Elevator Pitch

23 October 2019 | By Linwood Barclay | Filed in: psychological thriller.

It all begins on a Monday, when four people board an elevator in a Manhattan office tower Each presses a button for their floor, but the elevator proceeds, non stop, to the top Once there, it stops for a few seconds, and then plummets Right to the bottom of the shaft It appears to be a horrific,

The Stranger Inside

23 October 2019 | By Lisa Unger | Filed in: psychological thriller.

Even good people are drawn to do evil things Twelve year old Rain Winter narrowly escaped an abduction while walking to a friend s house Her two best friends, Tess and Hank, were not as lucky Tess never came home, and Hank was held in captivity before managing to escape Their abductor was sen

Mother Knows Best

23 October 2019 | By Kira Peikoff | Filed in: psychological thriller.

A mother s worst nightmare, a chance at redemption, and a deadly secret that haunts a family across the generations There s only room for one mother in this family Claire Abrams s dreams became a nightmare when she passed on a genetic mutation that killed her little boy Now she wants a second cha

My Name is Anna

23 October 2019 | By Lizzy Barber | Filed in: psychological thriller.

A dark, addictive read, with a real heart at its core I loved it AMY LLOYD, bestselling author of The Innocent Wife_________________________________Two women desperate to unlock the truth.How far will they go to lay the past to rest ANNA has been taught that virtue is the path to God But on


23 October 2019 | By Catherine Ryan Howard | Filed in: psychological thriller.

From the bestselling, multiple prize shortlisted novelist Catherine Ryan Howard comes an explosive story about a twisted voyeur and a terrible crime PLAYAndrew, the manager of Shana Holiday Cottages, watches his only guest via a hidden camera in her room One night the unthinkable happens a


23 October 2019 | By James Delargy | Filed in: psychological thriller.

There were 54 victims before this Who is number 55 A thriller with a killer hook, and an ending that will make you gasp Wilbrook in Western Australia is a sleepy, remote town that sits on the edge of miles and miles of unexplored wilderness It is home to Police Sergeant Chandler Jenkins,

The Turn of the Key

23 October 2019 | By Ruth Ware | Filed in: psychological thriller.

When she stumbles across the ad, she s looking for something else completely But it seems like too good an opportunity to miss a live in nannying post, with a staggeringly generous salary And when Rowan Caine arrives at Heatherbrae House, she is smitten by the luxurious smart home fitted out wit

The Family Upstairs

23 October 2019 | By Lisa Jewell | Filed in: psychological thriller.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Then She Was Gone and Watching You comes another page turning look inside one family s past as buried secrets threaten to come to light Be careful who you let in Soon after her twenty fifth birthday, Libby Jones returns home from work to find the lette

The Perfect Wife

23 October 2019 | By J.P. Delaney | Filed in: psychological thriller.

The perfect life The perfect love Abbie awakens in a daze with no memory of who she is or how she landed in this unsettling condition The man by her side claims to be her husband He s a titan of the tech world, the founder of one of Silicon Valley s most innovative start ups He tells Abbie that


23 October 2019 | By Sandra Brown | Filed in: psychological thriller.

One man with multiple identities Eight women who vanished without a trace The next likely victim his wife FBI agent Drex Easton is relentlessly driven by a single goal to outmaneuver the conman once known as Weston Graham Over the past thirty years, Weston has assumed many names and countless disg

The Swallows

23 October 2019 | By Lisa Lutz | Filed in: psychological thriller.

A new teacher at a New England prep school ignites a gender war with deadly consequences in a provocative novel from the bestselling author of The Passenger and the Spellman Files series What do you love What do you hate What do you want It starts with this simple writing prompt from Alex Witt

Swipe Right for Murder

23 October 2019 | By Derek Milman | Filed in: psychological thriller.

On the run from the FBI Targeted by a murderous cult Labeled a cyber terrorist by the media Irritated texts from his best friend Eye contact with a nice looking guy on the train Aidan has a lot to deal with, and he s not quite sure which takes top priority Finding himself alone in a posh New Y

I Know Everything

23 October 2019 | By Matthew Farrell | Filed in: psychological thriller.

A psychologist grapples with his own sanity as murder evidence mounts against him Police investigator Susan Adler is ready to close the book on a deadly car accident, but after the medical examiner discovers evidence of foul play, she knows she has a murder on her hands The victim was the wealthy

Stolen Things

23 October 2019 | By R.H. Herron | Filed in: psychological thriller.

A sensational crime, a missing teen, and a mother and daughter with no one to trust but themselves come together in this shocking debut thriller by R H Herron Mama Help me Laurie Ahmadi has worked as a 911 police dispatcher in her quiet Northern California town for nearly two decades She con