The Beautiful (The Beautiful, #1)

19 November 2019 | By Renée Ahdieh | Filed in: occult.

In 1872, New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead But to seventeen year old Celine Rousseau, New Orleans provides her a refuge after she s forced to flee her life as a dressmaker in Paris Taken in by the sisters of the Ursuline convent along with six other girls, Celine quickly becomes enad wit

The Babysitters Coven (The Babysitters Coven, #1)

19 November 2019 | By Kate Williams | Filed in: occult.

Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this funny, action packed novel about a coven of witchy babysitters who realize their calling to protect the innocent and save the world from an onslaught of evil Seventeen year old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club She knows it s kinda

Red Russia

19 November 2019 | By Tanya Thompson | Filed in: occult.

Among the many things Peter doesn t know, he doesn t know he s an archetype, the Prince of Coins incarnate He doesn t know his fianc is a fortune teller either He doesn t know Russian culture, politics, or language, but he does know American business And he knows his fianc speaks Russian He th

The Dead House (The Dead House #1)

19 November 2019 | By Dawn Kurtagich | Filed in: occult.

Twenty five years ago, Elmbridge High burned down Three people were killed and one pupil, Carly Johnson, disappeared Now a diary has been found in the ruins of the school The diary belongs to Kaitlyn Johnson, Carly s identical twin sister But Carly didn t have a twin Re opened police recor

New York Night (Jack Nightingale, #7)

19 November 2019 | By Stephen Leather | Filed in: occult.

WOULD YOU GIVE UP YOUR SOUL TO SAVE A CITY JACK NIGHTINGALE WOULD Teenagers are being possessed and turning into sadistic murderers Priests can t help, nor can psychiatrists So who is behind the demonic possessions Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate, and finds his own soul is on the l

The Passion of Cleopatra (Ramses the Damned #2)

19 November 2019 | By Anne Rice | Filed in: occult.

From the iconic and bestselling author of The Mummy and The Vampire Chronicles, a mesmerizing, glamorous new tale of ancient feuds and modern passions Ramses the Great, former pharaoh of Egypt, is reawakened by the elixir of life in Edwardian England Now immortal with his bride to be, he is swept

Harmony Black (Harmony Black, #1)

19 November 2019 | By Craig Schaefer | Filed in: occult.

Harmony Black is much than your average FBI special agent In addition to being a practicing witch, she s also an operative for Vigilant Lock, an off the books program created to battle occult threats by any means necessary Despite her dedication to fighting the monsters threatening society, H

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.

19 November 2019 | By Lisa Lister | Filed in: occult.

A witch is a wise woman, a healer Yet for so long the word witch has had negative connotations In this book, third generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister explains the history behind witchcraft, why identifying as a healer in past centuries led women to be burned at the stake, and why the witch