Everything Is Beautiful, and I'm Not Afraid: A Baopu Collection

01 June 2020 | By Yao Xiao | Filed in: graphic novels manga.

Everything Is Beautiful, and I m Not Afraid perfectly captures the feelings of a young sojourner in America as she explores the nuances in searching for a place to belong Baopu is a monthly serialized comic on Autostraddle, and this book includes beloved fan favorites plus new, never before seen co

I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf

01 June 2020 | By Grant Snider | Filed in: graphic novels manga.

A look at the culture and fanaticism of book lovers, from beloved New York Times illustrator Grant Snider It s no secret, but we are judged by our bookshelves We learn to read at an early age, and as we grow older we shed our beloved books for new ones But some of us surround ourselves with book

Eat, and Love Yourself

01 June 2020 | By Sweeney Boo | Filed in: graphic novels manga.

A story about Mindy, a woman living with an eating disorder who has to learn how to love herself again.In pursuit of the perfect body, Mindy buys the low fat diet products and the glossy magazines which promise the secret to losing weight One night, while perusing the aisles of the neighborhood con

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Part Three

01 June 2020 | By Michael Dante DiMartino | Filed in: graphic novels manga.

Kuvira s true nature is revealed, and the Earth Kingdom will feel the consequences Thanks to Commander Guan and Doctor Sheng s brainwashing technology, all hope for a fair election in the Earth Kingdom is lost Korra works with Toph, Su, and Kuvira to plan a means to rescue not just the brainwashed

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Imbalance, Part Three (Imbalance, #3)

01 June 2020 | By Faith Erin Hicks | Filed in: graphic novels manga.

Team Avatar faces their most dangerous foe yet as the bender vs non bender conflict turns into an all out war in this action packed conclusion to the Imbalance arc n nWhile Aang grapples with a life changing decision that only he can make as the Avatar, Toph and Katara implore him from opposite sid