Making Sense of the Central African Republic

27 May 2020 | By Tatiana Carayannis | Filed in: central african republic.

Despite its position at the center of a tumultuous region that has drawn substantial international attention and intervention over the decades, the Central African Republic is often overlooked when discussions turn to questions of postcolonial development, democracy, and change in Africa This book


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French African prose can be given a beginning with the publication in 1921 of the novel Batouala its sensitive portrayal of African life, with its evocation of the natural environment, could not but make a profound impression upon its African readers and offered a vivid example of what an Afri

Le Dernier Survivant De La Caravane

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la fin de si cle, au coeur de l Afrique, une nuit sans lune, soudain na t le drame En quelques heures la razzia d ferle et, sous les coups des hommes en bleu, dans une violence furieuse, le village passe de la paix quotidienne aux cha nes cruelles de l esclavage n crivain de Centrafrique, tienne

Travels Through The Third World

27 May 2020 | By Brian M. Schwartz | Filed in: central african republic.

This riveting book tells the story of one man s adventures and experience in exotic places whose very names fire the imagination, like Timbuktu, the Congo rain forests and the swamps of the Nile nBrian Schwartz spent six years following the back roads, trails, and rivers of Africa and Asia, mostly h

Travels in the White Man's Grave

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At the beginning of the 1950s, the interior of West and Central Africa was still known to most of the outside world as The White Man s Grave, and there were still large parts where its forests were primeval These forests inhabited the minds of most Westerners as places of foreboding.