Turtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond

04 June 2020 | By Cathryn Falwell | Filed in: arithmetic.

It s a peaceful day at the pond as ten timid turtles bask in the sun But wait A bullfrog leaps, a rabbit rustles, deer appear, a chickadee chirps, and ten nine eight seven six five four three two one by one the turtles dive into the water Splash

Saxon Math K Home Study Teachers Manual First Edition

04 June 2020 | By Saxon Publishers | Filed in: arithmetic.

Saxon math programs produce confident students who are not only able to correctly compute, but also to apply concepts to new situations These materials gently develop concepts, and the practice of those concepts is extended over a considerable period of time This is called incremental development

The 15-Minute Mathematician

04 June 2020 | By Anne Rooney | Filed in: arithmetic.

Part of the Arcturus series, Ideas to Save Your Life, The 15 Minute Mathematician introduces the reader to the main ideas of mathematics Mathematics is all around us It governs how information is presented to us and how we understand it It underpins all science and has thus been responsible for m

Place Value

04 June 2020 | By David A. Adler | Filed in: arithmetic.

You had better not monkey around when it comes to place value The monkeys in this book can tell you why As they bake the biggest banana cupcake ever, they need to get the amounts in the recipe correct There s a big difference between 216 eggs and 621 eggs Place value is the key to keeping the nu

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!

04 June 2020 | By Marilyn Burns | Filed in: arithmetic.

Mr and Mrs Comfort have arranged tables and chairs to seat 32 people at their family reunion But the guests have their own ideas for seating Area and perimeter come alive as the family makes room for everyone Used in Math By All Means Area and Perimeter, Grades 5 6.


04 June 2020 | By Mac Barnett | Filed in: arithmetic.

Multi award winning, New York Times best selling duo Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen conspire again on a slyly funny tale about some very sneaky shapes n nMeet Triangle He is going to play a sneaky trick on his friend, Square Or so Triangle thinks With this first tale in a new trilogy, partners

Infinity and Me

04 June 2020 | By Kate Hosford | Filed in: arithmetic.

When I looked up, I shivered How many stars were in the sky A million A billion Maybe the number was as big as infinity I started to feel very, very small How could I even think about something as big as infinity Uma can t help feeling small when she peers up at the night sky She begins to