to 10, it

House of Thieves

01 June 2020 | By Charles Belfoure | Filed in: architecture.

In 1886 New York, a respectable architect shouldn t have any connection to the notorious gang of thieves and killers that rules the underbelly of the city But when John Cross s son racks up an unfathomable gambling debt to Kent s Gents, Cross must pay it back himself All he has to do is use his in

The Plaza: The Secret Life of America's Most Famous Hotel

01 June 2020 | By Julie Satow | Filed in: architecture.

Journalist Julie Satow s thrilling, unforgettable history of how one illustrious hotel has defined our understanding of money and glamour, from the Gilded Age to the Go Go Eighties to today s Billionaire Row n nFrom the moment in 1907 when New York millionaire Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt strode through

The Fallen Architect

01 June 2020 | By Charles Belfoure | Filed in: architecture.

In this riveting novel from The New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Architect, a man in disgrace finds that digging up the past is the only road he can take n nArchitect Douglas Layton has lost everything The balcony of one of his beautiful music halls collapsed during a packed performanc

Havana: A Subtropical Delirium

01 June 2020 | By Mark Kurlansky | Filed in: architecture.

Award winning author Mark Kurlansky presents an insider s view of Havana the elegant, tattered city he has come to know over than thirty years Part cultural history, part travelogue, with recipes, historic engravings, photographs, and Kurlansky s own pen and ink drawings throughout, Havana ce

Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet

01 June 2020 | By Will Hunt | Filed in: architecture.

A panoramic investigation of the subterranean landscape, from sacred caves and derelict subway stations to nuclear bunkers and ancient underground cities an exploration of the history, science, architecture, and mythology of the worlds beneath our feet n nWhen Will Hunt was sixteen years old, he disc

A Burglar's Guide to the City

01 June 2020 | By Geoff Manaugh | Filed in: architecture.

Encompassing nearly 2,000 years of heists and tunnel jobs, break ins and escapes, A Burglar s Guide to the City offers an unexpected blueprint to the criminal possibilities in the world all around us You ll never see the city the same way again n nAt the core of A Burglar s Guide to the City is an u

Where Are the Great Pyramids?

01 June 2020 | By Dorothy Hoobler | Filed in: architecture.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt all kids over the age of five recognize them instantly These massive tombs were built thousands of years ago, and still no one knows exactly how the ancient Egyptians did it In this informative account, Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler tell the story of the powerful pharaohs

Relics of the Reich: The Buildings the Nazis Left Behind

01 June 2020 | By Colin Philpott | Filed in: architecture.

Relics of the Reich is the story of what happened to the buildings the Nazis left behind Hitler s Reich may have been defeated in 1945 but many buildings, military installations and other sites remained At the end of the War, some were obliterated by the victorious Allies but others survived n nFor

Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home with Books

01 June 2020 | By Nina Freudenberger | Filed in: architecture.

A visual delight and an inspiration for every bibliophile with a growing home library, this dream and drool design book features some of the most jaw dropping book collections of homeowners around the world n nInterior designer Nina Freudenberger, New Yorker writer Sadie Stein, and Architectural Dige

Towards a New Architecture

01 June 2020 | By Le Corbusier | Filed in: architecture.

For the Swiss born architect and city planner Le Corbusier Charles douard Jeanneret, 1887 1965 , architecture constituted a noble art, an exalted calling in which the architect combined plastic invention, intellectual speculation, and higher mathematics to go beyond mere utilitarian needs, beyond

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order

01 June 2020 | By Francis D.K. Ching | Filed in: architecture.

The Second Edition of this classic introduction to the principles of architecture is everything you would expect from the celebrated architect, author, and illustrator, Francis D K Ching Each page has been meticulously revised to incorporate contemporary examples of the principles of form, space,