The Vampire Knitting Club (Vampire Knitting Club #1)

14 January 2019 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

Vampires who knit A troublemaking witch Who killed Granny and is she really dead At a crossroads between a cringe worthy past Todd the Toad and an uncertain future she s not exactly homeless, but it s close , Lucy Swift travels to Oxford to visit her grandmother With Gran s undying love to c

Purls and Potions (Vampire Knitting Club #5)

13 May 2019 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

Lucy s first love potion goes horribly wrong Romances get tangled But worse, someone dies n nRomance is in the air on Harrington Street, Oxford Detective Inspector Ian Chisholm is finally showing interest in Lucy, though the members of the vampire knitting club aren t too thrilled to have the police

Stockings and Spells (Vampire Knitting Club #4)

16 December 2019 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

A Holiday Market With crafts, toys, hot chocolate And a killer The Vampire Knitting Club decide to take part in Oxford s Holiday Market, selling exquisite hand knit scarves, sweaters and gift items Their most popular item is the hand knit Christmas stocking, brightly colored and extra long to sq

Fair Isle and Fortunes (Vampire Knitting Club #6)

24 December 2019 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

What if the fortune teller at the local village fair is a witch And all her fortunes come true even when she foresees a death n nWhen Lucy Swift s cousin Violet decides to take over as the fortune teller at Moreton under Wychwood s annual summer f te, Lucy thinks being her assistant will be a fun

Lace and Lies (Vampire Knitting Club #7)

10 September 2019 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

Cardinal Woolsey s Yarn Shop has been chosen to appear on TV nGreat publicity nUntil a murder stops the cameras n nCelebrity knitting designer Teddy Lamont is coming to Cardinal Woolsey s knitting and yarn shop in Oxford to run a special class that will be televised n nLucy Swift can t wait to host the

Crochet and Cauldrons (Vampire Knitting Club #3)

10 December 2017 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

Every family has annoying relatives mine just happen to be undead My Grandmother, Agnes Bartlett, used to own Cardinal Woolsey s knitting shop in Oxford then died and left her shop to me, without informing me that she wasn t actually dead She s a vampire and part of the world s strangest craft c

Stitches and Witches (Vampire Knitting Club #2)

18 October 2019 | By Nancy Warren | Filed in: knitting.

Dropping stitches and catching killers n nWhen an older gentleman keels over in his scones and tea at the Elderflower Tea Shop in Oxford a victim of poison Lucy Swift and her band of undead amateur detectives are on the case n nElderflower Tea Shop is next door to Cardinal Woolsey s, the yarn shop Luc

Murder, She Knit (A Knit & Nibble Mystery #1)

19 August 2019 | By Peggy Ehrhart | Filed in: knitting.

Since her only daughter left for college, widow Pamela Paterson has kept busy as associate editor of a craft magazine and founder of the Knit and Nibble knitting club in quaint Arborville, New Jersey Now, she s trying out a new hobby solving murders Pamela is hosting the next Knit and Nibble mee

Patterns Of Change

05 July 2017 | By Terri DuLong | Filed in: knitting.

DuLong reminds me of a Southern Debbie Macomber but with a flair all her own Karin GillespieIncludes an original knitting pattern New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong turns a new page in breezy Ormond Beach, Florida, where a woman looking for a fresh start discovers her dreams comi

Knit One, Girl Two

06 July 2019 | By Shira Glassman | Filed in: knitting.

Small batch independent yarn dyer Clara Ziegler is eager to brainstorm new color combinations if only she could come up with ideas she likes as much as last time When she sees Danielle Solomon s paintings of Florida wildlife by chance at a neighborhood gallery, she finds her source of inspiration.

Knot the Usual Suspects (A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #5)

02 February 2017 | By Molly MacRae | Filed in: knitting.

In the latest from the bestselling author of Plagued by Quilt, Kath Rutledge yarn bombs Blue Plum, Tennessee and gets tangled up in the mystery of a bumped off bagpiper.It s time for Handmade Blue Plum, an annual arts and crafts fair, and Kath and her knitting group TGIF Thank Goodness It s Fiber

Gone with the Wool (Yarn Retreat Mystery #4)

02 August 2018 | By Betty Hechtman | Filed in: knitting.

The national bestselling author of Wound Up in Murder spins a deadly yarn of knitting bees, butterflies, and beauty queens n nEvery October, thousands of monarch butterflies flock to California s Monterey Peninsula to spend the winter there To welcome their colorful guests, Cadbury by the Sea holds