Do They Hear You When You Cry

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For Fauziya Kassindja, an idyllic childhood in Togo, West Africa, sheltered from the tribal practices of polygamy and genital mutilation, ended with her beloved father s sudden death.Forced into an arranged marriage at age seventeen, Fauziya was told to prepare for kakia, the ritual also known as

The Village of Waiting

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Now restored to print with a new Foreword by Philip Gourevitch and an Afterword by the author, this book is a frank, moving, and vivid account of contemporary life in West Africa Stationed as a Peace Corps instructor in the village of Lavi the name means wait a little in tiny and

The Shadow of Things to Come

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In an unnamed African nation, the people are subject to a state of perpetual warfare and to an Orwellian abuse of language that strips from language its meaning and renders life senseless And in a bare room lit only by moonlight, a young man hides, waiting for the mysterious crocodile men to come

Neyla. Un incontro, due mondi

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Il tema di questo romanzo non tanto l a, quanto ci che questo sentimento vuole mascherare, ovvero i problemi vissuti da tutti coloro che hanno dovuto fare i conti col rimettere piede sulla propria terra.

Pattern Recognition (Blue Ant, #1)

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Cayce Pollard is an expensive, spookily intuitive market research consultant In London on a job, she is offered a secret assignment to investigate some intriguing snippets of video that have been appearing on the Internet An entire subculture of people is obsessed with these bits of footage, and

Between the World and Me

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For Ta Nehisi Coates, history has always been personal At every stage of his life, he s sought in his explorations of history answers to the mysteries that surrounded him most urgently, why he, and other black people he knew, seemed to live in fear What were they afraid of Coates takes readers

Cola Cola Jazz

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H lo se, jeune m tisse, n a toujours connu de son p re que ce que sa m re a toujours bien voulu lui raconter Un jour pourtant, ce g niteur vanescent sort de l ombre et l invite entreprendre le voyage jusqu TiBrava Et la voil partie, avec dans ses bagages, un viatique insolite le manuscrit

Myths and Legends of China

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This highly readable and well illustrated compilation includes fascinating Chinese myths about gods, stars, water, fire, plus tales about the goddess of mercy, the guardian of the gate of heaven, and many other legends Features 32 lovely illustrations.

The Architecture of Happiness

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One of the great but often unmentioned causes of both happiness and misery is the quality of our environment the kinds of walls, chairs, buildings and streets that surround us.And yet a concern for architecture and design is too often described as frivolous, even self indulgent The Architecture of

African Politics: A Very Short Introduction

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Africa is a continent of 54 countries and over a billion people However, despite the rich diversity of the African experience, it is striking that continuations and themes seem to be reflected across the continent, particularly south of the Sahara Questions of underdevelopment, outside

De maagd en de neger (De volledige editie)

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Liefde en hartstocht, daarover gaat dit tweeluik van Judith Vanistendael In het eerste deel observeert een vader de liefde tussen zijn dochter Sofie, economiestudente, en Abou, politiek vluchteling uit Togo Aanvankelijk ziet de vader de relatie van zijn dochter niet zitten, maar zijn afkeer