The Amber Keeper

20 November 2019 | By Freda Lightfoot | Filed in: russian literature.

Set against the backdrop of revolutionary Russia, The Amber Keeper is a sweeping tale of jealousy and revenge, reconciliation and forgiveness.English Lake District, 1960s A young Abbie Myers returns home after learning of her mother s death Estranged from her turbulent family for many years, Abbie

The Guardian of Lies

20 November 2019 | By Kate Furnivall | Filed in: russian literature.

The top ten bestselling author Discover a brilliant story of love, danger, courage and betrayal, from the internationally bestselling author of The Survivors 1953, the South of France The fragile peace between the West and Soviet Russia hangs on a knife edge And one family has been torn a

Red Russia

20 November 2019 | By Tanya Thompson | Filed in: russian literature.

Among the many things Peter doesn t know, he doesn t know he s an archetype, the Prince of Coins incarnate He doesn t know his fianc is a fortune teller either He doesn t know Russian culture, politics, or language, but he does know American business And he knows his fianc speaks Russian He th

Mātes piens

20 November 2019 | By Nora Ikstena | Filed in: russian literature.

Noras Ikstenas rom ns M tes piens aptver laika posmu no Otr pasaules kara beig m un v sta par triju paaud u sievie u likte iem, bet v st juma centr ir 20 gadsimta 70 un 80 gadi Visu rom na tekstu caurau atteik an s no v ra un t va, no sap iem un iecer m, no darba un uzskatiem, no draugiem

Metro 2035 (Metro, #3)

20 November 2019 | By Dmitry Glukhovsky | Filed in: russian literature.

World War Three wiped out the humankind The planet is empty now Huge cities became dust and ashes Railroads are being eaten by rust Abandoned satellites hang lonely on the orbit Radio is mute on all the frequencies The only survivors of the last war were those who made it into the gates of the

A Terrible Country

20 November 2019 | By Keith Gessen | Filed in: russian literature.

A literary triumph about Russia, family, love, and loyalty the first novel in ten years from a founding editor of n 1 and author of All the Sad Young Literary Men When Andrei Kaplan s older brother Dima insists that Andrei return to Moscow to care for their ailing grandmother, Andrei must take stoc

The Dead Lake

20 November 2019 | By Hamid Ismailov | Filed in: russian literature.

A haunting Russian tale about the environmental legacy of the Cold War Yerzhan grows up in a remote part of Kazakhstan where the Soviets tests atomic weapons As a young boy he falls in love with the neighbour s daughter and one evening, to impress her, he dives into a forbidden lake The radio act