The South Was Right!

14 July 2020 | By James Ronald Kennedy | Filed in: southern war for independance.

The South Was Right , the Kennedy brothers dispel many commonly held beliefs about the Civil War Their well researched arguments demonstrate the South s many legitimate complaints during the antebellum period, including unfair taxation and unequal constitutional rights The victorious North rewrote

How Few Remain (Timeline-191, #1)

14 July 2020 | By Harry Turtledove | Filed in: southern war for independance.

From the master of alternate history comes an epic of the second Civil War It was an epoch of glory and success, of disaster and despair n n1881 A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once in the bloody throes of battle Furious over the annexation of key Mexican ter

America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735-1918

14 July 2020 | By Richard Brookhiser | Filed in: southern war for independance.

They were America s longest lasting dynasty, the closest thing to a royal family our nation has ever known The Adamses played a leading role in America s affairs for nearly two centuries from John, the self taught lawyer who rose to the highest office in the government he helped to create to Jo

With Malice Toward None: A Biography of Abraham Lincoln

14 July 2020 | By Stephen B. Oates | Filed in: southern war for independance.

Full, fair, and accurate Certainly the most objective biography of Lincoln ever written Pulitzer Prize winner David Herbert Donald, New York Times Book ReviewFrom preeminent Civil War historian Stephen B Oates comes the book the Washington Post hails as the standard one volume biography

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

14 July 2020 | By Thomas E. Woods Jr. | Filed in: southern war for independance.

n The problem in America isn t so much what people don t know the problem is what people think they know that just ain t so n n Thomas E Woods n Most Americans trust that their history professors and high school teachers will give students honest and accurate information n The Political