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Jenny McLaine is an adult Supposedly At thirty five she owns her own house, writes for a cool magazine and has hilarious friends just a message away n nBut the thing is n n She can t actually afford her house since her criminally sexy ex boyfriend Art left, n n her best friend Kelly is clearly tryin

Middle England (Rotters' Club, #3)

04 June 2020 | By Jonathan Coe | Filed in: english literature.

Set in the Midlands and London over the last eight years, Jonathan Coe follows a brilliantly vivid cast of characters through a time of immense change and disruption in Britain There are the early married years of Sophie and Ian who disagree about the future of Britain and, possibly, the future of

Ordinary People

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You can take a leap, do something off the wall, something reckless It s your last chance, and most people miss it South London, 2008 Two couples find themselves at a moment of reckoning, on the brink of acceptance or revolution Melissa has a new baby and doesn t want to let it change her but, i

The Only Story

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Would you rather love the , and suffer the or love the less, and suffer the less That is, I think, finally, the only real question n nFirst love has lifelong consequences, but Paul doesn t know anything about that at nineteen At nineteen, he s proud of the fact his relationship flies in t

Winter (Seasonal #2)

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Winter Bleak Frosty wind, earth as iron, water as stone, so the old song goes The shortest days, the longest nights The trees are bare and shivering The summer s leaves Dead litter n nThe world shrinks the sap sinks nBut winter makes things visible And if there s ice, there ll be fire n nIn


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In a tour de force that is both an homage to an immortal work of literature and a modern masterpiece about the quest for love and family, Booker Prize winning, internationally bestselling author Salman Rushdie has created a dazzling Don Quixote for the modern age n nInspired by the Cervantes classic,

Mothering Sunday

04 June 2020 | By Graham Swift | Filed in: english literature.

A luminous, intensely moving tale that begins with a secret lovers assignation in the spring of 1924, then unfolds to reveal the whole of a remarkable life n nTwenty two year old Jane Fairchild has worked as a maid at an English country house since she was sixteen For almost all of those years she

Here We Are

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It is Brighton, 1959, and the theatre at the end of the pier is having its best summer season in years Ronnie, a brilliant young magician, and Evie, his dazzling assistant, are top of the bill, drawing audiences each night Meanwhile, Jack Jack Robinson, as in before you can say is everyone s

My Purple Scented Novel

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Short story published in the March 28, 2016 Edition of The New Yorker Also available to read online n n You will have heard of my friend the once celebrated novelist Jocelyn Tarbet, but I suspect his memory is beginning to fade You d never heard of me, the once obscure novelist Parker Sparrow, until

The Golden House

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On the day of Barack Obama s inauguration, an enigmatic billionaire from foreign shores takes up residence in the architectural jewel of the Gardens, a cloistered community in New York s Greenwich Village The neighborhood is a bubble within a bubble, and the residents are immediately intrigued by

The Complete Patrick Melrose Novels

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n For the first time, n all five books in the Patrick Melrose series are collected in a single edition n n n NEVER MIND n n n n BAD NEWS n n n n SOME HOPE n n n n MOTHER S MILK n n n n AT LAST n nAcclaimed for their searing wit and their deep humanity, this magnificent cycle of nove

The Gap of Time

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The Winter s Tale is one of Shakespeare s late plays It tells the story of a king whose jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter and the death of his beautiful wife His daughter is found and brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast, but through a series of extraordinary even

The Noise of Time

04 June 2020 | By Julian Barnes | Filed in: english literature.

A compact masterpiece dedicated to the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich Julian Barnes s first novel since his best selling, Man Booker Prize winning The Sense of an Ending n nIn 1936, Shostakovitch, just thirty, fears for his livelihood and his life Stalin, hitherto a distant figure, has taken