Essential Pre-Raphaelites

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In 1848 a group of seven disillusioned artists, comprising the Rossettis, John Everett Millais, William Holman Hunt, Frederic Stephens, Thomas Wooner, and James Collinson, formed the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood Initially they were ridiculed in the art world for their pretension and subject matter, b

Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood

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Who were those women who sat for the Pre Raphaelite painters Muses to an exclusively male genius, of tragic stature and uncertain health were they indeed as passive as their portrait painters and their critics contrived to suggest Jan Marsh reveals the actual lives behind the myth of the Pre Rap

The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites

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Though always controversial in art circles, the Pre Raphaelites have also always been extremely popular with museum goers This accessible new study provides the most comprehensive view of the movement to date It shows us why, a century and a half later, Pre Raphaelite art retains its power to fasc

Desperate Romantics: The Private Lives Of The Pre Raphaelites

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Desperate Romantics, a tie in with a new BBC series, focuses on the scandals, rather than on the group s ideas, social experiments or artistic development Ruskin s loveless marriage and critical championing of Millais, who then went off with Effie Ruskin, Rossetti s various loves, above all, Lizzie

The Pre-Raphaelite Language of Flowers

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Few artistic movements capture classic notions of beauty as romantically as the Pre Raphaelites a group of 19th century painters and poets who aimed to revive the purer art of the late medieval period In this beautiful volume, Debra N Mancoff, an expert on Pre Raphaelite art and the floral lexico

Goblin Market

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Experience the temptation, pleasure, punishment, and redemption of Christina Rossetti s brilliant poetic masterpiece in this classic keepsake edition, gorgeously illustrated with Pre Raphaelite paintings by Christina s brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti Published in 1862, this phantasmagoric tale of t

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Painter And Poet

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Born in London in 1828, of British and Italian parentage, DGR became a pupil of Ford Madox Brown and later formed the PRB to effect a revolution in English painting and poetry His work in both forms was detailed, symbolic, mystical, and sometimes erotic He was involved with two of the PRB stunner

The Pre-Raphaelites

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Chart the rise and legacy of the Pre Raphaelites and see how this most admired British art movement was born Dozens of reproductions attest to these painters scrupulous attention to natural details than 40 artists are represented, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, John E

J.W. Waterhouse

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John William Waterhouse is among the most popular Victorian artists and many of his paintings, such as The Lady of Shallot, Hylas and the Nymphs and Ophelia, have become icons of femininity recognized the world over With their compelling composition, glowing colour and Impressionist inflected techn

Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists

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By the mid 1800s, the Pre Raphaelites were the most talked about movement in contemporary cuture Now, 150 years later, the popularity of leading male exponents such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne Jones and John Everett Millais is greater than ever, while the crucial role played by women

The Pre-Raphaelites

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The works of the Pre Raphaelites are among the best known and best loved of all English paintings, and yet there has been a tendency to dismiss them as mere Victoriana, and to deny them their proper status as works of art This pioneering critical history places the movement in its historical settin

Stunner: The Fall and Rise of Fanny Cornforth

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Revised and expanded biography of Dante Gabriel Rossetti s muse and mistress, with details of previously unpublished letters, and recently identified portraits, and details of how this former prostitute assisted in the founding of one of America s foremost art collections n nFanny Cornforth was a Vic

Pre-Raphaelite Cats

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Susan Herbert s feline versions of famous paintings have found an appreciative audience among both cat and art lovers Here, she brings her charming illustrations of cats to the subject of Pre Raphaelite painting nWell known works by such artists as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ford Madox Brown, Edward B