Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution

10 August 2020 | By Janette Sadik-Khan | Filed in: public transport.

n An empowering road map for rethinking, reinvigorating, and redesigning our cities, from a pioneer in the movement for safer, livable streets nAs New York City s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik Khan managed the seemingly impossible and transformed the streets of one of the world s g

Full Throttle: Living Life to the Max with No Regrets

10 August 2020 | By Paul Comfort | Filed in: public transport.

Have you ever wondered what the secrets to CEO s success are Open this book to read their stories, first hand and unplugged Find out how they made key decisions for their lives and careers that led to great success Can you learn how they think and evaluate options in a crisis situation What deci

JUST DRIVE: Life in the Bus Lane

10 August 2020 | By Deke N Blue | Filed in: public transport.

Whether you ride a city bus or maneuver around them in traffic, JUST DRIVE Life in the Bus Lane provides a rare look at life from the operator s seat Spanning five years, this book is a collection of posts from a Portland, Oregon bus operator s blog about his job From the unique perspective of

BART: The Dramatic History of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System

10 August 2020 | By Michael C. Healy | Filed in: public transport.

The history of Bay Area Rapid Transit, as told by Mr BART himself When BART opened in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1972, it became a catalyst for a renaissance in modern rail transit, both nationally and internationally The concept as sold to Bay Area voters was gargantuan by adopting aerospa

Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide

10 August 2020 | By Harold Kalman | Filed in: public transport.

The only comprehensive handbook to Vancouver s architecture from the modest to the monumental Vancouver is still a young city, and its streetscapes and neighbourhoods reflect the city s constant state of reinvention New buildings adapt the latest global architectural trends to the regional conte

Accidentally His (His #1)

10 August 2020 | By Shawn Lane | Filed in: public transport.

Kirk Matheson rides the bus to work several times a week, intrigued by the attractive and quiet bespectacled man he typically sits behind One day when the bus crashes during a storm, Kirk finally meets the shy stranger, Elijah Cartwright, and stays with the seriously injured man until the rescuers

The Secret Subway

10 August 2020 | By Shana Corey | Filed in: public transport.

From an acclaimed author and a New York Times Best Illustrated artist comes the fascinating, little known and true story of New York City s first subway n nNew York City in the 1860s was a mess crowded, disgusting, filled with garbage You see, way back in 1860, there were no subways, just cobbles

Last Stop on Market Street

10 August 2020 | By Matt de la Pena | Filed in: public transport.

Every Sunday after church, CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town But today, CJ wonders why they don t own a car like his friend Colby Why doesn t he have an iPod like the boys on the bus How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town Each question is met with an encouraging