1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

29 February 2020 | By Charles C. Mann | Filed in: indigenous history.

In this groundbreaking work of science, history, and archaeology, Charles C Mann radically alters our understanding of the Americas before the arrival of Columbus in 1492 Contrary to what so many Americans learn in school, the pre Columbian Indians were not sparsely settled in a pristine

Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call

29 February 2020 | By Arthur Manuel | Filed in: indigenous history.

Unsettling Canada A National Wake Up Call by Arthur Manuel and Chief Ronald Derrickson describes the victories and failures, the hopes and the fears of a generation of activists fighting for Aboriginal title and rights in Canada Unsettling Canada chronicles the modern struggle for Indigenous

'Injuns!': Native Americans in the Movies

29 February 2020 | By Edward Buscombe | Filed in: indigenous history.

The indispensable sage, fierce enemy, silent sidekick the role of Native Americans in film has been largely confined to identities defined by the white perspective Many studies have analyzed these simplistic stereotypes of Native American cultures in film, but few have looked beyond the

Indian Horse

29 February 2020 | By Richard Wagamese | Filed in: indigenous history.

Saul Indian Horse has hit bottom His last binge almost killed him, and now he s a reluctant resident in a treatment centre for alcoholics, surrounded by people he s sure will never understand him But Saul wants peace, and he grudgingly comes to see that he ll find it only through telling his

Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism

29 February 2020 | By Noenoe K. Silva | Filed in: indigenous history.

In 1897, as a white oligarchy made plans to allow the United States to annex Hawai i, native Hawaiians organized a massive petition drive to protest Ninety five percent of the native population signed the petition, causing the annexation treaty to fail in the U.S Senate This event was unknown to


29 February 2020 | By Layli Long Soldier | Filed in: indigenous history.

The astonishing, powerful debut by the winner of a 2016 Whiting Writers AwardWHEREAS her birth signaled the responsibility as mother to teach what it is to be Lakota therein the question What did I know about being Lakota Signaled panic, blood rush my embarrassment What did I know of our