The Battle of Glendale: Robert E. Lee's Lost Opportunity

25 May 2020 | By Douglas Crenshaw | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

By late June 1862, the Union army, under George B McClellan, stood at the doorstep of Richmond In a desperate hour for the Confederate capital, Robert E Lee attacked McClellan and drove the Union army into a full retreat toward the safety of the James River Lee recognized an opportunity to seal

The Battle of Glendale: The Day the South Nearly Won the Civil War

25 May 2020 | By Jim Stempel | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

It is commonly accepted that the South could never have won the Civil War By chronicling perhaps the best of the South s limited opportunities to turn the tide, this provocative study argues that Confederate victory was indeed possible On June 30, 1862, at a small Virginia crossroads known as Glen

Extraordinary Circumstances: The Seven Days Battles

25 May 2020 | By Brian K. Burton | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

The first campaign in the Civil War in which Robert E Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia, the Seven Days Battles were fought southeast of the Confederate capital of Richmond in the summer of 1862 Lee and his fellow officers, including Stonewall Jackson, James Longstreet, A P Hill, and D H.

A Pitiless Rain: The Battle of Williamsburg, 1862

25 May 2020 | By David Hastings | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

The intensity and significance of the Battle of Williamsburg on May 4 and 5, 1862, are often underestimated and misunderstood Previously understood only as a rear guard action on the way to Richmond and overshadowed by the events of the Seven Days, it was in fact a savage two days engagement which

Yorktown's Civil War Siege: Drums Along the Warwick

25 May 2020 | By John V. Quarstein | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

On 4 April 1862, Major General George McClellan marched his 121,500 strong Army of the Potomac from Fort Monroe toward Richmond Blocking his path were Major General John B Magruder s Warwick Yorktown Line fortifications and the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia Despite outnumbering Magruder almos

The Peninsula Campaign, March-July 1862: July 1861-July 1862

25 May 2020 | By David G. Martin | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

In early 1862, as the beginning of the Civil War marked its first anniversary, Major General George Brinton McClellan developed a plan for one of the most daring and complex movements of the great conflict The promising general known as Young Napoleon proposed a daring maneuver to take the Confed

Joseph E. Johnston and the Defense of Richmond

25 May 2020 | By Steven H. Newton | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

Most often viewed as a prelude to Robert E Lee s Civil War victories of 1862, Joseph E Johnston s campaign in Virginia early that year has been considered uninspired at best, catastrophic at worst Steven Newton now offers a revisionist account of Johnston s operations between the York and James R

Seven Days Battles 1862: Lee’s defense of Richmond

25 May 2020 | By Angus Konstam | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

Osprey s examination of the short yet crucial campaign of the American Civil War 1861 1865 When General Robert E Lee took command of the Army of Northern Virginia, the Confederacy was in crisis Lee changed all that in a brilliant, week long campaign On 26 June the Confederates struck, fighting

The Seven Days: The Emergence of Lee

25 May 2020 | By Clifford Dowdey | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

During the Seven Days Campaign the series of battles fought near Richmond at the end of June 1862 General Robert E Lee s Army of Northern Virginia routed General George B McClellan s Army of the Potomac Although the Confederates repulsed the powerful offensive of the Yankees, they failed to win

Fair Oaks 1862: McClellan's Peninsular Campaign

25 May 2020 | By Angus Konstam | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

Following its humiliating defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run, General George B McClellan took command of the Union Army of the Potomac In the spring of 1862, having rebuilt his forces, the Little Napoleon devised a plan to end the war in a single campaign Transporting his army by sea to the

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25 May 2020 | By Richard Wheeler | Filed in: peninsula campaign.

SWORD OVER RICHMOND, told largely in the words of participants and observers, recounts General George McClellan s attempt to outflank the Confederate forces early in the Civil War He proposed to ferry his army down the Potomac and Chesapeake, then march up the Virginia peninsula and attack Richmond