The Two Civil War Battles of Newtonia: Fierce and Furious

12 March 2019 | By Larry Wood | Filed in: transmississippi.

Though the First and Second Battles of Newtonia did not match epic Civil War battles like Antietam, where over thirty five hundred soldiers were killed in a single day, and Gettysburg, where twice that number died in three days of fighting, such smaller engagements were just as important to the men

Campaign for Wilson’s Creek: The Fight for Missouri Begins

09 August 2019 | By Jeffrey L. Patrick | Filed in: transmississippi.

In early 1861, most Missourians hoped they could remain neutral in the upcoming conflict between North and South In fact, a popularly elected state convention voted in March of that year that no adequate cause existed to compel Missouri to leave the Union Instead, Missourians saw themselves as i

The Yankee Invasion of Texas

09 September 2019 | By Stephen A. Townsend | Filed in: transmississippi.

In 1863 the Union capture of Texas was viewed as crucial to the strategy to deny the Confederacy the territory west of the Mississippi and thus to break the back of Southern military force Overland, Texas supplied Louisiana and points east with needed goods by way of Mexico, Texas offered a detour

General Jo Shelby: Undefeated Rebel

07 March 2019 | By Daniel O\'Flaherty | Filed in: transmississippi.

This vivid work, first published by UNC Press in 1954, reveals General Joseph Orville Shelby as one of the best Confederate cavalry leaders and certainly the most colorful Born in Lexington, Kentucky, but drawn by the promise of the growing West, Shelby became one of the richest men in Missouri S

The Battle of Mine Creek: The Crushing End of the Missouri Campaign

04 September 2018 | By Jeffrey D. Stalnaker | Filed in: transmississippi.

In 1864, Union troops controlled much of the South, Sherman s men marched with impunity through Georgia and defeat at Gettysburg was a painful and distant memory The Confederacy needed to stem the tide Confederate major general Sterling Price led an army of twelve thousand troops on a desperate ch

Pea Ridge: Civil War Campaign in the West

24 July 2019 | By William L. Shea | Filed in: transmississippi.

The 1862 battle of Pea Ridge in northwestern Arkansas was one of the largest Civil War engagements fought on the western frontier, and it dramatically altered the balance of power in the Trans Mississippi This study of the battle is based on research in archives from Connecticut to California and i

October 25th and the Battle of Mine Creek

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The Battle of Mine Creek was the only Civil War battle in Kansas fought between uniformed troops and was one of the largest cavalry battles of the war, with 10,000 troops spread over a square mile Yet the battle has for years been viewed as little than a follow up action to the Battle of Westp