Toc Toc The Clockwork Engine (The Engine Series Book 3)

08 September 2017 | By Ian Shimwell | Filed in: steam-trains.

Toc Toc is a clockwork engine who holds the secret to the tick and the tock Little Titch, Gideon and Minnie Millie come to the Clockwork Village with a cog, spindle and wheel to fix the Great Clock But what lies behind the towering clock face And why, for a clockwork village, is there neither a

Gideon The Kind Engine (The Engine Series Book 2)

04 February 2017 | By Ian Shimwell | Filed in: steam-trains.

Gideon is a big, kind engine with a huge crane arm But when he meets an even bigger engine, Massive Mandy she is always very rude to him With the help of his friends, can Gideon somehow find the softer side of the bad tempered engine..

Little Titch The Small Engine (The Engine Series Book 1)

01 October 2017 | By Ian Shimwell | Filed in: steam-trains.

Say hello to Little Titch, the small engine with a big heart Little Titch feels very small next to his good friend, the kind and very big engine, Gideon But when Gideon forgets something important, it s up to the littlest of little engines to save the day

The Last Train

03 September 2019 | By Kim Lewis | Filed in: steam-trains.

The trains that used to run by the old farm are long since gone, but Sarah and James like to imagine them roaring by All of a sudden, here comes a train Is it real or a roaring phantom Full color.

All Aboard!: A True Train Story

06 October 2019 | By Susan Kuklin | Filed in: steam-trains.

All aboard as we travel through the Colorado wilderness on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad with this bright, bold, and exciting picture book about steam engines.Founded by the Denver Rio Grande Railway in 1880, the Durango Silverton Railroad was used originally to haul silver and g