Ruthless (The Completionist Chronicles, #4)

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Enemies emerge everywhere Stagnation starts seeming standard Results require Ruthlessness n nJoe has been moving deeper into his study of ritual magic, and further away from his combat team He s learning and , but often than not needs to choose between his research and squad leadersh

Rexus: Side Quest (The Completionist Chronicles, #2.5)

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A side quest in Dakota Krout s best selling Completionist Chronicles series n Vengeful assassins A treacherous companion T Rex Head Hands n After the Wolfman nation is shattered, Jaxon has enough spare time to advance his skills and specialize into a better class Since Joe and his other teamm

Regicide (The Completionist Chronicles, #2)

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n The second installment of Dakota Krout s best selling Completionist Chronicles series n After the encounter at the Mage s College, Joe s name has become well known in Eternia While the majority of his guild is ecstatic over the bonuses that he brings them, not everyone is pleased with his rising

Reborn: Apocalypse Volume 1 (Reborn: Apocalypse, #1)

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If you could turn back the clock and fix all the mistakes you ever made, would you From the author of the award winning Web novel Reborn Evolving From Nothing comes the tale of Micheal Care, a swordsman that could only be considered a middling warrior in Humanity s Last Army Micheal s answer

The Land: Founding (Chaos Seeds, #1)

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Welcome my friends nWelcome to The Land n nTricked into a world of banished gods, demons, goblins, sprites and magic, Richter must learn to meet the perils of The Land and begin to forge his own kingdom Actions have consequences across The Land, with powerful creatures and factions now hell ben

Catharsis (Awaken Online #1)

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This is an alternate cover edition for B01J0E8Z8A n nOn paper, Jason has a great life He attends a prestigious private school on scholarship and his parents are reasonably well off Yet life hasn t been easy for Jason He has spent most of high school being tormented by both the students and facult

Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, #1)

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A powerful dungeon A sheep herder turned Noble Their path to ascendance through cultivation Conquering dungeons and using them to grow has long been the most efficient way to become a powerful adventurer The only thing keeping the process from being easy is the Beasts that inhabit these places.

Life in the North (The System Apocalypse #1)

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All John wanted to do was get away for his life in Kluane National Park for a weekend Hike, camp and chill Instead, the world comes to an end in a series of blue boxes, animals start evolving and monsters start spawning Now, he has to survive the apocalypse, get back to civilisation and not lose

Ascend Online (Ascend Online, #1)

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Diving into a revolutionary new video game, Marcus and his friends escape a stagnant society, entering into a world that defies their wildest imaginations But from the moment that he logs in, Marcus finds himself separated from his friends and thrown into remote village under attack by a horde of g

The Crafter's Dungeon (Dungeon Crafting #1)

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Sandra had been a merchant traveling through the human lands of Muriel, though that wouldn t have been her chosen profession What she would ve loved to become was a crafter, producing wondrous creations with her own two hands however, she didn t want to become a master in just one craft she was