The Accomplice

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Gripping and authentic Kanon s imagination flourishes and the narrative propulsion is clear A thoroughly satisfying piece of entertainment that extends a tentacle into some serious moral reflection The New York Times Book Review The master of the genre The Washington Post Joseph Kanon ret

The Daughter's Tale

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BERLIN, 1939 The dreams that Amanda Sternberg and her husband, Julius, had for their daughters are shattered when the Nazis descend on Berlin, burning down their beloved family bookshop and sending Julius to a concentration camp Desperate to save her children, Amanda flees toward the south of Fran

Memories of Glass

01 June 2020 | By Melanie Dobson | Filed in: nazi party.

This novel draws from true accounts to shine a light on a period of Holland s darkest history and bravest heroes n n1942 As war rips through the heart of Holland, childhood friends Josie van Rees and Eliese Linden partner with a few daring citizens to rescue Eliese s son and hundreds of other Jewish

Task Force Baum

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In the tradition of Saving Private Ryan and Bridge Over the River Kwai, bestselling author James D Shipman delivers a powerful, action packed novel that illustrates the long buried secrets and unending costs of war based on the true story of General Patton s clandestine unauthorized raid on a Worl

A Song of Shadows (Charlie Parker, #13)

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Grievously wounded, private detective Charlie Parker investigates a case that has its origins in a Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War.Broken, but undeterred, private detective Charlie Parker faces the darkest of dark forces in a case with its roots in the second world war, and a con

The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History: The Story of the Monuments Men

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The author of The Monuments Men, brings this story to young readers for the first time, detailing history s greatest treasure hunt.As the most destructive war in history ravaged Europe, many of the world s most cherished cultural objects were in harm s way The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History reco

Hitler's Forgotten Children: My Life Inside The Lebensborn

01 June 2020 | By Ingrid Von Oelhafen | Filed in: nazi party.

More than 70 years ago I was a gift for Adolf Hitler I was stolen as a baby to be part of one of the most terrible of all Nazi experiments Lebensborn Watch the 2016 interview with the author n nIn 1942 Erika, a baby girl from Roga ka Slatina, the Slovenian town that was renamed Sauerbrunn an

All the Tears in China (Rowland Sinclair, #9)

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Shanghai in 1935 is a 20th century Babylon, an expatriate playground where fortunes are made and lost, where East and West collide, and the stakes include life itself nInto this cultural melting pot, Rowland Sinclair arrives from Sydney to represent his brother at international wool negotiations Th

Sabotage: The Mission to Destroy Hitler's Atomic Bomb: Young Adult Edition

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A stunning adventure involving Nazis, nukes, fighting, failure, and everyday heroes, from the author of the award winning The Nazi Hunters.Neal Bascomb delivers another nail biting work of nonfiction for young adults in this incredible true story of spies and survival.The invasion begins at night, w

The Nazi Hunters

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A deep sweeping account of a relentless search for justice Washington Post n After the Nuremberg trials the start of the Cold War, most of the victors in WWII lost interest in prosecuting war criminals Many of the lower ranking perpetrators quickly blended in with the millions who were seek

The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler's Secret Police

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The Gestapo was Hitler s secret police force Popularly depicted as a central part of an all powerful Big Brother Nazi totalitarian police state, its primary aim was to hunt down the enemies of the people Drawing on a detailed examination of previously unpublished Gestapo case files, this book

Dracula vs. Hitler

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Ravaged by the Nazi Secret Service during World War II, Romanian resistance forces turn to one of their leaders, Professor Van Helsing for any way out To fight these monstrous forces, Van Helsing raises a legendary monster from centuries of slumber Prince Dracula himself n nOnce he was the ruler

1924: The Year That Made Hitler

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The dark story of Adolf Hitler s life in 1924 the year that made a monster Before Adolf Hitler s rise to power in Germany, there was 1924 This was the year of Hitler s final transformation into the self proclaimed savior and infallible leader who would interpret and distort Germany s historica

The Book Thief

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It is 1939 Nazi Germany The country is holding its breath Death has never been busier, and will be busier still n nBy her brother s graveside, Liesel s life is changed when she picks up a single object, partially hidden in the snow It is The Gravedigger s Handbook, left behind there by accident,