Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don't Have To

04 June 2020 | By David A. Sinclair | Filed in: popular science.

It s a seemingly undeniable truth that aging is inevitable But what if everything we ve been taught to believe about aging is wrong What if we could choose our lifespan In this groundbreaking book, Dr David Sinclair, leading world authority on genetics and longevity, reveals a bold new theory fo

Black Holes: The Reith Lectures

04 June 2020 | By Stephen Hawking | Filed in: popular science.

It is said that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, and nowhere is that true than in the case of black holes Black holes are stranger than anything dreamed up by science fiction writers n nIn 2016 Professor Stephen Hawking delivered the BBC Reith Lectures on a subject that fascinated him

The Brain: The Story of You

04 June 2020 | By David Eagleman | Filed in: popular science.

Locked in the silence and darkness of your skull, your brain fashions the rich narratives of your reality and your identity Join renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman for a journey into the questions at the mysterious heart of our existence What is reality Who are you How do you make decision

Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up

04 June 2020 | By Tom Phillips | Filed in: popular science.

An exhilarating journey through the most creative and catastrophic f ck ups in human history, from our very first ancestor falling out of that tree, to the most spectacular fails of the present day nIn the seventy thousand years that modern human beings have walked this earth, we ve come a long way

Mindware: Tools for Smart Thinking

04 June 2020 | By Richard E. Nisbett | Filed in: popular science.

Learn how to think effectively, at work and at home Many scientific and philosophical ideas are so powerful that they can be applied to our lives at home and work and school to help us think smarter and effectively about our behaviour and the world around us Surprisingly, many of the


04 June 2020 | By Patrik Svensson | Filed in: popular science.

Hur mycket kan man veta om en l Eller om en m nniska n levangeliet r en bok om v rldens mest g tfulla fisk En fisk som gett upphov till ett alldeles eget mysterium inom naturvetenskapen, det som kallas lfr gan En fisk som alla fr n Aristoteles till Sigmund Freud f rs kt f rst sig p , utan

How to Argue With a Racist: History, Science, Race and Reality

04 June 2020 | By Adam Rutherford | Filed in: popular science.

Race is real because we perceive it Racism is real because we enact it But the appeal to science to strengthen racist ideologies is on the rise and increasingly part of the public discourse on politics, migration, education, sport and intelligence Stereotypes and myths about race are expressed

The Science of Storytelling

04 June 2020 | By Will Storr | Filed in: popular science.

n One of my absolute favourite writers Decca Aitkenhead n n Who would we be without stories nStories mould who we are, from our character to our cultural identity They drive us to act out our dreams and ambitions, and shape our politics and beliefs We use them to construct our relationships, to

Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms

04 June 2020 | By Hannah Fry | Filed in: popular science.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, we either hear of a paradise on earth or of our imminent extinction It s time we stand face to digital face with the true powers and limitations of the algorithms that already automate important decisions in healthcare, transportation, crime, and commerce.

The Science of Sci-Fi: From Warp Speed to Interstellar Travel

04 June 2020 | By Erin Macdonald | Filed in: popular science.

Science fiction allows listeners to go places they can only dream of seeing other worlds, distant stars, entirely different galaxies While not every story is concerned with the hard science behind space travel and other futuristic ventures, fiction can give listeners an amazing insight into what pe

The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

04 June 2020 | By Jason Fung | Filed in: popular science.

Dr Jason Fung forever changed the way we think about obesity with his best selling book, The Obesity Code Now he has set out to do the same for type 2 diabetes n n nToday, most doctors, dietitians, and even diabetes specialists consider type 2 diabetes to be a chronic and progressive disease a life

Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind

04 June 2020 | By Annaka Harris | Filed in: popular science.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER n n If you ve ever wondered how you have the capacity to wonder, some fascinating insights await you in these pages Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Originals n nAs concise and enlightening as Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Astrophysics for People in a H

AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

04 June 2020 | By Kai-Fu Lee | Filed in: popular science.

Dr Kai Fu Lee one of the world s most respected experts on AI and China reveals that China has suddenly caught up to the US at an astonishingly rapid and unexpected pace In AI Superpowers, Kai fu Lee argues powerfully that because of these unprecedented developments in AI, dramatic changes will

A Brief History of Time

04 June 2020 | By Stephen Hawking | Filed in: popular science.

In the ten years since its publication in 1988, Stephen Hawking s classic work has become a landmark volume in scientific writing, with than nine million copies in forty languages sold worldwide That edition was on the cutting edge of what was then known about the origins and nature of the uni

A Short History of Nearly Everything

04 June 2020 | By Bill Bryson | Filed in: popular science.

In Bryson s biggest book, he confronts his greatest challenge to understand and, if possible, answer the oldest, biggest questions we have posed about the universe and ourselves Taking as territory everything from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization, Bryson seeks to understand how we got from

The Selfish Gene

04 June 2020 | By Richard Dawkins | Filed in: popular science.

The Selfish Gene 30th Anniversary Edition with a new Introduction by the Author n nInheriting the mantle of revolutionary biologist from Darwin, Watson, and Crick, Richard Dawkins forced an enormous change in the way we see ourselves and the world with the publication of The Selfish Gene Suppose, in

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

04 June 2020 | By Yuval Noah Harari | Filed in: popular science.

100,000 years ago, at least six human species inhabited the earth Today there is just one Us Homo sapiens n nHow did our species succeed in the battle for dominance Why did our foraging ancestors come together to create cities and kingdoms How did we come to believe in gods, nations and human r