Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Major Impossible

21 January 2020 | By Nathan Hale | Filed in: juvenile.

The ninth book in the bestselling series tells the story of John Wesley Powell, the one armed geologist who explored the Grand Canyon John Wesley Powell 1834 1902 always had the spirit of adventure in him As a young man, he traveled all over the United States exploring When the Civil War began,

Love from the Crayons

21 January 2020 | By Drew Daywalt | Filed in: juvenile.

Ring in Valentine s Day and love with the New York Times Best Selling Crayons This charming new title featuring everyone s favorite coloring crew is the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentine s Day or any day of the year.Love is yellow and orange Because love is sunny and warm Love

Freedom Soup

21 January 2020 | By Tami Charles | Filed in: juvenile.

Join the celebration in the kitchen as a family makes their traditional New Year s soup and shares the story of how Haitian independence came to be The shake shake of maracas vibrates down to my toes.Ti Gran s feet tap tap to the rhythm Every year, Haitians all over the world ring in the new

The Forgotten Girl

21 January 2020 | By India Hill Brown | Filed in: juvenile.

Do you know what it feels like to be forgotten On a cold winter night, Iris and her best friend, Daniel, sneak into a clearing in the woods to play in the freshly fallen snow There, Iris carefully makes a perfect snow angel only to find the crumbling gravestone of a young girl, Avery Moore,

I Am Perfectly Designed

21 January 2020 | By Karamo Brown | Filed in: juvenile.

I Am Perfectly Designed is an exuberant celebration of loving who you are, exactly as you are, from Karamo Brown, the Culture Expert of Netflix s hit series Queer Eye In this empowering ode to modern families, a boy and his father take a joyful walk through the city, discovering all the ways in

The Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle

21 January 2020 | By Shannon Hale | Filed in: juvenile.

Something smells like trouble Can five princess heroes and one Goat Avenger pool their talents to vanquish a monstrous stink The Princess in Black is in a very stinky situation A foul cloud is plaguing the goat pasture, and it smells worse than a pile of dirty diapers or a trash can on a hot

Bad Dog

21 January 2020 | By Mike Boldt | Filed in: juvenile.

The differences between cats and dogs have never been funnier In this hilarious new story from the illustrator of I Don t Want to Be a Frog, a little girl really, really wants a dog but gets a cat instead Look what I got for my birthday A pet dog says a little girl holding a cat Rocky

Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship

21 January 2020 | By Marie Kondō | Filed in: juvenile.

Inspired by Marie Kondo s KonMari Method, Kiki Jax tells the endearing story of two best friends who couldn t be different Kiki is a collector and Jax is a sorter The one thing they always agree on is how much fun they have together But when Kiki s things start getting in the way, they

Little Leaders: Exceptional Men in Black History

21 January 2020 | By Vashti Harrison | Filed in: juvenile.

Athletes, especially black athletes, must use every resource at their command to right things that are wrong Arthur Ashe FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, VASHTI HARRISON Meet the little leaders They re brave They re exceptional They changed the world Did you know that the father of

Charlie Hernández the Castle of Bones (Charlie Hernández, #2)

21 January 2020 | By Ryan Calejo | Filed in: juvenile.

Inspired by Hispanic folklore, legends, and myths from the Iberian Peninsula and Central and South America, this bold sequel to Charlie Hern ndez the League of Shadows, which Booklist called a perfect pick for kids who love Rick Riordan in a starred review, follows Charlie as he continues on his

Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #14)

21 January 2020 | By Jeff Kinney | Filed in: juvenile.

In Wrecking Ball, Book 14 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from 1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney an unexpected inheritance gives the Heffley family a chance to make major improvements to their home But they soon find that construction isn t all it s cracked up to be When things

White Bird

21 January 2020 | By R.J. Palacio | Filed in: juvenile.

A Wonder story In R J Palacio s collection of stories Auggie Me, which expands on characters in Wonder, readers were introduced to Julian s grandmother, Grandm re This is Grandm re s story as a young Jewish girl hidden away by a family in Nazi occupied France during World War II told in

Dog Man: Fetch-22 (Dog Man, #8)

21 January 2020 | By Dav Pilkey | Filed in: juvenile.

Li l Petey gets caught in some family drama in the eighth Dog Man book from worldwide bestselling author and artist Dav Pilkey.Petey the Cat is out of jail, and he has a brand new lease on life While Petey s reevaluated what matters most, Li l Petey is struggling to find the good in the world Can


21 January 2020 | By Brenna Thummler | Filed in: juvenile.

Marjorie Glatt feels like a ghost A practical thirteen year old in charge of the family laundry business, her daily routine features unforgiving customers, unbearable P.E classes, and the fastidious Mr Saubertuck who is committed to destroying everything she s worked for Wendell is a ghost A

The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #13)

21 January 2020 | By Jeff Kinney | Filed in: juvenile.

When snow shuts down Greg Heffley s middle school, his neighborhood transforms into a wintry battlefield Rival groups fight over territory, build massive snow forts, and stage epic snowball fights And in the crosshairs are Greg and his trusty best friend, Rowley Jefferson It s a fight for

Karen's Witch (Baby-Sitters Little Sister Graphic Novel #1)

21 January 2020 | By Katy Farina | Filed in: juvenile.

A fresh and fun graphic novel series spin off of The Baby sitters Club, featuring Kristy s little stepsister Karen Brewer lives next door to Mrs Porter, who wears long robes and has wild gray hair Mrs Porter has a black cat named Midnight and always seems to be working in her garden Karen isn t

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal

21 January 2020 | By Jeff Kinney | Filed in: juvenile.

Get ready for a whole new look into Jeff Kinney s Diary of a Wimpy Kid Introducing the newest Wimpy Kid author Rowley Jefferson Rowley s best friend Greg Heffley has been chronicling his middle school years in thirteen Diary of a Wimpy Kid journals and counting But it s finally time for

The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #12)

21 January 2020 | By Jeff Kinney | Filed in: juvenile.

Greg Heffley and his family are getting out of town With the cold weather and the stress of the approaching holiday season, the Heffleys decide to escape to a tropical island resort for some much needed rest and relaxation A few days in paradise should do wonders for Greg and his frazzled family.

A Tale of Magic... (A Tale of Magic, #1)

21 January 2020 | By Chris Colfer | Filed in: juvenile.

A new series set in the Land of Stories universe from the 1 New York Times bestselling author, Chris Colfer, perfect for new and old fans Fourteen year old Brystal Evergreen has always known she was destined for great things that is, if she can survive the oppressive Southern Kingdom Her only